Liverpool tell Suarez: Hand in transfer request if you want to leave

Liverpool will tell Luis Suarez that he must hand in a written transfer request if he is to leave the club this summer.


The Reds are keen not to be seen as the club doing the selling and will ensure that the player is the one making the moves for a transfer away from Anfield. It is a similar move to how Fernando Torres so acrimoniously ended his Liverpool career.

The Daily Mail writes:

Liverpool will expect him to submit an official transfer request, while they would also want to recoup a fee in the region of £50million.

He adds that Liverpool know it will be difficult to keep Suarez after the Uruguayan declared his intentions to leave the club.

The Mirror report similarly, with both stating that no formal bids have been made for Suarez. They quote an “insider”:

“Luis will be told – in no uncertain terms – he must put his cards on the table, and do it quickly.”

The Telegraph explain that by forcing Suarez to hand in a transfer request he will forfeit a loyalty bonus:

Liverpool have no intention of acceding to Suárez’s demand to leave the club for Real Madrid unless he forces the issue by submitting a transfer request, thereby forfeiting his right to a substantial loyalty bonus in excess of £1 million.

Liverpool are reportedly keen for the saga to come to an end one way or another sooner rather than later. The Mirror write that Suarez’s public agitations for a move to Real could be part of the Madrid club’s plan to reduce the price. But Liverpool won’t accept less than £40m.

There are strong suggestions that Armenian attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan will undergo a medical this week. Initial reports linking him to Anfield claimed any move was not dependent upon Suarez’s future.

For Liverpool supporters, it’s pleasing to see the club are not allowing Suarez and his advisors to dictate what happens. The club are showing they cannot be bullied into allowing him to leave and are seemingly doing the right thing by demanding £40m- which would represent a healthy £17m profit on what they paid Ajax in 2011.

With the sale of Andy Carroll to West Ham also expected to be completed this week, Rodgers will have a healthy transfer budget regardless of Suarez leaving and thus Liverpool do not need to go lower than the amount that is reportedly required to activate a clause in his contract that allows clubs to talk to him.

Over to you, Luis.

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  • Ben Murphy

    Good. Exactly what I’d tell him. Either hand in a transfer request, or shut your mouth.

  • Mike Aitcheson

    Normally reliable? Dominic King?
    Not on LFC and certainly not on Suarez

  • Rak S

    We should be trying to get closer to £50m for him, if we are to sell him. People are talking £65m+ for Bale so £50m for Suarez would be a reasonable fee. Still, my preference would be to keep him for 1 more season and se ho it goes.
    We have other saleable asset who we can bring in good money for, like Downing (£7-8m), Skrtal (£8-10m), Carrol (£15m). That + £20m from our transfer budget is enough to bring in most of our prime targets and strengthen the squad.

    • Peter_Maxwell

      I totally agree with everything you have said. Especially the 50m part.

    • Gray

      I believe that a club who would like to sign Suarez have to bid in at 40 million plus, however that means Liverpool will only negotiate and it is not a trigger release clause, so I think perhaps the sale would reach 50 million plus…as it should be.

      • Rak S

        At the moment only Madrid appear to be in for him. Barca don’t need/seem to want him so, perhaps PSG might go for him but, with a 40-50m price tag, there aren’t many clubs who wil be in a postion to bid.
        What will be interesting to see is what will happen with Suarez, if Madrid get Cavani. He appears to be their first choice so will they leave Suarez hanging if they get him… It would be typical of Madrid!!!

  • redhed17

    About time. Simple, if he wants to go, put in a transfer request. If he wants to go so much, give up the money.

  • John Edwards

    LFC should have a healthy transfer fund without having to sell or push players out. Its all part of FSG moneyball plans, our higher earners are all being pushed out and replaced with inferior players on low wages.

    • Rak S

      I’m not sure that inferior is the right word for the players coming in but they certainly want to lower our wag bill. Spurs wage bill is £30m per year lower than our own (£120m vs £90m.)

      A lot of clubs appear to want to jump on the “young player” bandwagon so that will make it more difficult for us to recruit top quality youngsters too, but it’s the best way for us to compete in the long term.

  • westernbarbarian

    They had already said he wasn’t for sale; so why would they issue any such demand? The only reason I can think of is to force him to leave and take the burden of responsibility onto himself, leaving the club to claim they had no choice and there’ no point in keeping a player who wanted to leave. .

  • Rederik

    Glad to see the back of Carroll at least the sale of Suarez will make up for the loss in revenue, hope F.S.G learn from this mistake and other mistakes made before, I,m not saying it is the fault of F.S.G but every time we make a bit of cash on a player it is thrown away I hope J Henry ensures this dosn,t happen again.