No fair play Europa League place for Liverpool

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europaLiverpool will not be offered the chance to compete in next season’s Europa League after England’s overall disciplinary record finished ninth in UEFA’s Fair Play League.

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UEFA reward the most fair playing sides (that is, least yellow and red cards) in the top three fair playing top flight leagues in Europe with a place in the second qualifying round for the next Europa League campaign.

Although Liverpool are not top of England’s Fair Play League, the teams above them have all qualified for Europe through other means.

The Liverpool Daily Post reported today:
The final standings released by UEFA yesterday revealed Sweden, Norway and Finland finished in the top three and have been awarded an additional berth in next season’s Europa League first qualifying round.

Previously, Brendan Rodgers had opened the door for the extra place, saying that although it was a back door entry to European competiton for the Reds, it was still valuable.

However, organisers of Liverpool’s pre-season tour of Asia and Australia will be relieved at the news, with the promotional and season preparations still going ahead.

Liverpool last failed to qualify for Europe in 2011, spending the 2011/12 campaign out of European competitions.

How do you feel about no Europa League qualification? Could it be a blessing in disguise in terms of the Reds’ chances in the league, or a missed opportunity for young blood? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @thisisanfield or in the comments below.

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