Mamadou Sakho, Jordan Henderson & the Impatient Modern Football Fan


The form of Liverpool pair Mamadou Sakho and Jordan Henderson has been put into question in recent weeks, but the criticism heading their way is proof of how impatient football fans are these days.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's Mamadou Sakho looks frustrated after missing a chance during the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

During the latter part of 2015, if most Liverpool fans were asked who the first three names on the team-sheet should be, both Sakho and Henderson would have invariably made the cut.

Sakho had been producing some magnificent performances during the end of Brendan Rodgers‘ reign and the start of Jurgen Klopp‘s, with many of the belief that the Frenchman was one of the best centre-backs in the Premier League.

Henderson, meanwhile, was deemed an enormous loss through injury, with the captain’s return seen as a potential turning point in the Reds’ stuttering season.

All of a sudden however, following some shaky form from the two 25-year-olds, there are supporters questioning the long-term futures of both.

It perfectly illustrates the short-termism of the modern fan.


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Mamadou Sakho

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, January 17, 2016: Liverpool's Mamadou Sakho in action against Manchester United during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

First things first, Sakho has been really disappointing since returning from a knee injury in December.

The Frenchman was a shambles in the 3-0 loss to Watford, and up until his impressive performance against Stoke City on Tuesday, he had felt like more of a weak link than an asset.

His passing has often been shoddy and overly risky, his decision-making has left plenty to be desired and he has been outshone by an ageing Kolo Toure.

Despite this, Sakho has not simply become a bad defender overnight.

He is clearly struggling for rhythm since his injury – he appears to be someone who needs long runs of games in order to hit peak form – and it could definitely be argued that Liverpool’s defensive crisis saw him rushed back too soon.

Sakho remains the best centre-back that the Reds have in their ranks, and like any player, is just going through a mini slump.


Jordan Henderson

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, January 13, 2016: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson in action against Arsenal during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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Exactly the same applies to Henderson, who Klopp explained earlier this week is “not at 100 percent”.

The England international has more energy than anyone else in the squad, so for Klopp to substitute him early against Sunderland, Norwich City and Stoke is proof that all is not well.

That hasn’t stopped some vitriol heading in the skipper’s direction however, with some suddenly deciding that Henderson is not the player we thought he was.

Three months out injured – coupled with a chronic ongoing heel problem – is not exactly going to ensure you are at the top of your game, is it?

The 25-year-old is not blameless, of course.

His performance against Man United – full of desperate, inaccurate shooting – was naive, and he has not yet looked entirely convincing in his role as captain.

We all know Henderson can do better, but like Sakho, there are reasons why we are not seeing the best of him.


Firmino, Benteke, Moreno & Can

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NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's Roberto Firmino controls the ball on his way to scoring the third goal against Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Roberto Firmino‘s slow start to life on Merseyside showed a classic example of the impatience of the modern football fan.

The Brazilian struggled to adapt to the pace and power of the Premier League during his first few months at Liverpool, and it did not take long at all for him to be deemed a “waste of money” by many.

All of a sudden, Firmino has come alive, scoring four goals in as many matches, and he is now the Reds’ attacking talisman.

Too many expected him to be an instant hero at Anfield, when there was every chance that he would take a while to adjust to life in a new country.

Suarez certainly wasn’t world class from day one, and neither were Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and many other sensational talents who have graced the Premier League.

Christian Benteke is another who probably deserves more time, with Rodgers saying recently that, “in this country, now, everything is very short-termism, isn’t it?”

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“People look at it like, you’ve got to come in, get 20 goals in your first season or you might be deemed a failure,” he explained.

He is absolutely right.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's Alberto Moreno in action during the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Alberto Moreno and Emre Can are two other Liverpool players who are currently receiving plenty of criticism, and while some of it is justified – Moreno’s defending is hapless at times – it once again reeks of knee-jerk reactions.

Before this sounds like you are the bad guys and I am Mr. Perfect, I fully admit to being very guilty of this too.

I’m a modern football supporter, at the end of the day.

We suddenly expect Moreno and Can to be consistently good week in, week out, despite the fact they are still young players who remain raw in certain aspects of their game.

They have also been overplayed this season, due mainly to Liverpool’s dreadful luck with injuries, so a bit of fatigue from both should not come as a shock.


High Expectations

STOKE-ON-TRENT, ENGLAND - Sunday, August 9, 2015: Liverpool's Alberto Moreno, Roberto Firmino and Emre Can warm-up before the Premier League match against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

This is a wonderful age to live in, when it comes to being a football lover.

We have access to every major league on the planet, and are able to assess the performances of players in every single match they play.

While this allows for more conclusive analysis on how a player is performing, it can also become unhealthy in the way in which they are relentlessly judged.

If a player has one bad game, there are immediately voices questioning their ability, and three or four poor showings is not even worth thinking about.

Were the likes of Pele, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff always in scintillating form? Absolutely not. Did Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo endure bad runs? Of course.

Football wasn’t so serious and judgmental back then however, and some uninspiring performances would be swept under the carpet.


Patience Required

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, October 22, 2015: Liverpool's Mamadou Sakho salutes the Kop after the 1-1 draw against Rubin Kazan during the UEFA Europa League Group Stage Group B match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

There can be no denying that Sakho and Henderson have failed to hit top gear so far in 2016, but that is no need for alarm whatsoever.

Both are pivotal players for Liverpool going forward, and Klopp will no doubt see them as integral figures during his time at Anfield.

We need to stop being so quick to judge, with Firmino the perfect example of someone who required patience among fans.

Form comes and goes for every player – as do injury problems – and they need to be assessed over a long period of time, rather than a few weeks’ worth of games.

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  1. The criticism is warranted but it’s just a dip in form and their future shouldn’t come into question because of it like some do.

  2. I think people question Sakho’s long term future due to his injury record more than his form. People, me induced don’t see how you can build a solid defense with a CB who is out for 20 games every season, it’s not sustainable.

    • His injury against Palace and that tackle he endured vs Sunderland have no indication he is injury prone. That’s like saying if KDB had an injury like yesterday and a set back he is injury prone. This crap happens, soccer is a contact sport as we all know and we need to just support the team best we can.

      Also, it is obvious these guys are trying and not being slated by the fan base is a step in a positive direction.

      • No, I’m saying he’s injury prone due to his pretty constant muscle injures. A freak tackle doesn’t come into the equation. If he can prove his fitness over a season then good, he’s probably our best CB. But consistency is key and you on’t get that with Sakho at the back.

        • He never had injury issues before Liverpool and our muscle injuries have been high and rising the last few years.
          There’s a problem at the club which isn’t being addressed.
          All these hamstring issues suggest incorrect conditioning in the off season – it’s not hard to strengthen hamstrings properly.
          What else isn’t being done right?

  3. i agree with the article. One bad performance and many fans, including me go into knee-jerk mode. That is the emotion of being a football fan. We could go on a 30 match unbeaten run but the one loss after that game and all the pitchforks would inevitably come out. We all want our team to be perfect in every sense and this can cloud our judgement.

    • Isn’t it nearly 3 months of bad performances from the team??? TIA is writing like it has been a couple of games these performances started away at Newcastle 14 games ago at the start of December!

  4. I dindt see any1 wanting to sell Sakho or hendo. It was more like being slated. Also I don’t understand the concept of mordern football fan. How were the fans earlier? Don’t you think if a footballer maid thousands of pounds a week should be performing upto some standards? People want their team to succeed so there will obviously be criticism towards the players.

  5. Couldn’t agree more sad fact of modern life i guess…It’s a good job it has not always been like or we wouldn’t have the legendary players and managers the game has given us as they simply would never been given a fair chance if you carry on through life with a knee jerk mentality you cant help but think that you are going to spend most of your time being both frustrated and disappointed.

    Madness really and the old saying that patience is a virtue has never been more apt not to mention true…..Oh no my computer is running a bit slow today I’ll have to chuck it out the window and get a new one surely!!!
    Errm nah not really.

  6. Apparently, if you dare criticize the performance of a player Henry Jackson likes, that makes you a “knee jerk” ?

    Is it not okay to expect more from players bought for top fees ? Is it not okay to put the finger on defensive flaws because one player came back from injury a month earlier ?

    Criticism is meant to help you improve (as long as it is based on solid facts and observations of course). A lot of people here know at least a bit about football, and can tell if a player is sloppy under pressure, if his passing isnt good, etc. And if people here can see this, surely Klopp and his men can as well.

    Criticizing a player when his performance is below par is NOT a knee jerk attitude, in fact it would be much more devastating if we were starting to act as if everything was okay.

    • Criticising players and suggesting how they should improve are all good, but instantly writing them off as flops and should be sold after a couple of games is indeed a knee jerk reaction.

    • This is all well and good but you often hear comments such as Moreno is the “worst player to ever play for Liverpool” or that “Henderson is a championship player”.

      • Moreno is the worst LB since Steve Nicol filled in…… and what? that make me a c##t for saying so does it…

        • We should remember it was these sort of poor defensive performances that found Moreno out of the team at the start of the season.

          • Why did you just do that, I had all but obliterated any memory of them… I would say cheers, but I’m sure you could see through that…;)

          • Haha yeah.. There have been at least 10 worse left backs than Moreno in the past 20 years. I would say only Riise and Aurelio have been better

          • I’d even say Aurelio but that’s hard to judge as the fella was usually injured. I liked him as a football player, but as a left back? meh.. not so much. Had a wicked left foot though.

            Riise was also much maligned a lot in those years. One for being way too high up the pitch.

          • Insua (age 20/21) was just over used with no experienced cover for him in the 09/10 season. Dossi definitely especially as Riise was sold to bring him in!

          • I had high hopes for Insua, most of us did. Safe to say that didn’t worked out. I liked Dossi.. I really did. Crazy Italian that one. Utter shte though, but I loved that.

            Can’t recall a real world class left back in what? 15-20 years?

        • Moreno is not the worst IMO however he lacks the defensive capabilities and intelligence to help build a solid defense.

          If we go back to the last GREAT back 4 – and best in terms of goals let in – Liverpool had it was under Rafa in 2008 – Arbeloa, Dagger, Carra, Aurelio and Dossena – Skrtel made 0 appearances that year.

          Go forward one year and suddenly we are leaking goals and mostly on the right side. What changed?
          Skrtel getting a starting place and Arbeloa being sold and replaced with Glen Johnson – the right footed version of Moreno.

          Loved to run forward, had very little impact in attack though and left the defense wide open.
          A defenders job is first and foremost to defend.
          Good FBs do this well.
          Great FBss can do both quite well – ie Clyne.
          World Class FB’s are excellent in both defence and attack – Alba.

          Moreno unfortunately doesn’t do the basics of defending well – watch the break away at Stoke went in with a karate tackle and Joe Allen had to track the run and make a professional foul.

          I was wrong about Lovren and Origi. But I am pretty sure I won’t be wrong about Moreno becoming a great FB…

          • Funny how Johnson was really good without Skrtel next to him and Kuyt in front of him.

            Both Aurelio and Dosseni were pretty poor too. The fact Alonso, Masch and a Stevie played in front of the lads sure had helped too.

            And even in those years we conceded goals.

          • We conceded almost 20 MORE goals the season Johnson arrived. Still a massive jump in stats…
            I think GJ was the epitome of British media hype and his attacking stats were not actually that good either – nowhere near the likes of a Dani Alves where you could forgive him for leaving his defensive post because he scored and assisted regularly.

            If real have any interest in Moreno I would sell and go for Cresswell. Scouse, young, passionate, strong, never injured and excellent delivery – corner taker.

          • The fact that Xabi and Hyypia left the year that Johnson arrived surely didn’t have anything to do with the 20 goals extra shipping in. Surely has to be down to just Johnson.

          • Absolutely made a MASSIVE difference! Yet all factors combined = leaky defense such as the formula below:

            Moreno + Sahko & Skrtel + Migs = goals

          • I don’t think so either.

            Clyne + Lovren + Sahko/Gomez/Matip/Kolo + Flano + decent keeper = better clean sheet record.

            Moreno, Sahko and Migs are the 3 biggest culprits in that failing defense. Skrtel would be there just been out with injury.

            Sahko I am confident can turn it around and rediscover his form but put a LB who actually defends next to him – even if it is Right footed Flano.

          • I wouldn’t take any notice of what he just wrote Skrtel did play in that defence in fact more times then Agger!

          • Skrtel arrived in winter of 08 played 14 league games played with 28 goals conceded.
            Skrtel made 21 league appearances 08/09 season 3 more then Agger, 5 more then Hyypia 16 with 27 goals conceded!
            09/10 season 23 games whilst Agger played 36 games and we conceded 35 goals so things were already going wrong!
            Skrtel first real full season was in 10/11 season and by then Rafa had gone, Mascherano had gone Johnson was the RB, Reina was struggling, Carragher was getting on and Kyrgiakos had been brought!
            Skrtel was progressing well under Rafa!
            If your going to slag a player off at least get your facts right!

          • Couldn’t agree more, was why I was so dissappointed when I found out Rafa turned down the opportunity to sign Seamus Coleman for £65,000 before Everton signed him up.. Just image how far we have gone if he was at RB and not Glen Johnson… Still we don’t learn our lessons, We turned down both Ronaldo and Aguero when they were young, and we continue along this bizarre route rejecting chances like Delle Alli and Sam Byram…

    • It all depends on the criticism. There’s something called context too. A lot of fans forget that football is a team sport, and if the team is not working properly, many players easily appear to have bad games.

      And there’s the small fact that no player is perfect. Mistakes are done in every game from every player. It’s the balance that counts.

    • My criticism isn’t so much of Sakho, though it is certainly fair to criticize his recent performances. He has limitations like every other footballer at the club. My criticism is for those who insist he’s the best defender at the club when he has yet to have a consistent run of both health and form.

      Even more, my criticism is for those who turn around and slag Skrtel, who though he also has his limitations, has at least been a consistent presence in the side for years. And when it comes down to it, I’ve yet to see Sakho consistently prove that he is better than Lovren. Certainly at Sakho’s current performance levels, I’m looking forward to seeing Lovren in the side again.

      I don’t see the issue as a lack of patience. I see the issue as blatant favoritism. Fan’s pick some players that they like and others that they don’t. Often, this is seemingly divorced of what the players have actually done for the club. Once they have their favorites, those fans (and writers) appear to have endless amounts of patience for their favorites and no patience at all for others.

      • spot on mate…Henry Jackson was happy to mark Lovren as a flop, somebody needs to apologise.I like Sakho, but favouritism towards him has gone too far, he needs to deserve it.He’s no Carragher or Hansen,Sami etc.

        • It was when they used the word ‘Colossus’ for a performance by Sakho! That word should only be used with the name Ron Yeats and no one else!

    • I wish I could like this twice.
      Calling someone “terrible,” “unworthy of wearing the shirt,” or “the worst to ever play Liverpool” is most definitely out of bounds, but making a knowledge-backed criticism of a player after a poor performance is often warranted and spot on.

  7. Agreed. Somehow it has something to do with the invention of social media, which allowed for footballers to be scrutinised more intensely and some journalists to write clickbait articles to generate more views.

  8. Spot on.
    Also, some fans think a player should never make a single mistake. It’s ridiculous. Even the very best makes mistakes.

      • Just wait. If Firmino doesn’t score or assist this weekend he’s gonna be relabelled a ‘flop’ or ‘inconsistent player’. Fans expect players to score week in, week out but in truth how many players can do that? Even Ronaldo doesn’t score in every single game.

      • Yes, and they believe all parameters are static. Like if we just sign player X for a problem area, everything is solved, because it works were the player currently is.

      • How do you mean?
        Not sure fans have no reason to slag Bogdan much. He made a couple of mistakes, but deGea let in a direct corner this season too, and got loads of criticism some years ago, remember? Difficult for a goalie when you’re not playing a lot.
        What reasons Klopp would have to decide one way or the other no fan would know. Not even what he has decided.

        • Bogdan could have been given a PL game before Mignolet was injured it would have shown Klopp had faith in him and he would have been under less scrutiny by the fact Klopp trusted him.

          • So you want Klopp to throw our number 1 under the bus to show he has faith in our number 2? How is that logic working? Whatever you think of Mignolet I believe it is no doubt he is a better goalie than Bogdan. Right now Migs is our number 1, Klopp is trusting him and showing it.
            Being second choice is always difficult for a goalkeeper. My opinion is Bogdan has done reasonably well though. Unlucky with that first goal at Watford (obvious foul there), a bit nervous after that, and he should have dealt with that corner at Exeter. Other than that he has deputized ok.

          • Doesn’t matter that he’s the better keeper when he making mistakes! Your logic is then to keep playing a keeper that makes mistakes in just about every game! Tell me how that works for a team that is conceding in nearly every game???

          • Not even sure what you mean here. Are you questioning Klopps selection or trust in Mignolet?
            I do think there is better options out there, but Migs is not as bad a keeper as some thinks. I also don’t subscribe to the idea of unsettling too many players when clearly a lot of things aren’t working as they should. Someone needs to steady the ship before anything. If Migs was a complete disaster, and Bogdan/Ward could be seen as a better options for the rest of the season, I’d agree. But I don’t think so. Migs is the best of the three, and we have too many ins and outs in the rest of the team atm to play games like that.

          • Jones wasn’t a better keeper then Mignolet but was still given a chance and it put pressure on Mignolet and it worked ! Mignolet’s stats are actually getting worse even his shot stopping even though he kept the most clean sheets in a calender year. Mignolet’s performances haven’t been convincing and he has been lucky to keep his place.

          • You don’t know if that was what worked. You just assume.
            Even if you are right, it was indeed short term though, since you are still complaining. So bottom line, it didn’t really work.

            As I said, we could do worse than an upgrade at some point, but not sure making a statement by benching him is a good move right now. The kind of psychology behind what you suggest is very limited in scope.

          • Complaining?Called passing comment!
            Mignolet on being dropped last season
            “That was the time I thought I had to change this,” he says. “That was the trigger in my mind. We had to sort this out.
            I was having dinner with my missus and she said to me: ‘Simon, are you sometimes over-thinking stuff?’
            Mignolet rethinking his game after being dropped the first time not me assuming anything!
            Even in the short term it worked and this time it could last.
            Your idea has no scope at all to keep playing the same player! Benteke, Moreno, Lovern and Lucas have found themselves being left out but have come back stronger no reason why Mignolet couldn’t find himself out of the team again.

      • How do you know Klopp has not got Bogdan on further training and confidence building like he did with Origi, you’ve wrote him off not Klopp

        • Barett announced we are open to offers and he has 1 to a team in the bottom half of Ftance.

          Do think the GK coach should also take some blame…

          • I read Klopp is not keen on the deal, I can’t question the goal keeping coach because I don’t know him and never seen what training he does, I do understand that Klopp is letting a couple go as he does not think they have a long term future

    • The occasional mistake can be forgiven and forgot – every player makes mistakes even the second coming himself John Stones.

      However it becomes increasingly difficult when the player makes the SAME MISTAKE week after week – looking at you migs and moreno.

      I think the problem is we EXPECT so much more as Liverpool fans. We have been spoilt with the likes of Hypia, Carra, Gerrard, Alonso, Torres, Suarez, Reina so now when the new guy comes in we are expecting to see a world class trajectory and when it doesn’t happen and the regress we get annoyed and disappointed…

      • Yes, we do indeed have high expectations. Every player has some weaknesses, some more obvious than others. I certainly believe there is room for improvement both for Mignolet and Moreno, but I do not subscribe to the thought that they commit the same mistakes week after week. They are prone to some particular types of mistakes though, but there are also mitigating factors. Migs is a very good shotstopper, and if we had a defense capable to deal with crosses in general, his shortcomings in the area wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Moreno, yes he needs to improve his crosses and parts of his defensive work, but he has stamina, pace and resilience in abundance. He is not a bad LB – he’s right up there.

  9. For me, the most troubling aspect is the arrogant, bullying attitude of these people. They make judgments based on their whims, which is fine because we all do to some extent, but there are too many who takes these whims and run with them like they are the arbiters of Truth.

    Those who disagree are treated with contempt and ridicule (which is meant to belittle the target, but usually just makes them look like kn-bs).

    Generally, the more uninformed and simplistic the analysis, the more aggressively it is put forth. Any attempts to inject nuance, complexity, ambiguity, etc. into the discussion are treated with jackbooted finality.

    We can all be impatient for success, but calls for patience are twisted into the acceptance of mediocrity and suddenly some social media thug is calling you an idiot and questioning your manhood/sexuality/whatever makes the thug most anxious about themselves.

    I don’t mind knee-jerk reactions, so long as they come from a humble place. But social media has a way of kicking humility to the curbside, and too often a sense of thuggish entitlement drowns out the fact that we are all just a bunch of footie fans who love their club. What a downer.

    • Said so another thread, social media is the worst possible thing that happened, for Liverpool FC and also for the life of professionals in all fields in general. Who is going to bother to give considerate responses when the repercussions are few

      • And the ones who show so little support, who cut down other supporters without a second thought, then want to wrap themselves up in the history of Liverpool’s famous support.

      • No the worst possible thing that happened, for Liverpool FC
        was changing the pass back rule to be honest! Then the three steps…. Now it is that Mignolet invariably kicks the ball to an opposing team player or out of play and gives away possession. Chuckle!

    • Are we going to talk football, or the fan…? personally, I’d rather football, because anyone that doesn’t agree straight away with me is an idiot…

    • I agree totally BrooklynRed but the upside for me is all that has transpired since BR departed. Sad that it was the man simply didn’t have the gall that Klopp has to ride the storm of media interest. He has instilled a will to win despite the crazy situation where injuries have plagued a decent run at the league let alone a fixture list which would leave the ordinary Jo Bloggs knackered.
      A player such as Moreno, (the latest victim of the bile of the armchair critic), have grafted and seen their impact on the field of play unravel the opposition but injury across the back line have forced him out of that freedom to express himself and mistakes arisen.
      We the fans, therefore, have a big role. The team will read these comments and our duty is to recognise just how well the team have done under these circumstances and give them praise for the spirit they now show so that they can go onto the pitch knowing we are behind them Win, lose or draw. We should sing, shout, or sit in our armchairs, grip the seat and will them on because if they know that heart is for them they will always walk in the path of the heroes of yesteryear.

      • As I said, though, there is no problem with people expressing their beliefs. But there is a difference between being critical of a player/manager and being an online thug who makes it such a drag to be a supporter. I love a good debate about footie, but people cross lines of decency way too easily these days against those with the temerity to disagree.

  10. I would totally agree with this. We think too much. But there’s a question in my mind that keeps striking is how do supporters of mid table club( one we are now) and lower end table club deal with this kind of players or situation.

    This club is expected and demanded to win silverware irrespective of players we sign, how great or gross. You can’t take away this from us.
    We can’t put it aside.

    Who should be pointed out. People recruit this players, rich greedy owners or people for whom this great institution is a way of life.

  11. The only issue I take with this article is that there is a tendency to advise patience for some players and not for others. For me, Sakho has not yet had a good, consistent, long-term run of good form in the squad. While it is true that this has been severely hampered by his fitness issues, that’s kind of the point.

    Some fans seem to persistently hang on to a wait-and-see attitude, or pretend that there is some long history of sustained success for Sakho at LFC. Those same fans often speak of Sakho as the best defender at LFC. Meanwhile, Skrtel has been a faithful servant of the club for years. No one is advising patience for Skrtel’s sake. Why not? Because we’ve obviously seen all he has to give.

    The only reason to advise patience is when there is the supposition that we’re not seeing the best from a player. But if we’re not seeing the best from a player, then that could well be an issue. It is especially an issue when we continue to not see the best from a player with any sort of consistency over a long period of time. I think Sakho is a good player and am happy to have him on the team. But I tire of the promises about how great he is, especially when those promises seem to perpetually remain exactly that. For me, Skrtel is the only defender at the club that consistently lives up to his supposed potential, modest though that may be. That being said, I am certainly happy to remain patient with both Sakho and Lovren. I only point out that it seems premature to call either of them the best defender at the club based on some promise or desire to see them succeed in the long term. That’s not patience. That’s delusion.

    • The pity is that both of them were fairly boss in the back three with Emre Can. When Sakho was injured for the season (essentially), it threw off the balance. Coming around the same time as Sturridge’s season-ender and Sterling downing tools, that was pretty much the season in the crapper.

      I just wish they could score a couple of goals for us. Skrtel scored some big goals for us in 13/14, but we haven’t seen much from any CB since then. It would be nice to feel that we are even a vague threat from corners, but I mostly just worry about the counter that will inevitably come.

      Sakho may not be the best player at the club, but he is hands down my favorite (although if Allen keeps this up…). And it was not long ago that Skrtel was an easy choice for Player of the Season. I’ll admit that there were times I thought Lovren was hopeless, but I always reserve the possibility of being completely wrong. And I would love to be wrong on that one.

      As with so many things with this club, there is no clear answers, no black and white. I don’t begrudge TIA their favorites. They’re football fans that love the club. It happens. We should all just allow, though, that someone else can be equally as blinded by their prejudices as we all are and just be, to use a Klopp term, “cool” about it.

  12. ”Despite this, Sakho has not simply become a bad defender overnight.” But Lovren has TIA?You absolutely butchered him until recently ,called him ”accident waiting to happen” even if he’s done nothing wrong. you’re the one who’s impatient and happy to take a p*ss at some players in squad, Milner among them, Johnson,Lambert,Lallana etc.

    • This article is so they don’t have to single out Sakho for an in depth analysis where it’s going wrong for Sakho! Easier to name all of the players instead!

      • Mate, I am with you there! The whole article is about justifying Sakho’s form, while all the problems in the squad are Skirtl’s fault is apparently. Just by virtue of him having been there longer. One word…. Scapegoating. Just happy the managers see it just the way it is. For now when all are fit, it’s Skirtl and another! End of

  13. It wouldn’t be difficult to find better options than Sakho and Henderson. They are fine players for a team that wants to finish anywhere from about 7th-10th. UCL teams wouldn’t exactly be banging down the door to sign either of them.

  14. I completely agree, I find myself doing this sometimes and I really wish I didn’t, it can sometimes be unfair towards the player, however sometimes it is justified, for example Simon Mignolet, I think it’s fair that people are calling him out due to his poor form, however when people start personally insulting him, and constantly berating him etc it’s taking it too far. However, hopefully this will all stop soon, with Klopp here I have complete trust in a manger which I haven’t had for a looooonnngg time, so when we lose I’m confident that the team will bounce back, or look to improve their performance immediately therefore eliminating fickle behaviour among the fans (obviously this won’t completely stop, there’s always one.)

    • Fans are doing it because it has been nearly 3 months of terrible performances by the team not just a couple of games and a bit of form lost! Since we hammered Southampton 6-1 must have been only 2 performances that got anywhere near the Chelsea, Man City or Southampton performances. Those are the performances the fans are expecting and shows what they are capeable of.

  15. only knee jerk action has been sacking of Rafa Benitez. Rest all are performance decisions. club is more important. which way people want to see is individual’s decision. Mignolet cost us many points since his arrival but Bogdan exiled by Klopp because of 2 bad decisions.

  16. Nothing to do with patience. I know what Sakho is capable of, I know what Henderson is capable of. I am sure both will come back to form. Sakho hasn’t even been that bad. Henry’s favorites are under scrutiny and so he finds a way to turn it on others. Most aren’t saying they want either gone, just that that their form is rightly worrying. I think Hendo’s importance to Liverpool’s future is greatly exaggerated but that doesn’t mean I’m questioning his future itself

    • sakho lallana henderson lucas skrtel benteke – mid table players. liverpool has no future even if Liverpool hire a manager cloned from DNAs of Pep Klopp Ferguson Ancelotti.

    • Especially on here! I have to laugh only the other day I read a comment about Henderson who is apparently crap! Then after scoring a cracking goal he is a world class player… I get into trouble for responding with ‘Really’ when I am questioning the comment maker not the player! Happy days…..

      • even a blind person can see that henderson is ordinary player filling the English quota. who thinks Henderson is Alonso or Gerrard?

        • Henderson is Henderson and sadly not 100% fit and I don’t see him as good as a Gerrard or Alonso yet! Who knows what the future brings. With better players around him it could make him shine even more when fit.

          • If Gerrard and Alonso plus ‘the’ Torres who can kick a boomerang blindfolded and hit his own head, couldnt deliver anything meaningful, wonder who believes that this set of player can deliver – maybe magic? Liverpool needs big big change – Klopp knows.

          • Right so how does he go about it if you says he knows so do you? Or you are just putting forward your feelings! Who is going to leave and who is coming in? The floor is yours let us see your recipe for winning the title with Klopp.

          • Grujic, Matip, 3 bids for Teixeira – all areas touched – all default starters – meaning 3 positions current player lost their starting place. next proper goalkeeper, proper center forward.

          • Alonso at times when through dips in form and found himself on the bench before the 08/09 season.

      • You can because we had Suarez, Yh we didn’t know at the time but a player in decline for a player on the up I’ll take that. Carrol was a signing not needed he hardly played that season.

  17. Do this team has any:
    World class keeper?
    World class defender?
    World class midfielder?
    World class striker?

    We could only brag we have potentials. Which is yes or no.

    • If we don’t win or draw this weekend I won’t watch Liverpool play any more FA Cup games again this season! Sadly! But I have belief we will beat West Ham this time it must be our turn!

      • First we need to find away to play against West Ham because in the league games we have looked lost!
        This is a game where Klopp can show his tactical know how and break this West Ham/Bilic hoodoo they have over us at the moment!

        • He has to rotate and sadly we may not be strong enough. At least we play on anfield. If the big names feel the pressure when we play at home, it.s going to be a different story for the kids

  18. club is the most important thing. not players. not managers. not transfer committee. not what reporters journalist thinks. Liverpool is an extra-ordinary club and is a top 10 club club irrespective of what people thinks. Just that it became an object of experimentation instead of sincere effort to maintain our standards. If people classify decisions benefiting the club as knee-jerk, let be it.

  19. Jordan Henderson lacks the quality to captain LFC… OK, he runs a lot but he is technically mediocre and has a terrible shooting technique… I cannot figure out in which starting XI of a Top4 team he could find a place…
    And one more thing. If someone criticises some players or the FSG policy that does not mean lack of loyalty to LFC. Loyalty cannot mean naivety or blindness…

  20. Isn’t that what TIA does with Skrtel? Single him out for attacks and then say Sakho is out of form?
    Martin Skrtel: (The one constant in Liverpool’s constantly fragile defence) article by Henry Jackson.
    The case to replace Martin Skrtel at Liverpool this summer by Karl Machett
    Sakho is missing Skrtel to clean up his mess!
    The fact you mentioned all those players shows how poor as a team we have been playing under Klopp in the last 2 months and is the reason fans are annoyed! What’s the point of having a comment section and writing articles if you can’t digest the comments being written?

  21. It’s not knee jerk or impatience. We have not won the league for 26 years and counting precisely because of mediocre players through the years and currently in the form of Jordan Henderson. There are at least 6-7 players currently that should be shipped off in the summer.

    • the lack of knee jerk reaction and remain politically correct is the root cause why it fell off from 1st in UEFA list 2009 to 55th today. Correct decisions deliver correct results – any other classification is mere perspective and another opinion.

    • Exactly. It is incredibly easy to see how the club is slipping backwards. Year after year we buy mid/lower table quality players. We sell the few good ones we do have and don’t replace them properly. We are drowning in mediocrity.

  22. Henderson has looked out of form since he returned from injury, his passing has been poor .He needs to be rested on Saturday start Joe Allen that gives Henderson a chance to recharge his batteries

    • His Achilles heel problem has literally made him an Achilles heel!
      Some still try and call Henderson just a runner but his passing can be inventive, hopefully the injury isn’t playing on his mind.

      • Henderson is underated by many but he scores goals and does create them and also works very hard for the team.

    • I think the worst thing to happen to Hendo was being made Captain.. Seems to be too much for him.. He plays too hard these days… Change Captain and release the burden, and I’ll bet he returns to form soon enough. I think Vice Captain is honour enough, and pressure enough…It was the same when he played alongside Gerrard.. I always thought he performed so much better when Gerrard was out…

  23. The same stuff was spouted all through Rodgers reign about impatient fans.

    And here we are just 3 months after getting rid of Rodgers and we’re on our way to a Wembley final.

    Sometimes Liverpool fans know a lot more than people in the press give them credit for.

    It’s nothing to do with being impatient. It’s about knowing what a good manager is and what a good player is. Anyone lucky enough to have watched the reds from Shanks signing Yeats & St John right through to the arrival of Suarez know a Liverpool player as soon as they see one.

    Klopp has a lot of work to do clearing out Brendan’s lot.

      • I think if Costa gets a red card, we go to the final last season. If Balotelli tracks Ivanovic, we go to penalties. If Sturridge is fit, there’s no way we lose that game.

        Fine margins, rub of the green, etc.

        • If Sterling and Coutinho had taken those chances at the Bridge!
          It wasn’t down to poor tactics by Rodgers in last seasons semi final just the players not taking their chances! 2 brilliant performances against Chelsea last season and Rodgers had nothing to show for it! 1 good performance and 1 terrible performance and we are off to Wembley!!!

          • Football is always about fine margins, but one thing has changed for sure since klopp came and that is the mentality. Brendan.s team rarely came from behind and when it did I think it was more because the other team somehow relaxed, because they believed Liverpool don.t have it in them. Now it is a different story. In order to win trophies you need this never say die attitude and klopp.s team always have had it.
            Also, even when rodgers had an injured team, he never experienced something similar to what klopp has had in recent days.

          • Injuries or not you still expect the players to do the basics which they aren’t which even leaves Klopp frustrated that he even calls it rubbish! 3 months of frustrating performances. Winning mentality has been shown but plenty of games where we have been easily rolled over.
            Beating West Ham this weekend is a big test for Klopp because Bilic has totally nullified Rodgers and Klopp this season that he thinks it easy to play against us.

          • Absolutely right concerning last season. When the goals dried up with Sturridge injured, we lost confidence of coming back after going behind. You’d look around the side and try to figure out where the goals came from.

            As for the previous season, we were absolutely merciless. It wasn’t a matter of coming back. It was simply “We are dead brilliant. There is no way we are going to lose this match.” There weren’t many late comebacks because most matches were either won in the first 30 minutes, or won in the first 10 after the break. You don’t win 26 league games by being a rubbish manager. How many Liverpool managers won that many games? How long ago? Then look at Fortress Anfield that season. It was very much “You shall not pass” when it came to home games.

            So, I guess I would call that winning mentality.

          • Hey, yeah, why not, I am now all of a sudden, someone else… sorry j75j, I am commandeering you identity to play a silly game with a child…Hope you don’t mind.

          • So explain your ridiculous statement.

            Rodgers played a full strength side in an embarassing draw with Carlisle. Klopp, due to a horrendous injury list, played a team mostly of kids dragged back from loan clubs all over the country just days earlier anf threw them together for the 1st match, but battered them in the replay once they had a few training sessions together.

            How are you making a comparison? You’re looking even more silly now you deluded Rodgers nutcase.

            Maybe j75j could also explain why he agrees with your ridiculous statement.

          • To be fair, exeter had kids in a horrible pitch who had trained together for 40mins and the carlisle was a full 11. Besides, the second draw was 3-0 after they had trained for 3 games

      • Million dollar question mate… It’s not even as if Klopp has suddenly improved things, his record so far is poorer than Brendans’, so who knows…

    • Brendon wasn’t the man ,he talked his way into the job proclaiming himself to be the messiah of modern football .Hiring Klopp was common sense.

  24. Can and Moreno are an issue, not because I doubt their ability, but because I doubt their atitudes… Cans lazy passing recently and selfish need to hold on to the ball being head of those concerns…. Moreno is impetuous, rash, and completely devoid of footballing intelligence, thats not saying he’s a rubbish footballer, just not good enough for me, Norwich was an extreme example of all that winds me up about Moreno.. And what is it with putting his arms behind his back while defending, who taught him that, it’s pointless, and it reduces his maneuverability, I mean its not even as if refs give handballs anymore for it to be an issue…

    • I talk about Can quite alot, i think the issue maybe is that he has been thrown into the team straight away because there is no other competition, I would have preffered to see him introduced more gradually. He looks burned out.

  25. With regard to this article i have a question. Are there ANY players in our squad that would get into arsenhole citeeeh or even chelski team at the moment?. Personally i think maybe couts or firmino as subs but as for the rest probably not. We have had enough of slating our players from all corners of the fans media and oppostion clubs. We havent got the best and regardless of whether we rate them or not (i am guilty too) they are here till at least the summer so lets ignore the haters and get behind the boys and see what happens come the next transfer window.

    • Chelsea isn’t doing so well at this moment so yes, there is a case to be made for players like Coutinho and Firmino at the very least. With City, their defense has been a poor as Sakho has been recently, I’m pretty sure they’d rather have a Sakho than a Mangala.

    • Get behind the players until we boot them next window? Not very heartfelt support. I want them to improve and stay, with a few well-chosen additions.

      • I probably could have worded that better but it isnt about support the players we want and not the players we dont. We all know there is going to an exodus in the summer of below par players and if some havent improved by now after 2-3 years its doubtful theyll ever get to the required standard, some simply arent good enough to be there. You cant hide that fact but as LFC players ill support them while theyre here

  26. Brendan Rodgers talking about knee jerk. Oh its not knee jerk to call a player world class after one game against Oldham? And playing favorites. Its only when its criticism its knee jerk. I’m sure Zidane would take the salary these playera get for a little more criticism. Soft

  27. I understand it with some of the older players, but seen some comments calling to get rid of Can and Ibe, alot of haters for Origi and Markovich as well. They are young, raw and will have bad games but they are all still developing.

  28. Sakho can never do no wrong in my eyes, but I wish Rodgers would get lost he had 3 years and £300 million plus and produced 0, Klopps been here 3 months and where in a cup final , but I try never to put our guys down love and support all of them

    • Or £300 million and we now have a cup final?
      You sure Sakho can do no wrong? How about stop letting the ball bounce in the penalty area for starters? One of the basic rules of being a defender!

  29. I see people mentioning the Rodgers v Klopp debate. Of course it’s impossible to call, but I certainly think if Rodgers was still in charge then we wouldn’t still be in with a chance of all three cups and a CL spot.

  30. The ‘modern football fan’ that you allude to isn’t representative of your audience here. The modern football fan

  31. The ‘modern football fan’ that you allude to isn’t representative of your audience. The modern football fan is typically a weekend warrior who skims the news of the club if at all – this is what results in mis-informed knee jerk reactions to players falling out of form as they are unable appreciate the underlying talents that the more committed fan has learned to appreciate through the nuances of match reports, earnest discussion, diligent reading and watching every match. Bad performances from Sakho and Hendo may have been critiqued in these forums but nobody here is going to write them off, we know better.

    However what I have found consistent amongst writers and ‘authorities’ both here and in other forums is their inability to recognise the difference between these muppets that spout rubbish (and are sadly able to spout said rubbish on a multitude of platforms) and the people who follow the team in earnest. The consequent lazy painting of everyone with the same brush in an effort to distance themselves or show their own insight into the fanbase or the players without realising that they are insulting the intelligence of many is bemusing to me.

    Nothing said about the qualities of any of the players above is news to me nor do I need to be chided for acting like someone whose memory can’t cast back more than a few months or am incapable of finding out the historical performance stats of a new player either. I’m aware players need time to adapt to new surroundings and leagues, I hear about their injuries, I’m capable of putting their performances in context with these things as is almost every other regular (even semi-regular) user of this site.

    I appreciate your effort but I think you have misjudged your audience.

      • You’re always going to see ridiculous reactionary statements anywhere around the internet…but the writer seems to suggest that the narrative amongst most here tends to change on a week-by-week basis.

        Let’s be honest here, we as fans have had to endure plenty of average performances over the last one and half seasons.

  32. I doubt anyone is seriously questioning Henderson and Sakho’s long term futures here though they are questioning his captaincy credentials…perhaps rightly so but it’s not like there are any standout candidates at the moment.

    From what I’ve seen of Sakho in the close to 3 years thus far, constant injury is obviously bit of a concern, but barring that this is only the second time he’s had a slump in form – once at the start of last season and the other now.

    Can and Moreno criticisms are valid though..again, I don’t see either leaving, but they need to be a lot more vigilant in general. Moreno’s too rash and makes far too many mistakes for a LB/LWB and we’ve felt the full effect of his mistakes on countless occasions resulting in goals from open play. Having said that, he probably does need some support as well.

  33. It’s the social media disease. Given the space to post and comment makes us feel like we’re instantly pundits. Shouldn’t concern the players too much.

  34. Short Termism my a$$, we’ve waited donkeys years an been supportive and patient with every manager throwing money around on utter disgrace. Big wages demands big results and when u don’t perform u don’t play. Hendo, Sakho, Can and others needs to wise up as we have a world class manager who is a winner, he won’t take years finishing Europa places and not fighting to win the league. Enough of this defeatist talk.

  35. The first thing Klopp called for is patience! He hasn’t had a preseason, he’s not a native English speaker, he has a squad that are not his players and he is trying to get his players playing a different style.

    His tempo his high octane, players are coming back half fit from injuries, we have no consistency in the starting 11, we are playing a game every 3 days.

    Yet despite this we are in the capital one final, we are still in the FA cup, Europa and we are still in contention for a CL spot this season. Not bad I say.

    With a bit of time and patience given to the manager and squad I think things are looking up. Doesn’t mean we have to tread softly and not criticise players for bad performances but I think getting things in perspective and giving a bit of patience is the key. Things are looking up.

  36. I’m a modern football fan.

    So, I didn’t read the article and jumped straight into the comments section. :D

  37. Henderson, Can, Lucas, and Milner all have their place but I do not feel they should all be on the pitch at the same time. They are all too similar. You need creativity and tact and none of them really have it except for Can in small doses.

    I feel you need a mix of hard working, straightforward go getter with the likes of your Firmino’s, and Coutinhos, and Lallana’s. Or if you are planning to have 3 out of 4 of them throw in Allen for the composure that we so desperately lack a majority of the time. None of them are bad players in the least but flair is needed to connect in those tight spaces in the final third where we tend to fail.

  38. You still singled him out and you personally don’t like him as a player. The last 4 years he has played with Carragher, Agger, Toure, Can, Sakho and Lovern. Our CB problems don’t come from one player but the inability of those players either having poor form or not being able to stay fit. Skrtel is not pretty on the eye but Sakho has not stepped up and shown he’s any better in the last couple of months. Sakho has his good points mainly reading interceptions but his defending from set pieces has looked even worse without Skrtel next to him even to the point where Klopp calls it rubbish!

  39. Sakko cost nearly 20 million we also paid nearly 20 million for Henderson same with mignolet he cost a lot . In any other business you would expect a return on your money . Not one of these three will ever do enuf to make Liverpool a force again so yes my patience is gone with this current squad who have failed miserably every time it’s put up to them . Maybe I’m spoiled growing up with the steel and skill of case and sounness and skills and steel of dalglish and rush

  40. Amazing that for some players patience are asked of fans, but not for others, what Bias is that? The first player comes to mind is Mario, he struggled in his first season with us, and was slated for it playing for a new team, new style of play, multiple formations, no understanding of his new team mates style of play, plus injuries, and no one gave him a chance, not 1 fan on here except for me.

    • Mario wasn’t slated just for being out of sync with his team mates, he was slated for not seeming to care or be willing to put in an effort. Players can be forgiven and allowed time if it’s obvious that they are working hard to get better. Mario took months to even begin to look like a player who could be bothered. That’s just something you can’t do as a Liverpool player, you have to at least show some effort and intensity on the pitch.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s true…there were plenty of Mario apologists out here by my recollection. Add to the fact that our manager was Rodgers and it was pretty much a 50-50 situation sometimes.

  41. You’re not the only one ;) But I guess most of us are sweating on his return now. Hope it will be the “good” Lovren :)

  42. It was a pleasure reading this article Henry Jackson. Good points but I disagreed with some of your examples. I remember Zidane being always harshly criticized after a bad performance (i.e. Juve) but he always responded with a class display the next game or so. I remember Bergkamp being deemed a failure in first year in PL. Same is true for all great players who under perform. However, they let their football do the talking and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

    But to understand why there are so many knee jerk reactions, you have to understand how the modern fan came to be. In fact, these types of reactions always existed but they become more predominant as the game evolves. Football is changing big time and us fans see that.
    1.) Too much money, seriously. We see football players as massively overpaid and as such we hold a grudge against them, and any occasion we can use to exploit it is a good one.
    2.) So many good players: Before, it was hard to replace a squad player, now you can go to any part of the world and find top talent. To us, there is no excuse not to have the best team all the time.

    Of course, there are many more points but I think this leads to us judging the players more severely and lacking patience. Also, if you are a professional footballer and you think you are unfit why would you step on the pitch. I don’t care if you are trying your best, you are hurting the team more. And I think Klopp is responsible enough not to play someone who the medical team hasn’t fully cleared.

    • Pirlo was also criticized and let go from Milan, Alonso had 1-2 good seasons in LFC, Fabregas is always hot-cold.. These things happen in football..

  43. Of course knee-jerk reactions are annoying, but not as a fact, that since Rafa era we haven’t had reliable starting 11 (let alone bench and depth of the squad) to even compete for top4.
    I have been saying this since day one for following players (and back then I also was called impatient support with knee-jerk reaction):
    Mignolet, Sakho, Lovren, Henderson, Borini, Assaidi, Allen, Alberto, Aspas, Illori, Carrol, Adam, Dowining, Ballotelli, Doni, Poulsen, Jovanivic, Konchesky, Markovic. They were all crap from day one and never made any difference. Few of them (Allen and Hendo, may be Sakho) are good enough to make bench, others are still average or way below average players. Can you honestly say, that above listed players are/were better then their predecessors – Kuyt, Benayun, Torres, Mascherano, Alonso, Agger, Aurelio, etc? I don’t think so…
    Truth is only Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho proved to be a successful signings.
    Hence, you can see that for the last 5-6 years our transfers are nothing short of disastrous! Can, Divock, Clyne and Moreno can still improve, but I don’t see any signs of Mignolet, Hendo, Sakho or Allen becoming top class players in future.

  44. The criticism of Sakho is in itself very inconsistent. Some people love him, others have never rated him. I recall him as mostly criticised for his passing out of the back which I suppose might be fair enough but I don’t ever recall Jamie Carragher getting slated for his average passing ability. Sakho is clearly a better passer than Carragher, a club legend, and yet we left Carragher in peace, praising him for his defensive efforts alone. Sakho has his suspect defensive moments but when he’s on form he’s very good and his last ditch sliding tackles remind me a lot of Carragher.

  45. It’s incredible that Skrtel has not been slated in this article while calling for patience on the likes of Sakho… Where Skirtel has been the most consistent CB across a few managers. Surely the managers know better? Rant over, but i am the biggest advocate for patience, even for Migs, just hope he improves though.

    • But at what time can you say “okay, 4 years spearheading the most leaky defense is a sign he ain’t gonna be better then this, and it isn’t good enough?”

      While at the same time the team improves greatly when he isn’t in the team.

      • First, Skirtl is at faulty for Sakho’s poor form, I get it – even though he himself is injured and technically impossible to connect him with the current events on the fields. The Skirtl/Carragher had some of the best defensive moments in recent history…

        Then again the team has improved “greatly” when he is not in the team….. Incredible. Watch the highlights for Norwich vs Liverpool man and think again… I know Sakho has age on his side bla, bla, bla. If my memory serves me well, then Skirtl is the only Liverpool to attract interest from other premier league teams (Man City, I think, surely other managers rate him?? funny the supporters do not) and he instead chose L4. Well, if for example Sakho is allowed to have poor games like you seem to suggest, why not apply the same across the board? I guess Skirtl is different then!

  46. The two most annoying things in this for me is that it’s so fricking black and white with some people.

    If Rodgers bought a player (most happily referred to as “Bodgers”, the most clever play on words someone will ever think of) he’s obviously crap, wasted money, will never come good. Then, when he turns out not so bad he’s still crap, mediocre and the worst football player to have ever lived. When he turns out good it’s instantly a TC buy. When Klopp wins it’s all on Klopp, when we lose it’s “300M wasted by Bodgers.”

    The other thing is, kinda the same, that players are Messiesque or as sht as Konchesky.

    • Isn’t that just the reality of how it is? That’s why he, not the TC, got sacked. And he cant even put up an argument against it. Yes Rodgers can yap about Balotelli, that’s 1 player out of near 30.

      Don’t people like you ever see the light about Rodgers?

      He’s not the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy.

        • Sorry mate, you’re confused. I’m not underlining your point.

          Ok back up your statement, identify Rodgers’ successful transfers.

          • No, that’s not the statement at all. And you did underline my real point by going all whiny about Rodgers again.

          • My understanding is that you feel it’s unfair on Rodgers that the bad buys are blamed on him. So presumably you think he made good buys? Which are?

          • My point is written in the very first line of my original remark mate. It’s black and white with people. Rodgers can’t do anything right, which is well besides the truth, Klopp can’t do anything wrong, which is also not true etc. etc. You stopped understanding my point when you saw the name Rodgers and there you go again. Making an argument to talk about his buys.

            There’s a long list of current players that are good and have been a Rodgers buy. That’s not the point. The point is that all the names I’ll list will be turned into TC signings. When Klopp wants one that isn’t cool in the eyes it’ll be a TC signing.

            It’s all quite simple to them. Klopp > TC > Rodgers in this case. But there’s a lot more. Same goes with Ian Ayre or FSG. People will turn and twist to be right, being as hypocrital as they can be.

  47. I think the majority of real football fans, not overnight lifetime supporters understand that with injuries players will be overplayed due to the thin squads. Forums are there to discuss from and some do not justify why a certain player is off form, mostly due to tiredness or return from injury bedding in problems. Hendo, Can, and even Lucas as well as Milner to a certain extent are looking jaded from being overplayed. Sahko has made a few high profile errors, but taken into context of playing with Toure, who over commits, leaving space in behind him and the jittery Migs not commanding the area he is uncertain and trying to cover all eventualities. When Lovren or Skertal get back I think we will see more composed defending. We are lacking quality in key areas as well as having to many similar players in others. We have limited attacking options up front and out wide as well so we are going to struggle.

  48. It is a sign of the times we live in. Everything has to be instantaneous. With camera phones and communications what they are, everything becomes a need to know and must see now situation.

    I doubt we will ever see the dominance that Liverpool and MU showed over a long period of time again. Their success was built on solid foundations of longevity and patience. These days it is the model shown by Chelsea and MC where success is bought by wealthy individuals. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  49. Are you joking, the reason why Sakho is in poor form is his partner Kolo Toure. Our biggest problem at the moment is dealing with crosses and high balls into the danger area, Lovren has finally started to show his worth this season and has been steady. He is winning about 80% of his aerial duals, Sakho is a close second with little above 70%, his ratio has been in a downward spiral since he started teaming up with Kolo who has a mindboggling 40% ratio.
    Its obvious who the weak link is and its not Sakho!

  50. For me, one of Henderson’s weakness that to this day hasn’t been improved on much yet is his first time finishing from 15-20 yards. Even now, he’s still firing them into the sky, much the same way he was doing that when he first joined the club

  51. so when it comes to Sakho, you advice patience yet when it was lovren, you were claiming he is a waste of space?? come on. Sakho has

    • The bias towards Sakho is very unhealthy and eh, pathetic really. I did not even have to read the whole article

  52. I’ll honestly admit to a few knee-jerk comments but these are usually in the heat of the moment (e.g. post-another embarrassing home defeat)and I usually retract them. Some of the judgments others make are ridiculous of course, but since joining this forum thing I believe that most of us know what we’re on about, let down by a few idiots.

    Plus, you often write players off at your peril. Take Lovren for example, I know he’s not exactly out of the woods yet but despite him being comically bad last season, I never wrote him off because I knew there was a good player in there, we’d seen it before at other clubs and I still stand by this now. We are now a far better side with him in the team, we’re even slightly better at dealing with long balls and he is one of few in the squad with leadership qualities.
    Hendo’s another one, now an excellent player and i can’t fault him but I do think he’d benefit significantly from other leaders in the team, or perhaps one to replace him as captain. Remember during our mini-revival last year when Gerrard was out of the team and the armband made him play like a man possessed? Where’s that player gone?

  53. First things first, Sakho has been really disappointing since returning from a knee injury in December.
    so how comes hes still getting 7s and 8,s nearly ever match rating lets face it this as nothing to do with hendo its just another love in for sakho

  54. Modern day football fan; “Origi is extremely raw, needs to be sent on loan for the rest of the season does not deserve first team selection”. Couple of months later, same modern football fan, “Origi has surprised so far needs to start ahead of Benteke hes the best we got!!”

  55. I will give this one to you mate. And by the way thanks for correcting the typo…Skrtel – I believe I got it right in the first instance of my post? Peace…. We see things differently. But I would rather trust in the opinion of the managers for now… while respecting your opinion too!

    • Yeah, fair enough to disagree. Interesting to see what happens when Caulker does well today, Lovren and Sakho kick on form and stay fit and Skrtel returns to full fitness.

      I’ve got nothing against the lad, loved the passion the other day celebrating the penalty shootout. I just fear he isn’t good enough to be a starter and he’s a pretty expensive one then too.

  56. patient for 26 years and counting (already obvious!) the team should be at the icu, not epl haha

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