Pompey match on despite the snow

Liverpool fans heading down to the South Coast for the fixture against Portsmouth on Saturday faced a difficult enough task after the kick off was moved to 12:45 lunchtime, but with England’s inability to cope with a bit of snow the trip down could be even trickier.

Fans can be assured their 5 hour (or more) journey won’t be in vein though, with Portsmouth confirming the match will go ahead despite the snow.

“The pitch is in perfect condition for our match on Saturday”, said Pompey’s head of operations.

“We took all the necessary precautions earlier this week and we will now be keeping the pitch warm and ready for the game. There is no risk of the game not going ahead at this stage.”

The Portsmouth website explained:

The snow was swept from the upper covers this morning and, with temperatures of over minus 4°C being predicted overnight tonight, heaters are due to be turned on and the dome inflated later today to protect the pitch ahead of the big match against Liverpool on Saturday.