In stats: Is Stewart Downing cutting the mustard?

on 15.02.2012

Stewart Downing has come under a lot of criticism from fans this season for his start to his career at Liverpool following an £18million switch from Aston Villa last summer.

Kenny Dalglish has, on several times, defended the England international winger.

But is he performing well enough to account for his place as a Liverpool first-team regular? Take a look at these stats, from league games only, and make up your own mind.

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  1. Downing’s main problem is that of toughness.  When he was cautioned (rightfully) for a good hard challenge against ManUre, it was his first caution in 134 matches.  134 matches without a caution?!?!  That’s absurd.  Toughness is a hall-mark of this club (Danny Murphy!) Downing needs to
    buck up.  We need his pace on the outside, but NOT if he is going to
    play tentatively.He has great pace and good foot skills.  I question his courage, his vision, and his confidence.  His crossing should be much better and he needs to take more shots on goal.  He has a tendency to take 2-3 too many touches and dribble into 2-3 defenders. He needs a good talking to, or some time with the reserves.

  2. ive got some level of patience with jordy but this guy is an established pro with a biggish club before us who just plain simple just hasnt arrived at anfeild , looked obvious to me that kenny wanted wingers with a good supply of crosses into the box whipped high and hard for a carroll to attack who could cut inside and have a shot on goal when the situation allowed  , downing doesnt look capable of either option , thats made a total numpt out of andy carroll who cant score without the ammo being supplied and out of kenny for buying him  . lack of goals is ruining our season , we can still do this but stuart really needs to sort himself out  and start looking the part or i would be saying goodbye to him .

  3. having watched our reserve game against sunderland – im flabbergasted we ever bought him. Raheem Sterling is superb.

    KK will have to have a clear out in the summer  of the people he bought in because only bellamy, suarez and enrique have been unqualified successess. the 75 million spent on carrol, henderson and downing has been a total waste we would be lucky to get even 20 million back.

    I said at the time it was a wrong to sell miereles especially so cheaply and to compound that we loaned out a creative midfielder like aqualani. Now we look at the likes of city and spurs and we all shout we need a creative midfielder!!

    There is something seriously wrong with either KK’s judgement or Comolli’s, and if the guidance to buy british is from above – well that needs a rethink. Buy your own nations stock is ok if your spanish and winning all international competitions in sight but doesnt make sense when you cant string 2 passess together never mind win competitons.

  4. Just needs to get past his mental block- he’s hesitant to take a player on and instead holds up play which stops the quick counter.

    He was class for Villa and you don’t just lose that overnight. A couple of goals will do him the world of good.

  5. I don’t think he’s scored enough goals to justify putting him out on the right.   Also when Kuyt sits on the left I find we’re far less effective going forward.  If Downing has an extended run in the left wing spot then we may well see more out of both him and Carroll in terms of accurate crosses and chances converted.

  6. The man will always be a regulr player, regrdless of what you say, this is the reality, in the old days he  good liverpool FC sub, not a starter for sure. no disrespect intended, but i am tired of trying to milk how good he can be or what he could have done, or no one has recived.. its time we have some quality rather than the sub quality we seem to invest in. 100m more or less spent and between them all how many assists did they manage and goals, probably david silva has more. why every top club in the country get assosiated with top flair might be the next big thing exciting player like suarez and we go after lackluster players, who we all talk up and try to find their pros.. when with no surprise we end up lacking. 23% accuracy for a winger.. u can say what ever u like that is plain rubbish for 18m winger who cant even defend when required.

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