Liverpool’s king of social media returns with punny lockdown special

James Milner was a constant source of entertainment during lockdown 1.0 and he has come up trumps once again in lockdown 3.0 with yet another witty Instagram post.

Liverpool’s No. 7 proved a constant source of entertainment during football’s shutdown in 2020, earning himself the crown of the Reds’ king of Instagram.

He embraced his ‘Boring Milner’ tag to inject some much-needed humour onto the timeline as he cut the lawn with scissors, rationed out some tea bags, sharpened pencils and cleaned stones in his garden.

One his best efforts was an ‘Isolation XI’ where he injected as many dad jokes as possible with household items, and now he’s taken his wit into the music arena.

With a self-professed hashtag #shockingradiovoice, Milner takes us through his ‘Top 10 Lockdown Chart’ as he uses items around the house to put together some awful, yet brilliant, puns.

From using his children’s toys to create ‘Pussycat Dolls’, a cut of meat and loaf of bread to make ‘Meat Loaf’ and a miniature football figure of Wayne Rooney to depict ‘Lil Wayne’, he takes you on a real journey.

Andy Robertson was one of a number of his current and former teammates to comment on the unique post, with Robbo telling his vice-captain that he is “surprised a tin of roses are allowed in the Milner household.”

There were also some debates as to the ranking of Milner’s top 10, but overall he certainly got a good laugh out of many and that was no doubt one of the goals.

Hopefully, there is more to come from Milner during the current lockdown and beyond.