Andy Robertson provides injury update: “Surgery was a success”

Andy Robertson has spoken positively about the surgery he underwent on his dislocated shoulder, but stopped short of placing a timeline on his likely return to action.

The left-back was injured while on international duty with Scotland back in October, with the expectation being that he would be sidelined until 2024.

Klopp confirmed the fears of fans by later revealing that Robertson would require surgery for the shoulder issue, but it appears that part of the process has at least gone smoothly.

The Scotland captain was present at his country’s 3-3 draw with Norway at Hampden Park, where he gave fans a first real indication of where he is at with regard to his fitness.

“Getting there, slowly and surely. Surgery was a success which was the main thing, no complications from it or anything like that,” Liverpool’s No. 26 told Viaplay Sports.

“So far so good, I think it’s been about three weeks since my surgery now so everything is progressing well, I have just got to take it bit by bit and week by week.

“Everything has went well up to this point and hopefully that continues, and then hopefully, before we know it, I’ll be back on the grass.”

Liverpool have a busy fixture schedule to look forward to when they return to Kirkby this week, with the next international break not coming until March.

Robertson will be keen to get back into the side sooner rather that later, but insisted he isn’t putting pressure on himself when asked for a precise date for his recovery.

“I’ve not looked that far ahead yet. I’m just trying to take it week by week, I’m trying not to get frustrated, I’m not the best injured so I’m trying to take small wins every single week,” he continued.

“I don’t want to put a game in mind and then I don’t make it or I come back before then. I am just taking it slowly but surely just now and then there will be a time to start pushing it and when that comes I’ll try and get on the pitch as quickly as I can.”