2.67216852Stewards check fans tickets at turnstiles during the UEFA Champions League Final at the Stade de France, Paris. Picture date: Saturday May 28, 2022.

French police admit 40,000 ticketless fans figure was made up

French authorities have continually lied in the face of the shambles that ensued at the Champions League final, and now the chief of Paris police has admitted the 40,000 ticketless figure was made up.

The scenes at the Stade de France both before and after the Champions League final have proved harrowing, with fans subjected to horrific treatment simply for wanting to support their team.

Denied entry, being kettled by police, tear-gassed, robbed and assaulted, fans of both Liverpool and Real Madrid experienced a nightmare that has been compounded by continual lies.

First from UEFA and then subsequently from French authorities, who continue to dig deeper into their lies and look to deflect blame on matchgoing fans.

Gerald Darmanin, France’s Interior Minister, has been callous in his lies having wrongly claimed 40,000 ticketless fans caused the chaos, a figure that is not mathematically possible.

And now the chief of Paris police, Didier Lallement, has admitted that the figure has “no scientific value” and was simply conjured up by guesswork.

“The figure does not have a scientific virtue but it came from feedback from police officers and public transport,” Lallement told the French Senate on Thursday, as translated by Pierre Rondeau on Twitter.

“Maybe I was wrong, but it was built from all the information collected.

“Whether there are 30,000 or 40,000 people, it doesn’t change anything. What matters is that there were people, in large numbers, who could disrupt the proper organization of filtering.

“But that we count them precisely to the nearest 5,000, it does not change much.”

Think you’ll find it changes a lot when it’s a lie built on a lie, and so forth. There is clear negligence in accepting responsibility for an abject failure in organisation.

Lallement’s words became all the more compounding when he ‘apologised’ for using tear gas on Liverpool fans before then saying it “was necessary” and he ordered it as he didn’t “know of any other means,” other than “charging.”

None were necessary and it is the power of social media and modern technology, alongside thousands of first-hand accounts, that continues to bring truth to the dangerous lies peddled by French authorities.

Liverpool have collected over 9,000 fan accounts themselves of events and have insisted it “is just the start of the process” for the club.