“I took names” – Mo Salah’s agent launches scathing attack on critics

Mohamed Salah‘s agent, Ramy Abbas, launched quite the attack on those who “tried to capitalise” on his client’s recent injury, and he’s not going to forget those responsible.

The discourse surrounding Salah’s hamstring injury has been vast, from his loyalty being questioned to Liverpool’s motives in seeing him return to Merseyside and everything in between.

Even Jurgen Klopp was drawn into it all having been the one to disclose the 31-year-old’s return to Liverpool for treatment, something the manager has already explained.

And now Salah’s agent has thrown his hat into the ring with a strongly worded statement aimed at those who were after “fame, clicks and ‘likes'” at the cost of the Egyptian’s injury.

His scathing statement on social media reads:

“The same individuals and ‘influencers’ who get weak in the knees when they happen to bump into Mohamed in person and beg for ‘follows’ or selfies, tried to capitalise on an unfortunate injury and questioned Mohamed’s commitment to his country. They did this looking for fame, clicks and ‘likes’.

“I want to thank those who did the honourable thing and pointed out how ridiculous and cheap that was. I took names. In both cases.

“Most importantly, to the vast majority of you, who support Mohamed, my message to you is not to worry, because your global icon, the one you helped create, is already too big to be brought down by social media. No hyperventilating or foaming-in-the-mouth ‘influencer’ is going to change that.”

No beating around the bush with that, is there?

The talk surrounding Salah’s injury has been bemusing to say the least as his commitment has been continually brought into question, seemingly forgetting all he has previously given to his country.

The words of Salah’s agent came shortly after the 31-year-old penned a message of his own, which also had a similar tone aimed at those looking to tear him down.

Salah penned: “Yesterday I started the treatment and rehabilitation program and I will do everything possible to be ready as soon as possible and return to the national team as was agreed upon from the beginning… I also love it and its people… try harder.”