Rafa Benitez in further donation to Hillsborough families


Former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has once again pledged a significant amount of money to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

On leaving the club in the summer of 2010, the Spaniard wrote out a cheque for £96,000 for the cause, and has this week donated a further £2,800 through the Montse Benitez Foundation – his wife’s charity.

He received a standing ovation from the Kop when he returned to the club to observe the 22nd Hillsborough Anniversary Memorial Service at Anfield in April this year – an occasion which brought the 51-year-old to tears.

The new donation was raised through ticket sales of a recent ‘Evening with Rafa Benitez’ event at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre.

Benitez still lives on Merseyside with his wife and children and told the Liverpool Echo, “I regard Merseyside as my home because of the way my family have been accepted and treated by the people and I know that the group is such an important cause. I’m happy to help.”

Margaret Aspinall, chairwoman of the HFSG, said the donation will go a long way as the families continue their fight for justice.

She said, “It helps us for pay for the running costs such as phone lines, letters, stamps and organising transport for official meetings.

“Without that support our group would have collapsed. Rafa is doing this for the 96. He is a true gent.”

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  • Getahun Antene

    It”s better to see you on the bench again. really you were good coach. we wnderstood now how much you are valuable for the club instead of the recent form.

  • Richard Rosa

    Kennys great but I wish Rafa was in charge. He had a plan and would have succeeded if the owners of the time had allowed it. I want him back!!

  • Simon

    Rafa = LFC legend and a true gentleman!

  • windows

    Rafa will soon come to manage LFC again. I cant wait for his return.

    • Agsey

      Awesome! What a legend! I too will welcome the day he is manager again. I love king kenny and always will, I believe we have improved a great deal under him in the last 12mth. Though when and if the time comes for a new manager we should look no further than rafa

  • Jo Higham

    RAFA is a lovely man and does not deserve the treatment he got. He was a victim of the USA owners like so many more people.

  • drewster

    the mans a legend fact 

  • Teresa Brazil

    Great man YNWA

  • nismo9

    I dont think i could like him any more :)

  • Gee

    Well done Rafa your Red till death YNWA 4 life …………..

  • Dave Pritchard101

    A true gentleman. He could have walked away from the club and the city, but he still offers this kind of support. If only more people were like you Rafa  YNWA

  • Ennb

    RAFA was a top bloke, is a top bloke and sadly a casualty of the Gillet & Hicks saga.

  • Bluetermite66

    Are you having a laugh,the amount of money he has walked away with out of your pockets. These gestures would be laughable if they weren’t so sickening.
    What next? paying his respects to Gary Ablett, wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Jo Higham

      You must be such an unhappy person to have such a foul thinking mind. He did not walk away with anyones money but his own. As for your last comment it is beyond comment. You are a truly nasty person who needs pity.–not mine though.

  • Petfre04

    Yes he may well be a good bloke but sadly he was a crap manager , but thankfully the new owners would never ever take him back !