Liverpool offer Luis Suarez a contract extension


Liverpool have pledged their continued support to controversial striker Luis Suarez by offering him a contract extension beyond his current deal, which expires in 2016, according to the player himself.

The Uruguayan international has had the club’s backing through the racism row with Manchester Utd’s Patrice Evra this season and, responding to speculation linking him with a move away from Anfield, Suarez said he is keen to sign on at Anfield.

Speaking to Uruguayan newspaper El Pais, he said, “I would like to stay. Despite everything that happened, I’m happy here, on and off the pitch… and at the club they’re happy with me and want me to stay.

“I have a contract until 2016 and they already want to renew it for me. The coach still believes in me and that’s very important, especially after having been out for eight matches.”


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  • Ginjad11

    I tbh aint bothered about finishin in the top 4 this season. For us to already have 1 piece of silverware and defo in the running for a cup double is more than good enough for me.  We are all forgetting that this is still KD’s 1st full season in charge and for us to be in the running for two cups in it, considering we’ve had nothing since 2006 is fantastic.  I think next yr we’ll have more of an impact on the EPL, defo top 4.  Now Luis Suarez has the confidence of the club behind him wanting to already renew his contract, he needs to stay!!!!  El Pistolero will keep on shooting!!!!  YNWA.   JFT96 

  • magic2ouch

    the bottom line is that suarez is the one international class player that we have. The other is gerrard but with injuries and age you cant expect him to produce every match like he has done for probably a decade.

    Even at his magnificent best he was surrounded by some magnificient midfielders like alonso, mascherano, or hamman etc

    This season the midfield has been pretty poor without lucas. The likes of spearing and adam are workhorses but not international class.Henderson has a lot to do to justify the fee paid for him. Downing is looking more settled now and is actually going past players which he didnt do for the bulk of the season.

    Upfront I prefer to see suarez, bellamy and maxi because it gives us superb speed up front and great link up. When carrol plays inevitably it slows down the play and to be honest we become clumsy.

    If you spend 35 million on a player then you either build the team around him or you play as we do now!

    All in all its been a tough season, what with the evra thing and lucas being injured and not having gerrard for most of the season we havent really settled.

    For the next season we need a proven goalscorer, a creative international class midfielder and hopefully lucas back. Our defence is pretty good especially if skirtel and agger play. carragher is one probably nearing retirement now.

    So yes we need improvement but if we carry on this way it wont have been a bad season. Someone needs to tell comolli to rip the buy british template up and change it to buy class!

  • Guy5324

    Do we not need to be building a team within the rules about homegrown players etc?I dont buy into the Suarez only world class player thing either there are plenty of internationals in the squad and despite recent opinion Henderson was never bought for this season.Essentially we need a pacey,tricky winger and another striker to compete for a place with Carroll.YNWA

  • boon

    Suarez is class all over. Carroll is learning to ice skate. Did you see how often he slips and when Crouch scored the equalizer, Carroll was in front and did not jump an inch. If you watch Carroll long enough and close enough, he is actually very lazy and hardly jumps for the ball. As a striker he hardly wins balls, and when he defends, he is not dependable. Sell him off.

    • flauvio

      Pepe is clearly the man to blame for the goal as he should have gathered it easily – after so many years in the PL you cannot be puzzled because a player is standing in front of you in the box when a corner kick is taken. The big man played a vital part in the game and will continue to improve and become a monster of a striker … you just wait and see YNWA

      • anon

        Pepe was held, otherwise it would have been an easy save for him.  

  • Zuco

    we have and do stand bye suarez why should we get him out and sell him because the english media  said so because of the rumours and bs they are spreading.
    And if liverpool dont sell him media connected to mancester united will always try to push him out. he has a home at liverpool same as torres did liverpool fans stick buy there players

  • gkn88

    seeing how much better the team is doing compared to last season .. plus a peice of silverware already ours… it would be stupid to let suarez go..given the fact that he gets as many shots on goal as van persie or enough time he would probably be the best striker in the league. unlike that waste of money Andy caroll

  • anj2099

    Luis Suarez pure kwality extend the contract the man is a fire breathing dragon ready to burn down the mancs.

    • AKM

      nice imagery…. :)

  • Lfc40

    Cum on u reds. We can do it. The cup is cumin home home of cups.

  • Lfc40

    Cum on u reds. We can do it. The cup is cumin home home of cups.

  • Ashfah Hussain

    Chi Bai lu, bad news to the scums!

  • Jasongreen

    Thanks Moses! Without Suarez we would be nowhere. Carroll is awful and we need to get a quality striker – perhaps push for Berbetov?