Rodgers bemoans ref after Spurs defeat

Brendan Rodgers was understandably angry at decisions that – once again – didn’t go Liverpool’s way in the 2-1 defeat to Tottenham last night.

Liverpool were denied two very strong claims for penalties on Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez. Neither were given, just like numerous other calls this season.

Liverpool normally average a penalty every 6.9 matches in the Premier League, yet haven’t had one this season.

“Gerrard’s was nearly assault, how was that not a penalty?” bemoaned Rodgers. “Second one, Suarez spins and William Gallas swings his left foot and he goes down.”

After a dismal opening 20 minutes, Liverpool ended up pushing for an equaliser after creating several chances in the second half.

“We know we need to be more clinical but to arrive at this stage of the season and not have had a penalty – I don’t know what the players have to do.

“It racks up the points and I hear people and pundits say it evens itself out over the season – so the second half of the season we’re going to get a lot of decisions.”

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