Brendan Rodgers Pre-Spurs Presser: We’re building sustainable success


A confident Brendan Rodgers addressed a room of journalists at Melwood on Friday afternoon to preview Sunday’s clash against Tottenham at Anfield, and play down title talk.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 23, 2014: Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers during the Premiership match against Swansea City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)
Brendan Rodgers during the Premier Leaue match against Swansea City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Liverpool go into this weekend’s games second in the Premier League, with seven games to go. The Reds will be hoping both Chelsea and Manchester City drop points on Saturday against Crystal Palace and Arsenal respectively.

Having been welcomed by thousands of fans on Anfield Road and beaten Sunderland 2-1 at Anfield on Wednesday night, Rodgers took a positive, but cautious approach to his press conference.

On Tim Sherwood’s claims that the pressure is on Liverpool…

“We’re feeling very relaxed and focus. There’s no expectation on us, and certainly no pressure either.

“Perhaps Tim Sherwood should look at Tottenham – who should be challenging higher – maybe they are the ones under pressure.”

On Wednesday’s 2-1 victory over Sunderland…

“It was a tough game against Sunderland, but we were under control. Credit to the players, showing we can win in a different way.”

On cementing their top four position…

“There’s still 21 points to play for, so we’re not guaranteed a Champions League place. We can only focus on our next game.

“It’ll be a tough game against Spurs. They’ve got some really good players and Tim Sherwood is passionate.”

On being the youngest manager in the title race…

“This is my fifth season as a manager, but I’ve been on the touchlines for 20 years. I’m not putting into practice what I’ve learnt.

“Now I can implement tactics and ideas I’ve tried in youth football at a senior level. I’m not new to this, and thoroughly enjoying it.”

On creating a successful club for the future…

“We’re very hungry to succeed and that can give you a real advantage. We’ve proved that already this season. Experience isn’t everything.

“We’re looking to make sustainable success. That’s our objective. We’re looking to build something here.”

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On title rivals slipping up…

“I’m only bothered about Liverpool and the players we have. We’ve got world class talent, youth, local talent. All an important balance.

“Our focus is only on ourselves. We respect other teams with excellent managers, but you can’t be worrying about what other teams do.”

On playing Tottenham…

“When we beat Spurs 5-0, we played fantastic attacking football, and kept a clean sheet. Tim’s done really well, brought passion back.

“We’re at Anfield this weekend. We expect to win every time, whoever we’re playing.

“We’re not always going to be four, five or six-nil up in games. Sunderland defended very well, but we dominated until they scored.

“We’ve got seven games left and 21 points to play for. The objective has always been to finish as high as possible.”

On team news and players being fit…

“Everyone is fit and the condition of the team is very good. Only Jose Enrique still out.

“Because we press aggressive, physiologically the players is brilliant. We play with high intensity, they input exceptional qualities.”

On Steven Gerrard…

Steven Gerrard can dictate the player from behind but if you give him enough time he could play anywhere. He’s intelligent.

“Gerrard equaling the records and status of Kenny Dalglish shows how impressive he’s been for the club.”

On claims Liverpool are a one-man team…

“When Luis [Suarez] played every game, we finished 8th and 7th. We’re building a collective here. It’s not just about one player.”

Liverpool v Tottenham gets underway at 4pm on Sunday, 30th March and it’s live on Sky Sports 1 in the UK.

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  • Anthony Corrigan

    Tim sherwood is a bellend..

    • Gano1

      He is about to be sacked!!!

      • j75j

        Is he in for the chop???

        • Gano1

          LVG is waiting to take the job!!

  • ?????????????

    Think players n fans are much relaxed for this game than they were during Sunderland game. Once again BR handled the press quite well.

  • CARR71

    we just need to keep winning like rodgers says and let chelsea and mancity worry about us

    • Nelly79

      Exactly!! We’ve got no pressure to do anything other than to play our game and see were we end up. The pressure is on them, they’re the ones spending untold millions each season to win.

      • CARR71

        sorry mate we have also spent untold millions difference is we have wasted loads of it under nemerous managers rodgers included ,no team can have success without money any more its the way football is

  • Gano1

    Keep on winning!!!

  • j75j

    Why don’t managers just worry and talk about their own team then trying to play poor mind games with us!
    I pointed out to an Arsenal fan at work that Suarez has been with us for 2 and a half years and we finished midtable! The adding of Coutinho, Sturridge and the significant improvement of the original squad with Rodgers training has improved this squad from a midtable team to challenging for the title and has also improved Suarez into an even better finisher.

    • Nelly79

      Spurs would sell their souls to the devil, to have “one man team” Suarez playing for them. It’s all about jealousy.

      • John Edwards

        They had a 1 man team with Bale but sold him and spent the money on muppets.

        • j75j

          Sherwood and Spurs need reminding more about the £100 million spent in trying to replace one player!

  • Nelly79

    First it was Poyet, now Sherwood. How can we be a one man team, when we’ve got the number 1&2 scorers in the league? What, is Danny chopped liver or something? I’m sick n tired of hearing these jealous mofos talking crap. Yes Luis has scored a lot this season, but we are were in this position due to team work. It’s a collective effort. Maybe if they’d been able to build that sort of team spirit, then they’d be where we are.

    Jealousy is really a ………….!!!!

  • pukeee

    What would be the lineup tomorrow guys?I would like to see both Sterling and Coutinho start(like they started against Spurs last time, then Everton ).Liverpool keep your cool and calm and dont listen to all the crap people are throwing at you because smaller and defeatist guys are the ones who hurl insults when they cant win on the field.So we just need to turn up and be in the zone from the start tomorrow..goodluck

    • CARR71

      i would like to go with sterling and coutinho two,not sure about tomorrow but definetly the day after

  • CARR71

    but wheres allen going to fit in mate hes there and he will not be moved,i totally agree with your ideas though

    • John Edwards

      Allens on the bench, its ok playing keep ball but we dont want to keep it we want to put it in the net. I’d go 4231 with Gerrard (or Lucas when Stevie gets this yellow card & 2 match ban) & Henderson covering. Sturridge right side/Sterling left/Coutinho middle playing as an attacking line of 3 behind Suarez. Keep the ball up the pitch and give our defence a rest for a change. Pass it through the midfield not back to the defence and keeper.

      • serbianred

        I agree with your lineup totally except I would keep Sturridge up top and let him interchange with Luis during the game

        • John Edwards

          The front 4 could all interchange freely. Suarez and Sturridge could swap. Sterling and Coutinho could switch depending on how the game was going. If the other teams had slow CBs you might wanna use Sturridge & Sterlings pace. Or if not use Suarez & Coutinhos skill. Then again if its Norwich away just give the ball to Suarez stand back and watch him go.

      • ahmad

        I agreed. BR, please start Sterling and Coutinho together.

      • CARR71

        i think thats the way the majority of fans see it but allen will start mate

        • John Edwards

          Yep he’s deffo Rodgers favourite son. Weird how he always tries to fit Allen in because he signed him yet wont give Alberto a look in who he also signed.

          • CARR71

            totally agree hes signed some players who have never got a look in yet allen does i wonder how much control he has over signings

  • imoff

    We now know BR is a good man manager but he sure is getting better with the press too

  • j75j

    Jose moaning about being in the Champions League again! I hope Rodgers doesn’t use the CL as an excuse next season it’s where we belong!

  • Abyss

    Tim Sherwood is right in saying that the pressure is on Liverpool. Because we all know that Tottenham’s season is as good over. Everton will, in all probability, pip both them and United for that 5th spot.

    Anyways, this is Sherwood’s best attempt at mind games. I saw the highlights of Tottenham’s victory, and in reality, the goals conceded by Southampton were very poor. Tottenham’s best shot at winning this match is stifling our play in the middle of the park. They have a spine, but their attack is very much out of sorts. We’ll need to control the tempo of the game and make sure attack is coming from both ends.

    • JonnyS

      Not good, we’re great at conceding poor goals.

      • Abyss

        It was the result of one long ball all the way from the back. There was no intricate passing to unlock the defense.