Jurgen Klopp gets shoutout during tennis final in Mallorca – still in same German top!

Jurgen Klopp forewent the German game in Dortmund in favour of watching the ATP Mallorca final on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean he left his football shirt behind!

The now former Liverpool boss – will that ever feel normal? – has been enjoying his summer to date, from a Taylor Swift concert to the Euros, and his final farewell to the club.

Let’s not forget there has been paddle lessons and regular updates on his Instagram account too, and having settled in Mallorca, he made sure to make the most of his chance to watch live tennis.

Alejandro Tabilo went on to lift the trophy, and Klopp even got a shoutout during the award ceremony, which he looked surprised about before a “bravo, Jurgen” saw his trademark smile emerge.

He was quickly spotted in the stands during the ATP final, perhaps because he was wearing his German national top, which has become a familiar sight this summer throughout the Euros!

Watching on with his wife, Ulla, he also spared time for a quick chat on the Mallorca Championships social platforms, where he talked about life on the island, which tennis player he’d have as a player and who will win Copa America.

“Where can I start? I like pretty much everything about [Mallorca], to be honest. I’m not here long enough yet, but we tried to figure out what we like the most,” Klopp said.

And when asked about who could win Copa America, his Liverpool ties remained strong as he said: “Argentina, or Brazil, or Colombia or Uruguay.”

He even revealed he has been texting with Alisson and insisted he could not choose between the four nations, all of whom look on course for the quarter-finals with two already qualified.

Klopp is looking happy and relaxed with not a care in the world, which would be very different had he stayed at Anfield as Liverpool’s pre-season starts this coming week.