Why haven’t NESV sacked Roy Hodgson?

Liverpool Football Club have lost more games than they have won this season.

Liverpool Football Club sit just four points above the relegation zone and five points above the bottom of the league.

Roy Hodgson has the worst league win percentage (35%) than any manager in the history of Liverpool FC.

96% of Liverpool fans want Roy Hodgson sacked.

Roy Hodgson has continually attempted to shift the blame and reduce the expectations of everyone at the club.

So just why on earth haven’t the ownership group of New England Sports Ventures (now Fenway Sports Group) sacked Roy Hodgson?

Many supporters hoped Hodgson would be sacked after their first game as owners of the club (the miserable Merseyside derby defeat), or after the Wolves defeat last week.

One can only wonder where we might be had Hodgson been removed back in October and a new manager been put in place?

By not sacking him NESV are only doing more damage to the club and losing respect from the supporters. We appreciate that they did not want to rush things initially but this has gone beyond reason now.

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