Serbian midfielder Marko Grujic arrives in Liverpool for medical

on 04.01.2016

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is closing in on his first signing after Serbian teenager Marko Grujic arrived on Merseyside for a medical.

The Reds agreed a £5.1million deal with Red Star Belgrade before Christmas and the 19-year-old midfielder travelled to England at the weekend to finalise the move.

He will undergo all his physical examinations on Monday but no confirmation is expected until Tuesday at the earliest, after which the youngster will rejoin Red Star on loan until the end of the season.

Liverpool fought off late interest from Russian clubs CSKA Moscow and Zenit St Petersburg, who were offering over £7m, and Grujic chose Anfield after personal intervention from Klopp after being advised about the under-21 international by his Serbian assistant Zeljko Buvac.

The Reds are also tracking Schalke defender Joel Matip, who is out of contract at the end of the season, but there is still plenty of work to be done to sign the German-born Cameroon international.

However, despite their on-going defensive frailties any deal would be for Matip to join in the summer.

But Press Association Sport understands there are at least two French clubs who are ahead of Liverpool in the running for the 24-year-old while Schalke have not given up hope the centre-back will sign a new contract.


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      • Why do you say that? Allen is probably leaving..and Joe Gomez started playing in the first team right from the start.

        • if thats the best where getting you can forget next season as well as for gomez starting that was rodgers making scapegoats again

          • Who said anything about him being the best at this age? That was just my response to you saying he’ll be loaned out, which I personally doubt.

          • Definitely not directly..same could be said of Joe Gomez even if he was still fit because they don’t play in advanced positions and score the goals…still, it would be nice to have reliable enough cover in these positions. I can’t tell at this moment obviously, but who knows..maybe he can nail down a starting spot at the club in DM? Both Allen and Lucas haven’t been good enough lately due to differing this point, if Grijic’s introduction can even strengthen the squad a bit then that’s good enough.

    • Loic Remy would be an excellent addition. This season is obviously a W.I.P. and we should see Klopp moving on those who prove themselves as deadwood the next few weeks. Next season onwards would be action time!

    • well, Grey-Itch must be beyond his years for us to be looking at him in this way, but he does seem awfully young for what we would like ie replace either Milner, Allen or Lucas.

      Think Remy is still injured. He doesn’t play much for Chelsea, I think they’re scared he’ll just drop dead on the pitch one day – which would be a bit of a downer and require a new order of plastic flags and other merchandise to wake up the crowd again.

  1. Meanwhile, a certain Aubemayang is on the move, as hinted by the CeO of Dortmund! We’re linked by the Daily Express with Arsenal.

    • he will end up in london, better project than us now. 50% chance of them winning title if no usual implosion during feb

        • dont know man there is no such thing as loyalty in modern football. only money matters now. if aub signs for klopp he will be miracle of new year 2016

          • At the top there’s actually quite some loyalty. Managers taking players with them from club to club is quite common.

          • I don’t think that is true in this case, Aubame has always had a passion for Champions league football, and LFC would match Arsenal’s wages.
            If anyone can persuade him to join a club without CL football it’s Jurgen.
            However I wouldn’t be surprised if PEA stays with BVB

        • I agree with you to a point, Christophe Galtier had him for 3 seasons at St Etienne, he has to take some of the credit, but yes Klopp furthered his progress.
          I would love him to sign for Liverpool, the most exciting player I have seen in France and my time as a season ticket holder.
          Fingers crossed for this one.

    • We shudnt let this one go niw or summer he has that extra special finishing skill.. anither sanchez (we have klipp nd we have alot if cash to raise from selling bent/firm or even studge even by losin sme money value wel gain another level striker)

    • Ostensibly its a condition by the player and his father/agent for him signing with Liverpool. Get his things in order and ready for the big move. I think the Dad doesn’t want the transfer to a huge club so early into his son’s career, but he is pretty much at university age, so he has to leave home at some point.

      Belgrade is Grujic’s hometown, he wants to finish the season with them and cap off what he helped achieve by lifting the league trophy. Its the best farewell gift a player can give his club, and his hometown for that matter. Any Scouse Liverpool player would do the same if leaving the club & city.

      • Us fans can be such a self-centered bunch that way…your reason makes so much sense and is logically obvious in reality but most of us couldn’t think of that.

    • Hey what’s going on, your making me look bad changing the points tally… No one would have known you know….

    • Red Star are the selling club which means they dictate the terms I’m afraid, it’s also well documented that the player want to remain at his club until the end of the season, you have to respect that. If the lad lives up to his potential it will be worth the wait and an outlay of £3.5 mil won’t impact on our other business this window. Klopp obviously thinks it was too good an opportunity to pass up on, that’s good enough for me..

    • The real question is, who the eff are we signing for this season?! Everybody is either being loaned back or a prospective summer signing…!!! Can’t comprehend it.

    • He actually wanted to stay at Red Star for at least few more years. But i guess it’s hard to say no to Liverpool and to Klopp. I’ve spoken to some of my Red Star fans, and they all say he’s pretty much the reason the Red Star is playing good.

    • Here we are wishing FSG had signed Delle Alli for the future. Complain about the approach, complain about not following it

      • The ‘word’ at the time was that BR didn’t want Alli but that might just be conjecture, whoever was responsible it was a massive error of judgement on somebodies part..

  2. We should buy Benteke a new set of legs. After watching the shift Lukaku put in yesterday he should hang his head in shame. Another Rodger signing not fitting LFC.

    • You know I always found that a really odd bit of business, when Rodgers had worked at Chelsea for a number of years and got on well enough with the people there during the successful period. Steve Clarke – also of that same era – actually used his old connections and took him on loan to West Bromwich Albion instead of us in the same year Rodgers became Liverpool manager. Don’t see why Lukaku wouldn’t have signed for us instead of any of them.

        • I really doubt Chelsea would have sold us Lukaku, after the Sturridge signing they wouldn’t want to improve a rival after that.

          Look at them not loaning us Bertrand etc. Lukaku would have been impossible.

          • no you’re wrong. Buying players is just like shopping at Tescos. You just look along the shelf at the ones you like and take it to the checkout. I don’t understand how so many people get it wrong all the time.
            Never make the mistake of getting the full size trolley, man that thing just slows you down, take 2 baskets if necessary. That’s my technique and I’m sticking to it.
            Ian Ayre eat your heart out.

          • On the flipside though, imagine how hard shopping at Tescos would be if it was like buying players from the transfer market.

            “Look, I just want to get some milk and eggs and get out of here!”

      • Until this season Lukaku had not justified the expectations and his price tag – remember that Origi was starting in front of him at the World Cup.

        It’s easy to have hindsight on players, but there’s no guarantee that Lukaku would have performed well with Sturridge and Suarez.

        Not defending the Benteke signing though, awful.

        • He scored in over half the games he played for WBA, which was pretty much the same story on his first year at Everton on loan. But yes, he was a punt – just a very successful bargain in the long run.

  3. The information on this guy is very limited and I’ve never heard of him but get ready for more signings like this because Klopp has began building his young squad who where going to win the league with in 2017 kids who have hunger not the usual premier league greedy player exciting times a head as the man said it’s going to take time

    • There’s just one problem with this…

      You’re making the call based on ceteris paribus – Latin phrase meaning “with other things the same” or “all or other things being equal or held constant”.

      Well, I doubt City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs etc etc etc will remain the same.

      In a league of constant shifts, it is better to make shifts now rather than hold out for later.

      If taking patterns from Bundesliga, La Liga etc, I think it’s a big mistake. The Premier League is the most competitive league in the world.

      Stay current or go extinct should be the matra.

      • Very true Joe but why can’t we do both, buy the top quality players we need now but at the same time snap up any really promising young players that become available, it doesn’t have to be one or the other..

        • It does if one has limited budget and needs to make a steep ascent.

          “Jarvis, divert all power to the thrusters.”
          ~Tony Stark

          • £3.5 mil for Grujic when you deduct the loan back fee shouldn’t have too big an impact on the rest of our spending, if it does we’re in BIG trouble! Not getting at you Joe but it’s way too early in the window for all this negativity, the consensus when JK joined us was that it would take at least a couple of windows for Klopp to make us genuine top four or title contenders, now it seems we’re slashing our wrists because it hasn’t happened in the first two days of JK’s first window…

          • We need to buy more Dunkin Donuts!

            I calculated if we (the TIA commenters) each buy approximately 536,000 portions each we should be able to afford another Joe Allen esque player.

            That’ll be perfect,


        • you mean like buying Can, Origi, Markovic, Manquillo alongside the world beaters Lallana, Lovren, Balotelli, Mignolet?

          • What we did under the last regime is in the past and not the best example of what I mean. For the money we overpaid on Lallana, Lovren, Balo and Benteke (and possibly Sakho and Firmino) we could have done significantly better business. We need to be a whole lot smarter when buying at what the club conceives as the top end of the market. My point is that snapping up the occasional kid with genuine potential (for relatively low fees) should not prevent us from doing that…

      • Well thats what he does Joe , he runs in two parallel lines, first team and keeps adding youngsters in as he goes until he ends up with a full squad of hungry youngsters who have the cardio to run ,play pass and score till the cows come home, whilst at the same time trying to build the atmosphere up again amongst the fans as he says time and time again Belief is a huge factor in his game

      • Its a Juergen Klopp signing. Under the radar, not too many expectations. He doesn’t buy in the 15-25 market, let above that, when he does, it hasn’t really worked.

  4. Is this the guy whose father confiscated his passport? I wonder who robbed it back.

    Surely the media can fabricate another story from this.

  5. More potential and thats it strange that some are trying to make him out to be the next massive thing but yet again we signed him without any competition from europes top clubs
    good look to the lad he will need it

  6. Now that the charlatan is gone, everything has changed. No more lethargic displays. No more losing tactical battles to relegation sides. No more signing teenagers from obscure leagues in the hope that they will develop into good players in 3 years. Any day now we are going to sign the entirety of the Dortmund squad from 5 years ago.

    Whew, that was a close one. I was afraid there may be structural problems at the club, but I’m so relieved it is all the fault of the charlatan. Now, let’s go sell the entire side that he carefully amassed over the objections of the transfer committee and start again by building the squad around Grujic.

    • But the charlatan as not gone your still here pretending to be a liverpool fan
      I cannot wait for the day when your messiah gets a new job then you can go support them sorry meant him

    • Carefully amassed…haha,spended 300 mil on PL garbage,what a joke!!you’re not a Liverpool supporter,you’re a rodgers supporter!!

    • What a pathetic little man you are WDF. Slating our current manager even though you claim to be a fan! How on earth can you support Rdogers after winning NO trophies and spending (wasting) £300 million on dross?

  7. Reports in Serbia this morning suggest that Marko Grujic will not return to Red Star Belgrade on loan after completing his move to LFC.

    According to TIA on Twitter.

    • That would be great news if true, maybe we can twist a few arms (or grease some palms) and get Matip now as well…

    • I just read that Onyx , Liverpool had paid the extra £1 mill to keep him here and his work visa along with his passport been apporoved by the british embassy and will not be returning to Serbia subject to medical, just wish there was more to go on about the lad

      • The Serbian fellows on here are raving about him. He’s basically an Emre Can, similar in style and bodyshape, type who’se a bit higher up the pitch.

        Say if Can plays from box to box this lad plays from midfield into the box.

        • Lets hope all comes good also the Express are claiming Liverpool have confirmed a bid for unsettled star Toni Kroos

          • feckin poisonous over there. Rafa subbed Benzema one game and he goes running to the press saying I don’t know why I’m subbed, ask the manager. It was on 82minutes and Rafa bought on a midfielder to see the game out.
            Just madness.

          • They come across as bad plastic team and even more plastic in there fan base, make the rent boys look normal and that Ronaldo is one ugly dog how anyone can be attracted to that is very mind boggling, spoilt brat of a lad needs a slap

          • ha! He looks better these days than when he first appeared on the scene. A lot of work done me thinks.

            He’s been appalling this year, just missing so many scoring chances except in the easiest of games, just wasn’t prepared to play for Benitez (or whoever is my guess). He started the season promoting his film, going on chat shows and talking about “Brand Ronaldo”, and then publicly courted PSG and their manager with tv cameras looking on. It was clear footy was taking second place in his life this season.

            Perhaps there’s no right time to take on the big jobs but it might have been worth waiting until CR had moved on before going to Madrid.

          • After the barca game Rafa doesnt seem to trust a kroos modric combo,and we all know whos going to play of those two alongside cabelearo

          • Casemiro. A much better DM than Kroos who is more of a play maker / passer – Alonso type.

          • Kroos appears to be back in favour at Real, I watched the Valencia v Real game last night hoping to see Rafa put one over ‘Rat Boy’, I loved the huge banner the Valencia fans put up for Benitez ‘Thankyou Rafa for giving us the best years of our lives’ true class…

          • We’ve been here so many times , but with Klopp as the man I’m sure we will get talent even if it’s not what we hoped for

          • The last window Julia, first two signings Ings and Gomez, definitely not what we hoped for but they’d both look damn good in our squad right now. Those two signings raised similar questions along the lines of ‘is that it!’ and ‘when will we sign some quality’, we went on to spend (or mis-spend) another £60-70mil. Gujic might be the first but it’s crazy to think he’ll be the last…

          • A good source told me FSG are willing to back Klopp with funding don’t know if you seen that video Klopp on transfers and he makes it very clear he is not going to bring people in for the sake of it, I want to bring the right people to Liverpool and if means waiting then I will wait he says, also another video Klopps journey to the Kop , all Liverpool fans should watch it, gives a good vision on what he’s going to do for us as a club very inspiring

          • Really good aren’t they Steve, I agree all should watch , I think it after watching them and they haven’t changed your way of thinking you’re a plastic and should do one and support some one else

          • See what I mean!!I told you we have a chance with kroos!!heard united are also interested… Would be nice to beat them to the signing,so we can rub it in their face!

          • You did, I don’t see why he wouldn’t come here, he knows Klopps a man who’s going to produce great things for us

          • not convinced he’s a klopp high intensity player though he does have the distribution so Sakho wouldn’t have to do it!

          • Interesting you should say that, I was talking about it yesterday and another guy said the same thing

          • part of the problems that condemned Rafa. In the Barca game it seemed he had to play “all the galacticos” but he would normally use Casemiro as a DM instead of Kroos (cos he already has Modric for distribution).
            So he had no proper DM and just Modric and Kroos holding the middle while 4 forwards just strolled around waiting for something to arrive at their feet. They effectively played with 6 outfield players.

            What an awful club.

          • the express is the number 1 paper for making stuff up from thin air. take no notice.

        • Really,I thought be was a matic type of player,who sits infront of his back four!!dammit,so we still need a CDM?

    • I google translated the local report in Serbia – not sure how reliable these mozzartsport (site where I pulled it), Blic and Alo guys are but here it is…he’d be handy to have for at least cups given the injury list we’re dealing with now.

      Everything is completed: Marko Grujic will today put initials on the five-year loyalty to Liverpool and thus complete a one-month transfer saga. The talented midfielder, according to the original agreement, were to spend the next six months in Crvena Zvezda on loan Reds, but today’s editions of newspapers Blic and Alo claim otherwise.

      The breakthrough came after talks of his father and management of Red Star and it is estimated that the young footballer could risk injury if he continues to play in the Serbian championship. So, after medical evaluation and contract signing Marko Grujic will stay at Liverpool and put themselves at the disposal manager Jürgen Klopp.

      For this outcome was influenced by the fact that Red Star has a 26 point advantage compared to Partizan, and practically secured the title of champion of Serbia. Transfer Marko Grujic at Anfield is worth 7,000,000 euros, but the agreement between the two clubs found to Star left Liverpool on behalf of millions of loans.

      Due to new circumstances remains to be seen whether the contested million remain in Ljutice Bogdana or the Star and Liverpool to make a new deal.

      • I can tell you this much. Never trust anything you read in Serbian papers. It usually is just gossip and bu***it. From front to the last page. Trust me, i used to work in Alo when they started printing.

        • Thanks mate, the bad news then is that Alo is owned by the same guy that has Blic so it’s likely bollocks across the board. Oh well.

  8. I wonder if there is a recalled in Ballo and Marco loan deal, because if it is so might as well bring them back this month, after all we are still paying their salaries, they are still liverpool players, give they another go under Klopp until the summer, they can’t be worst than Ben and Firmino, and in Ballo we have a genuine free kicker who can score, and Marco as a wide man.

    • Balo injured so no use for him. That, and he’ll never fit into Klopps plan as he’s bang average. Markovich isn’t possible are most reports telling us.

      • You make it sound as if players in this squad is above average, Klopp is not going to buy a striker this month, and with 3 strikers out at the moment we need help in that department, Ballo will soon be back from injury. we haven’t scored a goal from free kicks all season, because no one on this team is capable to score from free kicks and we had plenty that was wasted.

          • As i said, he is still a liverpool player, and his salary is still paying by the club, do you remember it was just over 3 seasons ago Brendan wanted to sell your star man Hendo? look at him now.

          • Yeah, where Hendo got better and better each season, Balo is going from bad to worse. Doesn’t fit us anyway. Afraid to play as a single striker, afraid to run and press.

  9. ward, smith, brannagan, grujic, teixeira, markovic, ibe, origi, maybe leroy sane…. give them a chance as a young guns team pls! Would love to see them running as a new team

  10. Reports in Serbian media suggest no loan back to Red Star, they say he is available now for Klopp……..His father agreed that going back to Belgrade was pointless they say…………..interesting.

  11. I had visions of Klopp identifying our problem areas and making 3 huge signings on the 1st January, nice and early for West Ham and the cup semi at Stoke.

    If Klopp didn’t have a guarantee of transfers I’m not sure why he’s taken the job.

    Luis Suarez has scored 26 goals in 26 games for Barca this season, with numerous assists.

    More than the total of –
    Benteke £32m
    Firmino £29m
    Lallana £27m
    Balotelli £16m
    Lambert £5m

    And FSG’s answer is £5m on an unknown foreign kid?

    It’s going to take a lot more than that I’m afraid.

    • Klopp told a LFC/Sky Reporter in an XXL Interview why he joined LFC. And he had spoken about transfers etc.

      • I’ve seen the interviews but if Klopp thinks what wr have is enough, that we don’t need some serious strength and leadership, and a striker, added to this squad then he has made a massive misjudgement.

        • Wow, you talk like ManUre, really. Yes, there are serious problems that need to be addressed in this squad but I think the a January transfer window is not the answer. January transfers are proven to be costly and as Klopp himself said, feels like a “pressured buying”. Even if he actually dips into the transfer, who is a world-class player who will likely to come and shoulder the weight of the whole team? I think unsettled players will be the most likely players to come, which have a high risk of becoming flopps. Just let the manager have this season as his preseason for next season and splash all the money on summer signings. As long as the team wont go down to relegation, let’s be positive about sacrificing this season for the better.

          • And when they were bought, did they actually solved the problem at that time? I think not. It’s good if there is a Suarez out there this January window, but seeing the players linked to us thus far, I think none is. The thing is, we get a better chance of getting a proven world class talent in the summer if we go all out then than in this panic buying time of January window.

          • Throughout FSG’s time January has been far more than their disastrous summer transfer business. It’s a new manager, the problems are there clear as day and the players need bringing in before its another 2 seasons in the CL wilderness.

          • I’m not really into any sortof pattern really coz they are purely coincindental. Yes, the manager has actually identified from time to time what the problem is. But I don’t think with this current squad, patching-the holes type of transfer will not work. Let’s face it. This is a mid table team. Retaining some and bringing in players who will shape the the philosophy of the manager should be the focus of our transfers in order to be able to really consistently challenge in the future. And that’s why, I hope the fans could at least be partial and patient with these mediocre performances for now if it gets the manager his needed time to sieve out those who will stay and who will not.

          • You can’t dismiss a pattern as coincidental. So you think this is a midtable team? Now you sound like a Manu fan………

          • January transfers are proven to be expensive are they? Then how did multi trophy winning King Kenny snap up the worlds best striker for just £24 million and we werent offering Champions League football!

    • Suarez only scored the goals he did this season because of Rodgers. Rodgers made him the player he is today you know, just ask WDF.

  12. He’s not playing for liverpool this season so this shouldn’t be THE transfer news atm n I hope it’s not. We need someone to come and play right away be it just the remainder of the season. We need someone who knows how to win unlike the current squad we have. And please let someone else be captain, someone who opponents would respect highly..

  13. I would give Lallana. Allen, Ibe, Milner, Lucas and Benteke for Toni Kroos. Problem is they won’t want any of them! We can dream though.

  14. Aw fantastic news I can’t wait to see him pull on a red jersey for his first competitive game in 8 MONTHS!!!..NEXT!

  15. “We got Klopp! Look what he did in Dortmund! This is the greatest thing ever”
    Transfer window open for a few days, news of Klopp style signing, exactly of the sort he built his successful career on comes in:

    TIA is adorable some days.

    • And no, I’m not suggesting Grujic is the next superstar…he might work, he might not, but no one here has seen a thing yet, and The Brain likes him. That’s enough for me to look toward to seeing the kid play

  16. Grujic is a quality signing. A far better midfielder than Allen who cost 3 times as much and was 3 years older.

    WDF though has already slated him as a signing because he’s young and doesn’t cost much. The guy who backed our former trophyless manager and his signing of Asapas fails to see you can buy top talent ofr little amounts as Lewondowski, Fabregas, Bolaise, Hernandez etc have shown.

  17. Alright!! Once again, welcome Marko Grujic!

    Onto Joel Matip, if we’re serious about securing him, then we should be able to stave off that interest from French clubs and Schalke….give him a 1mil sign on bonus and what will surely be the most attractive wages + the Klopp factor(he talks to him personally) and that should surely seal the deal!

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