United fans protested outside and some broke into the stadium (Barrington Coombs/PA)

Liverpool fans condemn violence but ‘solidarity’ over Man United protest

The right to protest against the Glazer family from Man United supporters was met with solidarity by Reds, with fan power applauded.

Liverpool’s fixture against United was postponed on Sunday afternoon after protests at Old Trafford saw fans invade the pitch and block team buses from leaving their hotel.

On safety grounds, kickoff was delayed before a mutual decision to postpone the fixture, where no new date has yet to be announced.

For the most part, the protests made the right statement to owners who have not had their best interest at heart for more than 15 years.

And it was those who acted in the right way, who made their voices heard and showed the power of the fans that earned the support of Liverpool fans who know how owners can rip a club apart.


There was solidarity after making a big statement





But the violent actions were rightly condemned