LFC bid for midfielder Jorginho

Liverpool have made a €9m (£7.7m) bid for Hellas Verona midfielder Jorginho, according to reports over the weekend.

Football Italia and CalcioNews24 report the news on the Brazilian born Italian who has previously been linked by TalkSport, among others.

Jorginho, 21, is described as a deep-lying playmaker, but has also been used as a winger, such versatility is something Brendan Rodgers is keen to bring to his squad.

Italian giants AC Milan are also reported to be interested in the youngster.

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  • j75j

    He sounds an interesting player but I don’t think it will keep the fans happy if it isn’t backed up by a big money signing from what I have read off other sites!

  • Viking Westman

    I don’t see why we’d make an initial offer of €9m, it’s a recently promoted team in a poor league, I bet we could get him around 4-5. Not saying he isn’t worth 9m though.

  • AnfieldIron

    I don’t want to judge the guy – I haven’t followed him at all by now.

    Though at first glance the inevitable comparison with Mkhi is not in Jorginho’s favor.

    Seems like a shot in the dark, a desperate go for another Coutinho.

    Nothing against the player, just the approach itself seems a bit cheap and with emphasize of quantity.

    If happens might turn out to be another gem tho. Yet it doesn’t seem to be the signal we expect from the club right now. Looks like we can’t hold our ground and they are OK with that. I don’t say this is the case, just sends the wrong message.


    • Luis

      I see what you’re saying but perhaps Rodgers had this as his number two transfer target behind Mkhitaryan he realises it’s not going to happen so he’s looking at plan b. we have to have faith in Rodgers. It may free up money for another player too

      • AnfieldIron

        Perhaps. I support him, I just can’t get rid of that 1:1 vs Stoke on the opening day nightmare.

  • Rak S

    Looks like a good player.

    Nice touch, good movement and decent vision. Never seen him play but Mateo Bonetti, and expert on Italian Footy said that Milan wanted him, but we’ve snuck in before them, and he was gutted about it.
    He’s no HM, but that’s because he’s a very different player. The player who I think has most to lose to this guy coming in is Allen because he looks like a Central midfielder.
    An option could be for Jorghino to may in CM with Lucas and Gerrard to be pushed back into the CAM position. He didn’t play there much of last season but still managed to get into double figures in terms of goals, so perhaps BR thinks he can still do a job for him there. The problem with this hypothesis is, it’s not exactly adding the 15-20 goals BR said he wanted.

  • Rak S

    That’s what they said about Coutinho.

    • Tigris

      Except Coutinho had insane dribbling skills and crazy agility.

      • Rak S

        And this guy’s got good movement, the ability to find space and a good footballing brain.

        My point is, physique/strength can be an overrated asset in the PL. Whenever we see a small player, we automatically think “to small, won’t be able to make it” but that’s not necessarily the case. Ofcourse, if he can bulk up, that will probably help ;-)
        Remember Makalele? He was a short-arse, but hard as nails, and most importantly, he instinctively new were the danger was.

        • Tigris

          Yes, you’ve got a point there. I’m not saying he’s destined to be a flop. However, thinking all the games that our midfield was overrun (think about the Villa game) I can’t stop being skeptical :/

          • Rak S

            I still have nightmares about that game… Shocking!

          • Tigris

            haha I feel you bro !

  • Josek

    Seems a lot of cash for someone from second division in Italy. Surely Ince from our own second tier would be less of a gamble. Don’t really see the need for this guy. But I trust Brendan knows what he’s doing.

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