Fans love Roberto Firmino stat that sums up his Liverpool legacy

Roberto Firmino‘s time with Liverpool has entered its final months after making the decision to pursue a new challenge, and it’s left fans reflecting on the legacy of a club legend.

Liverpool’s No. 9 has won all there is to win with the Reds and he has proven an instrumental figure for Jurgen Klopp.

The word legend can be thrown around with flippancy in sport, but that’s not the case for Firmino. When he does depart, he’ll be given a send-off that reflects just that.

A maverick and an entertainer, the Brazilian’s unique flair has lit up Anfield and stadiums across the world and his celebrations will live long in the memory.

In fact, a statistic from Opta’s Michael Reid states that no other player in the Premier League, since it was first recorded from 2005/06, has been booked more for excessive celebrations than Firmino, who has been shown a yellow card five times.

That’s the kind of statistic that instantly brings a smile to the face, it’s just who Firmino is – his celebrations are just as memorable as his goals.

The shirt off and in the air was seen from Firmino after goals against Stoke, Man City, Arsenal and Crystal Palace – excessive celebrations, all of them worth it.

Fans were certainly tickled by the knowledge of Firmino’s celebration discipline history…

What a legacy to leave. Never change, Bobby. Never change.