12 days later and still no kick-off time

Tickets for the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and Liverpool on April 14th went on sale this week, but the Football Association still haven’t announced a kick-off time for the fixture.

The draw for the semi-final took place 12 days ago, with Everton booking their place after a replay against Sunderland on Tuesday night.

Liverpool were always set to play on the Saturday, in order to avoid the match being played on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster the next day.

So just why have the FA still not decided a kick-off time?

The game will either kick-off at lunchtime, or in the early evening – to avoid clashing with 3pm fixtures around the country. The difference between the two is huge for fans looking to make travel arrangements – the late kick-off will see most stay in the capital that night and travel that morning, an early kick-off would mean likely travelling Friday night and staying then instead.

In the meantime, train and hotel prices have risen, leaving supporters once again out of pocket.

Good to see the Football Association sticking with form though and showing they don’t care about the supporters.

Instead they’ve been busy this week telling us what colour kits England will wear for their next few games. Once again, priorities.

UPDATE: The FA have finally (Friday lunchtime) announced the kick off will be 12:30pm. The match will be live on ESPN.

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