Photos: What the view is like from the new Anfield Road Stand

With the newly-renovated Anfield Road Stand set to be ready for next season, fans can now see what their view will look like following the expansion.

The next time Liverpool line up at home, it will be in front of a 61,000-capacity stadium in what will be the highest attendance at Anfield since May 1977.

An additional 7,000 seats are being added to the ground ahead of the 2023/24 campaign, giving more supporters than ever the opportunity to watch the Reds in the flesh.

Despite the season only reaching its conclusion at the weekend, fans are already looking beyond the summer in preparation for seeing the side back in action after a disappointing 2022/23 on all fronts.

Thanks to a 3D seat map, you can now see the viewpoint of every seat in the stadium ahead of next season, including from the expanded Anfield Road End.

The map gives supporters the chance to check out the perspective from their seat for any Liverpool home game, placing them in the stadium virtually with a view of the pitch.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the vantage points from the new structure.

The view from the back row


We’ll start with the furthest point from the field with what is a view not too disimilar from the top of the Main Stand, offering good visibility of the entire pitch.

Front row of the upper tier


Now this is a spec that gives you a brilliant view, a nice central look from a perfect height to provide an excellent matchday experience.

The worst view we can find

Even if you find yourself tucked in the very top left of the new stand you will still get a healthy look at proceedings, with the new roof covering a section of the Kop but still offering a full view of the playing field.

The new view from the lower tier


Fans who have sat in the lower tier of the Anfield Road will be pleased to see the improved view after some seats underneath the old roof sparked “letterbox” comparisons.

1,000 of the additional seats were allocated to the club’s season ticket waiting list, with those supporters having already been contacted with an offer ahead of next season.

Those fans can now take a look at the new spot in which they will be sat for each Liverpool home game in the Premier League, as well as other competitions should they opt-in to the club’s auto cup scheme.

The lower tier will continue to feature rail seating, which was first introduced to Anfield on a trial basis in 2021.

  • To be completed before the first home game of 2023/24
  • New capacity set to be be 61,015
  • Expanded stand will hold 15,967 supporters
  • The lower tier will remain, with the new stand connected
  • The roof should be removed in its entirety this week

If you are looking to find out where you will be sat for any game at Anfield from next season, simply visit the 3D map and select your seat here.