Video: Hillsborough to Anfield in 3 days for the 96. Show your support.

Show your support for the Hillsborough to Anfield run. Donate now.

On 12th April 2012, 6 Liverpool fans and a support team of 9 will run the 76 miles between Hillsborough and Anfield to raise funds for the two Hillsborough groups, the Hillsborough Families Support Group (HFSG) and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC). While raising funds for the two groups, the Run is also getting significant press exposure and this is raising the topic of Hillsborough in advance of the 23rd anniversary.

It is a magnificent challenge ahead, and above you watch the trailer for their forthcoming epic run.

If you believe in what they’re doing and like what you read, please donate what you an to such a worthy cause. More details can be found at

Video hosted by YouTube.

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