Liverpool FC excited by lucrative Warrior kit deal

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Liverpool’s record-breaking new kit deal with American firm Warrior to have the club’s kit made until at least 2018 will continue to promote the brand of the club worldwide.

Reports suggest the club will earn £25million a year from the deal, which eclipse’s Manchester United’s latest deal with Nike.

Furthermore, the club stand to make over £300million over the six year contract as Warrior look to push the club’s brand over the pond and worldwide.

Liverpool FC managing director is delighted to have Warrior on board, who will take over from Adidas from next season.

“Our business is split in two,” said Ayre. “We have what you call kit, the branded products, the stuff the players wear and that’s the part of the business that the deal with Warrior covers.

“In our existing deal, there have been some restrictions on that in terms of the other unbranded products we sell, general retail.

“That sat within our deal with Adidas in certain lines and in certain markets. In our new deal, we have complete control of that.

“We will still work with Warrior, but we will have a much wider opportunity. That area of business currently represents 50% of everything we generate.

“The new deal represents half of what we currently generate, so we still have another opportunity to develop similar kind of revenues and that’s what encouraged us.”

Ayre added that he has a vision to open up club shops around the world, in the same way that Barcelona have capitalised on football fan markets worldwide.

He continued, “Having lived in some of the far-flung corners of the world, you have to get the balance right between a stand-alone Liverpool opportunity, an online opportunity and a partner-based opportunity.

“But the good thing is we have the flexibility to find the right solution in the right markets under this new deal.”

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