Fans regret their initial opinion of me, claims Dejan Lovren

on 11.01.2016

Dejan Lovren believes Liverpool supporters now see him in a different light, following some improved form, and says they should regret their early judgements of him.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Boxing Day, Saturday, December 26, 2015: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp celebrates the 1-0 victory over Leicester City with Dejan Lovren during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The 26-year-old endured a miserable start to life in a Reds shirt, following a big-money move from Southampton in the summer of 2014.

He has since turned things around, though, delivering a string of improved performances at the heart of Liverpool’s defence this season.

Lovren believes the fans were wrong to judge him so early, and has thanked manager Jurgen Klopp for believing in him.

“The fans now have me in a different view,” he told Sportske.

“I think that they are now starting to realise that I am worthy, and they regret that they initially had a different opinion.

“But Liverpool is a big club, and expectations are high, so it is normal that you are going to be criticised.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, August 29, 2015: Liverpool's Dejan Lovren looks dejected after his mistake led to West Ham United's second goal during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“I needed someone like Klopp to push me, and to give me support. For such a man, I’m always ready to fight to the end, and for the team and the club.”

While Lovren is, of course, entitled to his own opinion, these comments may not go down well with some Liverpool supporters.

The Croatian was absolutely appalling for his first year or so at the club, and the criticism he received was, in all honesty, deserved.

Supporters were willing him to do well, but the level of quality and consistency being produced on a weekly basis were not even close to that of a £20million signing.

Fortunately, he is now starting to look more like that player, and he deserves credit for that.

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  1. “The fans now have me in a different view,” no we dont, we still worry when a ball is played in the air near our goal line regardless of who starting in back four

  2. Give it a rest mate. The guy always lays the blame on everyone but himself.

    Agreed, you have done better, but that’s not hard from last year.
    I don’t regret calling you rubbish at defending, because you were a mistake waiting to happen!

  3. Whoa…easy there Dejan…
    You have pulled your socks up for sure…and personally, I’ll vote for you as our Player of the Season for the second half of 1H.

    Still, Loooong way to go mate.
    Keep going strong and let your defending do the talking.

        • To be honest though, I saw a lot of fans shell out abuse towards Dejan last 2 years. I felt really sorry for him. From that point onwards, I kind of felt sad for him. These guys are always in the limelight, sometimes I forget that they have emotions off the pitch too.

          I for one, will always back any player from now on, be it Benteke, Studge, or Allen ffs.

          The chant is in the heart. YNWA.

    • I just read that interview, in my native language.He said that SOME fans now probably feel they were wrong thinking he is not fitted to wear red shirt…Regret is not right word, you can’t just translate every word directly from Croatian to English.

  4. “£20million signing”

    same here as the benteke signing. the players never said they are £20, £30 million worth. someone decided to pay the price.

  5. I voted Sahko but Lovren has been our best centre back over the last few weeks. He has been excellent and that’s what we all wanted to see from him. The problem has been perhaps the man next to him, Skrtel has reverted to a primitive defender, Sahko has been trying to get his fitness back and Toure can’t play a full game. I think if we picked up a decent CB then we would have 3 great options in Lovren, Sahko and the player we purchased plus Ilori/Gomes.

  6. to be fair I always knew Lovren had the ability to be a solid player it’s just that he needs to play in a system that suits him, just like any other player. Rodgers defensive set up was terrible for all defenders

          • Old Boy is just a term of endearment, not a challenge to your age or wisdom… But I think you have my comment confused, I merely comment on your unflinching and undying belief in Lovren, even, “to the bitter end”.. Again, English term. Maybe you just didn’t get it, but don’t fret.

          • I can, he stated quite clearly that it was easy to play like this for Klopp, which would infer he made a choice to play badly under Rodgers because he didn’t like him..

          • He stated before Rodgers had no faith in him and he played him solely to spite the transfer commitee, and his poor defensive setup contributed to Lovren’s downfall.
            Rodgers comments on Sakho’s fitness and how he didnt play him so often because he was injury prone would compound Lovren’s situation of a pawn in the game between Rodgers and the transfer commitee

          • Whatever Stipe, ignore it, try and explain it.. Doesn’t really matter, he did say it.

  7. If he keeps playing like he did in his last two games he’ll change how people think about him for sure. Needs consistency now.

  8. Sorry Lovren, mate.. A few games of improved form do not make you a new man… Don’t think anyone will regret their early thoughts or opinions of you either, unless of course, that wasn’t you floundering around like a clueless school boy attemping to open his first bra… My opinion stands.

    • He said what he had to say, can’t very well say no I have had no support from the fans, that would put us in a bad light.

      • He should have said “I know I wasn’t good enough but I worked hard and will continue to work hard”. Instead he’s acting like he’s the next big thing saying we regret our opinions of him which we most certainly do not.

        • that was lost in translation, I’m Croatian native speaker and he actually said something close what you suggested is a right thing to say.In English it just sounds plain cocky.Like that time when Suarez called Evra ”Negro” and everyody called him racist, although in Uruguay no black man gets offended by that tag

      • Could very well just do your job, a job you seem to admit to not doing under the out going manager.. Keep your mouth shut and do your job. Its simple, if and when we have a differing opinion of him, we will surely show our appreciation… Telling me I have to change my opinion of him because he has had a couple of good performances, well that smacks of a very delusional personality.. Complete narcissist.

      • I opened my first one some 30 years ago, and still I manage to fumble… Something to do with an impatience to get to the goods inside I think.

  9. “I needed someone like Klopp to push me, and to give me support. For
    such a man, I’m always ready to fight to the end, and for the team and
    the club.”

    What a disappointing comment…

      • Disappointing because it means he did not fight till the end in previous matches. If you wear a liverpool shirt you have to fight like its your last day whoever the manager is

        • Doesn’t work that way though does it. That’s why new managers get an improvement. How many Liverpool managers have won trophies with a team that was a shambles under the previous manager?

          • I agree that managers make a difference. But as a player , he should give his all no matter who the manager is. Tactics may differ. But then thats just me.

      • Interests me how often it reverts back to such venomous hatred of Rodgers.. Ok, clearly something needs to be explained for those that can’t read between the lines, or even the lines they read…. Having players who openly admit they didn’t fight for Rodgers or the club shows me, they don’t deserve to wear the shirt, regardless of you particular feelings about Rodgers or anyone else, you do your job, your paid to do your job. end of.. Nothing more to be said. Lovren and you are t0553r5.

        • Ha ha still talking rubbish then. In your ideal world there wouldn’t be any need for managers at all would there? Good managers get the best out if players. We all know Rodgers is not a good manager, your own arrogance just won’t let you accept you got it wrong.

          • And it’s my own arrogance that sees Rodgers did just that with his team in that one fateful season, and it was not all down to Suarez, which would of course be an arrogant stance to take purely because you refuse to admit Rodgers actually did a good job that season… By the way, during that season, on that ” make us dream ” journey, you were stating Rodgers was a rubbish manager, I mean, of course you were…

            Who needs an ideal world when fantasy worlds seem to be all the rage these days… I may be arrogant, but that’s fine, it means I know my own mind and don’t follow the general sheepish view of those ill equipped to form an opinion of their own…

          • ‘and it was not all down to Suarez,’

            So Suarez was the only player that left yet despite 8 new players worth £120m coming in Rodgers suffered huge embarassments in the league and in Europe.

            Whilst Suarez inspired Barcelona from being a team in decline to become Spanish & European Champions.

            So your denial ‘that it was not all down to Suarez’ doesn’t really stack up does it? Or else Rodgers would have repeated that season without Suarez wouldn’t he?

            Only Liverpool manager since Shanks not to win a trophy despite spending £300m. Can you at least accept that fact?

          • Oh my good god, you do believe that rubbish… Oh well, this conversation is over, there is no point talking with someone of your completely baffling mindset… Just can’t reason with the mentally ill.

          • No answers then eh so take the easy option and run off with your tail between your legs? At least admit he’s the only Liverpool manager since Shanks not to win a trophy………

  10. Woah Lovren lad! Seems like you spoke too soon…see out the rest of the season with the same form you’ve been showing for most of this season and then you can talk all you want.

    Modern footballers sometimes..

  11. The criticism was fully deserved. We do not regret it. What he doesn’t understand is that Liverpool fans are capable of changing their opinion when a player starts to play well. Just ask Lucas.

  12. Hehe. Lovren, a bit of humility will not hurt. Regret is such a strong word when talking about fans of the club you play for.

    The poll results would have been different if you had expressed yourself differently Lovren. We see the improvement but don’t regret what we said based on your performance at that time.

  13. ‘I needed someone like Klopp to push me, and to give me support. For such a man, I’m always ready to fight to the end’

    You see, it was all that clown Rodgers’ fault!

    Be careful Lovren lad, or you’ll have Dublin DerekSmith waiting for you outside Melwood!

  14. I had been defending Lovren when he was being bashed by many saying he might improve under a better midfield setup despite the fact that his performances were truly under par but this comment has seen me losing respect for him. Anyone who thinks fans need to apologise for criticism after a few good performances, none of which were truly exceptional, needs to sort his head and learn about the Liverpool Way.

  15. Give him a break. He’s speaking to his home people, he’s going to put a positive spin on things given the abuse and embarassment he’s been through. He has turned things around under Klopp, and does now look like the solid Southampton man we bought, not the disaster Rodgers turned him into.

    Keep it up Dejan. Good players go bad. Bad players go good. That’s football. And you’re only as good as your last game.

  16. As for the vote, I would still give Skrtel the nod for best CB at the club. For all his potential, Sakho still lags behind Skrtel in firmness, accuracy and decisiveness of tackle as well as goal threat in the opposition box. He also tends to attempt too many an inopportune dribble or square pass. The only department in which he, and indeed most defenders, surpass Skrtel is mid-to-long-range distribution.

  17. No we don’t… You were crap.. If any one of us would have been given the chances you have had we would have fought.. you were just crap.. So.. The fact you are getting better is very good.. Just know that as soon as you start slacking again we will be there to let you know.. Its not about being good in seven games a season, its about being good every single second during the game.. Pressure… Yes.. You get paid for it.. Stay awake Dejan, you are living the days millions wanted!

  18. “I needed someone like Klopp to push me, and to give me support. For such a man, I’m always ready to fight to the end, and for the team and the club.”

    Some criticism of Rodgers, there?

  19. Something lost in the translation. I doubt this what he meant…. so I’ll cut you some slack Dejan.
    Most of us been with Liverpool FAR longer than u Dejan. We know the regrets we have. “Regretting” our opinions of your under achievements under Rogers is garbage mate.
    That said keep, improving and stay fit!

    • Regret is too strong word when you literally translate it.In English it sounds cocky, like he’s saying he is world class and nobody saw it earlier, he really meant he is glad he proved some fans that they were wrong to write him off so early..and that pressure is something you expect from a big club like Liverpool, it’s normal.

  20. Believe me Lovren you are nowhere near Hyypia, Alan Hansen the best center back I have seen Cool calm and good distributer. Sorry you are good but not good enough Very panicky

  21. I don’t regret my opinion of him at all. While I’ll admit he’s got his head down, worked hard and has turned in a few decent performances,it does not change the fact that for the first year he was here he was absolute turd!!

  22. Yeah he’s much better this season but he’s not escaping the stone cold truth, that he played abysmal in the 2014/15 season and fans were right to call him out.
    I’m happy he’s showing some good form this season but he seems like a right prat though.

  23. Not sure he meant to say regret, if so that’s a strange use of the word, that’s what makes me think he didn’t.

    My main concern with this article is not actually what Lovren said, it is why Mr Henry Jackson feels the need to single out and mock one of our players. Someone who on current form is our best defender. How will this help anyone? It’s plain for all to see that he doesn’t like him, but the guy is playing well, leave him alone!

    I imagine that if anyone was constantly slated for being crap at their job for two years they might feel a little bit annoyed by it. He’s obviously a little bit happier now which can only be good for Liverpool, batting player down when his confidence is up is a very strange thing to do if you are a Liverpool supporter.

      • Yes, yes, on a witch hunt by reporting the exact same quotes as every other media outlet in England (Daily Mail, FourFourTwo, Sky Sports etc etc). Feel free to share the actual translations with us, thanks.

        • I don’t read them, just saw it here.Maybe someone with better translation skills could do it.My English is on par with Henry Jackson croatian or whoever translated Lovren’s interview.He was talking about those people who abused him, in context he thinks that SOME(not all) of them feel sorry for their death threats and all that horrible witch hunt by some fans.You can see many fans changed their opinion on him, and he read it online probably.

  24. Should regret our early judgement of his performances? Seriously???

    The logical response is that he should regret those performances rather than whining about being criticised.

    He has strung together a few games where he has actually done his job effectively.

    That is not exactly overachieving for a player as good as he seems to think he is.

  25. Rodgers would tell him he was Alan Hansen and that he could do everything and be front footed and aggressive and chase everything and be a LEADER! It was nonsense, Klopp has told him to simplify his game and just do the basics and presumably he had to concentrate more on the wrong side of defence. And that has worked very well.
    The midfield is more balanced too which means it offers more protection.
    For me he hasn’t really been tested yet, he has weaknesses particularly protecting his outside so we shall see. Wish he would put better attacking headers in on corners too. He gets there but doesn’t connect well.
    Silly comment though.

  26. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite U… go easy boy… long way to go….
    U have been doing well past few matches… be humble and u will see the right set of fans…
    anyway..i voted for KOLO…wan kenobi…

  27. ha ha ha lovren .. realise ur mistakes first pls and then react .. now ur playing well but prior to last season so many point s coz of let off from u ..

  28. Does he live in the real world, he is still a very poor defender as he has been his entire career, hopefully he is binned in the summer.

  29. Regret? I don’t regret anything I said about him initially as I’m sure the rest of the fans don’t. He was comfortably our worst player for some months, thankfully he’s starting to turn it around.

    Don’t get cocky, Dejan

  30. Good that we have Henry Jackson, expert on croatian language…lad didn’t said that words in that cocky context!

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