Report: Brendan Rodgers rewarded with new £2.5m-a-year Liverpool deal

Formal negotiations over Brendan Rodgers’ new Liverpool deal will begin imminently, according to a report on Friday.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 8, 2014: Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers is all smiles as his side score the fifth against Arsenal during the Premiership match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)
Brendan Rodgers is all smiles as his side score the fifth against Arsenal. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Metro’s Jamie Sanderson says talks have taken place between Rodgers and the club’s principal owner John Henry over extending his contract.

Sanderson claims the new three-year deal for Rodgers will be worth “about £2.5 million-a-year”. He writes:

It’s thought that owner Henry phoned the Northern Irishman this week to reassure him that he’s the man to take the club forward – and formal negotiations over a contract extension will begin imminently.

Reports back in December in the Mirror and Liverpool Echo suggested similar, with the club keen to tie up a deal.

Only the Daily Mail suggest Rodgers is already earning over £3 million per year.

Rodgers’ current deal at Liverpool ends in June 2015, but the Northern Irishman has already signalled his desire to stay on at Anfield.

Last week he hinted that he was seeking a start to negotiations over his new contract and for his backroom staff.

“I have regular contact with the owners and it is never mentioned,” he told the Guardian. “I talk more about players.

“My ambition is more for the club so I want the players tied up so we can keep the best players and get players in.

“The club knows my feelings in that I love it here and hopefully – if I can progress and be good and everyone is happy – stay here.

“If it’s not to be for the owners and they want a different direction at the end of it, I will have done my best.”

The 41-year-old has lead Liverpool on a march of progression since taking over from Kenny Dalglish in the summer of 2012. This excellent graph by Twitter user @DanKennett illustrates how far Liverpool have sunk since Rafa Benitez’s days at the club, and how far Rodgers has risen the club again:

Rodgers is currently preparing the team for this Sunday’s FA Cup fifth round clash away at Arsenal.

The match kicks off at 4pm and is live on BT Sport 1.

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  • CARR71

    i cannot see ant talks about contracts taking place till the end of the season
    and why should they 12 games left rodgers will be wanting to concentrate on the matter in hand ,and not have any distractions

    • Maninder Singh

      Would be good to have him sign the contract coz he needs to be rewarded too but tbh, i think there is no need for distraction right now. Contract can wait. He wants to stay here, we want to keep him. (I know its football and things can change anytime but still…) contract can wait till the end of the season.

      • CARR71

        one of the papers stated that they would be no contract talks till the end of the season and i think thats when they will happen

        • serbianred

          I beleive that signing the contract now would be another morale boost for the playing and coaching staff. Players obviously love playing for Rodgers and BR has also invested himself into becoming a LFC man through and through(a bit like my favourite Red’s manager Rafa did). I know Rafa had his critics but for me personally while he was a manager never once did I go into game without belief that we will not get a positive result. It didn’t matter if we played Barca, Real, Scum UTD or Northampton. I could not say the same for the other managers of LFC in the time I support them(Evans, Houlier, Phil Thompson, Dalglish and OH MY GOD CANT BELEIVE HE LASTED THAT LONG ROY)

          • CARR71

            sometimes you have to just focus on one goal and at this momement it time i think its to finish the season on a high ,rodgers is going nowhere lets just concentrait on the job in hand ,he will get is reward at the end of the season

          • Arvindh Mani

            He’ll get his reward, but not the one you wanted, right? :P (no offence)

          • CARR71

            yes your right but my opinion is not set in stone and i admit my errors

    • Red white and blue Kop

      Well if they sign him now and we end up winning the league it could safe them some money in the long run.

      • CARR71

        they would probably wan him to take a wage cut ;-)

  • Stuart Campbell

    I doubt he would take a pay cut in the middle of such a good season

    • JTLFC

      Sorry what kind of statement is that?
      Why disrupt the winning teams momentum with contract talks now. The ball is firmly in Rodgers court. He has already proved himself to date, so the question of an improved contract being offered is a no brainer.
      It all depends how the Reds finish come the end of season. The further up the table Liverpool finish the more lucrative the deal it will be. Which is only what the man deserves!

  • Nelly79

    Any manager who can take a team, that finished 29 pts behind the eventual champions the year before, to now being 11 pts ahead of that same team (that’s a 40pt swing in over 9 months), and now within 4pts of the top, along with working with a paper thin squad and injuries which has prevented him from fielding his strongest team so far this season. Surely deserves a new contract. There has to be some level of stability and it starts with the manager and I do believe, that we have found that manager.

    • Maninder Singh

      Well that 40 points swing has a lot to do with ManU’s sh!te form too. We are not the only factor in that but yeah, 4pts of the top is something thats completely down to us.

      • Nelly79

        It’s all relative. It was bound to have happened at some point in time, now that it is, I hope it continues for the next 24 years.

        • Maninder Singh

          Lol…Long may it continue

    • Anthony Corrigan

      You’re right. Moyes does deserve a new contract….:)

      • Nelly79

        Lol…the biggest one in history…24 yrs would do for me. :)

  • ollirD

    Love it. Now, give this man proper backing in the transfer market.

    • CARR71

      if we do get champions league we will need major investment in he summer 4 or 5 good quality pros will be a must ,there is no way our current squad could cope with all the extra matches

      • Zanatos

        While I do agree that we would need more top players, in theory being in the CL should mean we would be able to get them. I think though even with just one of two we could cope fine. This season we have had a crazy amount of injuries and we are coping fine. If you gave up on the F.A Cup next season, you would still be playing the same games if you got CL. Granted I know that doesn`t sound ideal, but in does show we could cope.

        • CARR71

          the fa cup next season would be ideal to blood the youngsters ,but you still need some experience with them ,the further we go the more game time they get,but i still think we need 4 or 5 ,two really top quality players and 3 decent seasoned pros

      • ollirD

        Agreed. Fingers crossed!

  • CARR71

    iVoice Online 11:07 see suarez still is not happy with the evra episode good read on the voice

  • CARR71

    18 years ago today that the great bob paisley passed away gone but never forgotten ynwa

  • David Corlett

    lets HOPE Ayre isn’t doing the negotiations. Could end up losing him like the transfer deals he’s done – or rather didn’t do !!

  • This Is Anfield


  • This Is Anfield

    Feel free to go elsewhere Stuart.

    • CARR71

      why did you not remove the one about bob paisley as well

  • This Is Anfield

    Cmon, it’s valentine’s day. Hugs?

    • Sha Ker Huss Ain

      no !

  • CARR71


  • LFC 4 LIFE!!!

    am im the only one here wondering where all BR haters in his early time with LFC?? i just hate it when they judge BR too soon,said too many thing and now dissapearing like a twat.

    • CARR71

      the problem with the haters mate(myself included )was the fans that thought he could walk on water when infact he was paddling in the shallow end ,last season before christmas is record was as bad as hodgesons ,

      • This Is Anfield

        Talk about mitigating circumstances. Anyone with half a brain knew that Rodgers’ record in the first half of the season was due to a) a poor squad, b) tough opening fixtures, c) shortage of attacking options, d) players not being in tune with his system.

        Anyone who uses the first half of that season against Rodgers is an absolute idiot.

        • CARR71

          a0 poor squad they the same players make up the bulk of rodgers first team now b)tough opening fixtures ,by that time of year you have nearly played everyone c)shortage of attacking options he had money loaned caroll out D you may have point,so if the first half of the season did not matter i take it you think hodgeson was unfairly dismissed

          • liverpool4life565

            Carroll didn’t fit into his plan, loaning him out got us back some of the money, Rodgers has done a excellent job with liverpool.

  • joe mckeown

    You are comparing Apples and Oranges. Rafa had a lot more talent to work with than BR.

  • Zanatos

    He is doing very well, and we are playing some great football and starting to look a really good team, although I still think wait until the summer.

  • Zanatos

    I do completely agree with almost all you are saying Nelly, so this isn`t me having a pop, but I do think Utd are having a bad season, because there are 7 teams ahead of them, which is unheard of for them. Points wise they are no way near last year either. We are also having a great season, but I think a better reference for your point would have been to just use the 4pts off the top thing, as that shows the real amazing progress made this season.

  • redder

    When all this talk started before Christmas, I thought it was best kept until the summer.

    But maybe we should actually get it sorted now…… there might not be enough time in the summer, what with celebrating the title, the open top bus through city, and singing you’ll never walk alone and Steve Gerrard Gerrard into the night sky!