The miraculous recovery of “I’m not a diver” Perch

Newcastle defender James Perch has insisted he didn’t dive after he was involved in the incident that saw Pepe Reina sent off last Sunday.

Perch said “I’m not a diver. People who have seen me play know what kind of player I am.

“I’m not going to go and dive about and act silly. But if someone makes contact with you, that’s it.”

Assuming then that he didn’t dive, it’s fair to say it was a quite miraculous recovery from Perch. To go from being headbutted to the ground to instantly jumping up and being able to play football as normal is quite extraordinary. You could even say it was a minor miracle.

You can imagine the force required to make a grown man fall to the ground is pretty strong, to recover from such a blow is impressive.

We suggest Perch is tested so that science can learn from his incredible strength.

Here’s some other “headbutts” for comparison this season;

Video 1: Clint Dempsey vs Craig Bellamy (unpunished)

Video 2: Pepe Reina vs James Perch (punished)

Spot the difference? Bellamy didn’t fall to the ground like he’d been hit by a heavyweight boxer.

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