Dramatic night as Reds fans wait anxiously for news

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Liverpool fans around the world are waiting nervously today for news on the club’s takeover, with dramatic events unfolding overnight.

To get you up to scratch on the night’s events, early yesterday evening movie director and Liverpool fan Mike Jefferies posted a viral video on YouTube telling the world what Liverpool fans think of club co-owner Tom Hicks. The American is trying to get a refinancing deal to keep control of the club. The video went viral straight away, posted across many sites and social media. The video’s title ‘Dear Mr Hicks’ became a trending topic in the UK on Twitter.

Just a couple of hours later, reports emerged from ESPN and the BBC that the club had received two bids, one from Asia and one from the US. A statement from the club followed confirming the reports and explaining more on the day’s events.

The statement explained that shortly prior to a board meeting where the club’s board of directors discussed the deals, Tom Hicks and George Gillett attempted to remove Managing Director Christian Purslow and Commercial Direcotr Ian Ayre from the board and replace with their own allies.

It emerged soon that the US bid was from Boston Red Sox owners, New England Sports Ventures (NESV) and is believed to be around £300million, enough to pay off the club’s debt.

Sky Sports News reported that Hicks was unhappy with the price of the offer, massively undervaluing the club in his opinion. It is thought Hicks is trying to hold out for £600million.

A further statement from the club was released later in the night, declaring the deal agreed, but that Hicks and Gillett are attempting to block it from being completed, in a desperate hope to find a buyer who would pay more.

The case is now a legal dispute, with chairman Martin Broughton, Purslow and Ayre, contesting Hicks and Gillett’s moves. It is understood that the challenge is coming from the Hicks camp, with Gillett having given up the fight.

A fresh statement from Hicks is expected from Texas around lunch time.

Now Reds fans across the time zones are monitoring Twitter and the newsfeeds for developments, which could happen at any time.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with events as they happen right here on This Is Anfield. You can also follow us on Twitter @thisisanfield and join other fans in the tense wait in the forums.

This could be an historic day for Liverpool Football Club, so watch this space.