Video: Jurgen Klopp post-match press conference – Liverpool 3-0 Exeter City

on 21.01.2016

Watch Jurgen Klopp reflect on Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Exeter City in the FA Cup third round replay at Anfield on Wednesday night.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, the Reds’ boss praised his young side but urged patience to allow the players time to develop.

“It is a long way for these young boys but they showed what they are already able to do and what they have to learn,” he said.

“If everyone stays cool… It is not protecting them but giving the lads time to develop.

“Tonight was a good moment, there were a few things which were impressive but a lot of things to learn.

“The target at the end of the road has to be [playing for] Liverpool FC in the Premier League and for this you have to be ready.

“We cannot bring them all in every week in the Premier League.”



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  1. Please keep Texeira, Jurgen!
    It’ll be a great injustice to his talent and patience if we let him go. Sell Lallana in the summer if you have to but please please let Texeira stay!

    • You’ve got to be kidding. Tex is technically good, easy on the eyes and all that, but lallana and Allen are both much much much better. Tex just isn’t cut out for the prem (yet) and Allen is underestimated. Lallana is not good enough for LFC, but at the mo his running around is also more than what Tex would be able to offer. Tex is another Suso, really, good, but not good enough. Keep him around, but not at the cost of any proven / experienced player, even Lallana.

      • Allen has started to perform in his recent games; watch him over from last season and you’ll find mediocrity at its finest. Whether or not he keeps the midfield ticking is totally up for debate and I’d much rather spend the time at developing Alberto/Rossiter in a similar role.
        Lallana too is effective but he just doesn’t seem to be the goal threat that he was at Southampton. He’s now become a more technically adept version of Milner and nothing more.
        These proven players have cost us big time and never really shown up often enough when the occasion demanded (we still long for Coutinho and Sturridge to produce the goods) and so, if there isn’t a major increase in output, get rid!

      • I think it you who are kidding.

        Totally agreed on Lallana’s work rate. But his game style is not suited to either be a traditional winger which we desperately need or a modern day winger which teixeiria is really good at. I bet me and my friends being armatures won’t have a nightmare playing against ibe and Lalanna. Both of there Style is to predictable. They do all the same stuff again and again every game at t edge of the box.

        Lallana was highly rated and one of the player of team of the season 2 years ago for playing as a CAM. But here at LFC he is mostly played as winger. His best games and moments have been where he in front of the box not cutting from flanks or stretching or hold the ball on either side of the box. I still like him as a player and chance are he will be sold and I wish so. Because there are more better players in coutinho and firmino in that position. And klopp likes to play more with a DM and 2 b2b midfielders to the chances of starting as a CAM are really few, only when he goes for 4231.

        I really don’t know how far can tex go but he has the potential. Hope he is offered new contract and more game time. But the lad does have some talent. He remind me of Isco.

        Before this season I wanted to sell Allen no matter what but in the midst of contract talks he is given his 100%. He has been around for more 3 years but never gave convincing performance when giving lots of games time under klopp. Now he is coming good though. I would keep him if he is ready to be a squad player. He is a good technical player who could do wonders in Spain. He is still an average player an that what we don’t need. We have to many average players. I would still sell him now if we get 8 millions for him from Swansea. Who knows if they will be in prem at the end or not.

        We need a boss CM.

      • You have to be joking. A supposed seasoned attacking player with 0 goals and a couple of paltry assists is not what we need. He has absolutely no end product what’s so ever and his so called pressing is overrated like Milners as the reason for their excessive running is usually because they have lost the ball, due to poor control or one too many unnecessary Cruyff turns.

    • i dont really rate Lallana because he should be in his prime of his career but its not good enough
      About Allen, He is really turning a corner slowly and steadily isnt he?

    • I agree with keeping Tex, but Joe Allen is a good member of the squad, whether that’s enough for him I don’t know.

    • As Mignolet was given a 5 year contract, I definitely think that Joao is worth giving another longer term contract (3 years) It would be great to see more of out talented youngsters making it a regular first teamers. One key ingredient that has been missing for young players for far too long now is belief from the manager and the fact that he expects mistakes but wants to see the right attitude after they’ve been made. Far too many players have probably not reached their potential as they’ve been worried about making mistakes of have just been dropped for doing so, Klopp’s comments do sound on the slightly ominous side for Tex but Klopp did say that he’s seen a improvement from him since he arrived and hopefully that will continue. Mind you, if our bid for the other Teixeria comes off, having two of them in the team would be a challenge for the commentators.

      • Agreed, agreed and agreed!
        Can’t help but be happy to have such a problem! Now just get Lucas from PSG too and we can the let the “name-games” begin!

  2. It makes sense to let the kids develop. But watch out, these kids won’t be too patient if they keep seeing their senior fail over and over.

  3. Some ominuous comments about Joao Teixeira there…obviously something serious brewing in the background.

    • Maybe his attitude is not the best. Don’t know what’s wrong but I don’t want to lose such a talented player.

      • I was observing his face and body language after he scored the third goal…and maybe I’m reading too much into it…but it wasn’t that great.

        Something is going on behind the scenes…

        • I’m really worried about him. Just add some muscle and Lallana’s work rate you have a in house Isco.

          • Just another Pacheco and Suso. Looks nice for one game, the next it’s useless. Apart from the goal last night he didn’t do anything right.

          • I wouldn’t say he’s looked useless man. I mean if you call that useless you might as well call most of Lallana and Milner’s performances useless as well. At the very least he’s proven himself in Brighton which isn’t the worst team out there. Pacheco played for Cadiz last I heard so he’s nowhere near as good as these lads. Suso can possibly resurrect his career if he changes his attitude and decides to move back to a club like Eibar and work his way from there.

          • Cadiz.. Eibar.. I clearly misjudged these Ballon d’Or players :)

            Nah, Tex is allright, but for him ten others easily. And when there’s ten easily who can replace you you shouldn’t have a future at LFC>

            And lately Lallana has been quite useless hasn’t he? Milner gives us noticeable steel and experience on the pitch so that’s something.

          • He really does look easy on the eyes though with the football at his feet..I can see why fans get carried away even though they shouldn’t really. I don’t see him giving the team any kind of real tactical advantage in a match on a regular basis either..

          • Yeah he’s silky and smooth, but if you aspire to be an LFC starter you really should be doing more when you’re in the same agegroup as Can, Moreno, Origi, Ings, Flanno and even Caulker.

            He has missed the boat, sadly for him but not LFC level. Hopefully he can find a good club where he can get lots of gametime and lights up the place.

          • I don’t think he looks out of place given his age at far as LFC career is concerned you’re right..not everyone makes it out here…I do expect another giant moanfest from the fans when he leaves the club.

          • He’s 22 mate, just one year younger then Coutinho. Did he look even close to that?

            There’s a link that Ayre has set out to grab Alex Teixeira right from under Chelseas nose (daily express so wouldn’t worry too much as of yet). Now that’s the Teixeira we would want ;)

          • No because Coutinho is exceptionally talented and hence that comparison is unfair. If that’s the case we might as well compare him to Messi when he was 22. I’m saying his game doesn’t look underdeveloped for his age and should definitely not be used as grounds to get rid of.

          • I thought he played like a 18 year old trying to force his way in, at 22 he should be further for him to get a new deal.

    • Naa…it is what it is…he’s 22 years old now and not playing on a regular basis. That’s just the situation. Quality player though.

      Think he’s a better fit for the European leagues rather than the English one..

  4. I completely support the return of our youngsters to the club instead of useless loans.

    Tier 1: PL & CL/EL => seniors
    Tier 2: FAC & COC => youth mix

    Always felt that Cup competitions are our knock-out Segunda league. Play the youth in these tourneys and play the seniors in the PL and Europe.

    What you get is a virtuous cycle of experience, protection from injuries / over exertion, trophies, confidence, focus, etc.

    Personally, this is the way to go for me…

    • Plus, if we ever happened to be winning a league game comfortably, bring one of the youngsters on to gain the experience of playing in front of a big crowd.

      • Correct. The transition would be a lot more seamless and integrated.
        But even on Cup games, Anfield is packed out. Let alone at Away stadiums who sell out because their team is playing Liverpool.

  5. Great assessment and analysis from Kloppo with just the right degree of realism, I was so impressed with the maturity and composure the lads showed last night but the harsh reality remains that not everyone of of them if any will make it to the very top. This might be as good as it gets for a lot of them but some will undoubtedly get the opportunity to stay at the club and further their careers here at LFC. I’m sure Klopp and the academy coaches will already have a good idea of who they are, in the meantime it’s best not to over hype any of them but at the same time not be over critical of anybody either, enjoy the moment and be grateful that they gave us great night at Annie and put a smile back on our faces, well done to all of them…

  6. Hah, typically English journalism. Oh, the Ojo lad has scored a goal, surely he’s in contention for Euro2016 now, you have to play him Jurgi lad!

    Doesn’t sound too good for Tex. Yeah he likes him but he can’t see him fit.

    • I really like Teixeira but his future at the club might depend on who Klopp brings in to the club in the summer window, good business in the transfer window and it will only get tougher for all of our younger players…

      • I really don’t see it in the lad. He’s 22 and he’s way behind on basically every number 10/creative player in the Eredivisie. Not good enough. Another one on the Suso/Pacheco pile.

        • I think Suso and Pacheco were players we wanted to be better than they actually were so inevitably they got over hyped, maybe the same applies to Teixeira, much as I like him I wouldn’t be surprised if his future lies elsewhere…

          • Tex is really overhyped as well. No offense to the lad, I don’t have anything against him. He’s just not that good as people make him out to be.

            Did nothing right yesterday apart from putting it into the net, misplaced many passes, was dispossesed easily and even got in the way of a teammate and people went on to call him man of the match.

          • His play is very easy on the eyes plus he’s an academy prospect so fans go gung ho. But I see you’re focusing on all the negatives over a 90 minute game…really, we could do this for pretty much any and every player on the pitch yesterday and smacks of dreary nitpicking to me.

            I don’t wanna take away anything from a good performance for Tex. Doesn’t have to mean he’ll play in PL now but give the respect and credit he deserves atleast.

          • I think judging him fairly is being respectfull. I thought Brannagan and Stewart really showed they’re up a few notches and I really liked that, despite doing some stuff wrong. I appreceate the goal, but for the rest he really didn’t do a lot.

            Reading back the BBC gamereport he’s mentioned the first time in the 55th minute with a shot over the bar. After Allen left he played centrally for a bit and got a bit better. Setting up two players who’se shots went the Liverpool way. Then the goal and then nothing.

            Brannagan is mentioned throughout the entire game and he’s a number 10 and he’s 3 years younger. It’s just not enough.

          • Dude he set up Benteke with atleast 2 other good chances in the first half..If Tekkers would have scored that would have been his assist. Telling you, you can make a case for and against almost every player in the team yesterday if you wanted to..Tex did well in his own right..whether that’s the right fit for us is another matter altogether.

          • Not really. Most did really well, I thought Tex didn’t. I did misread the cross in the 18th minute Benteke missed. For the rest it was Stewart once and Brannagan twice. So just once in the first half. For the rest he was dispossed a lot, all the others didn’t, misplaced quite some passes where the others didn’t. So no, you can’t really make a case against many yesterday, against Tex you can.

          • Don’t understand why you seem to be singling him out…in the context of the match atleast I didn’t see anything terrible from him. You really think completing passes is like some straight line equation? DF is supposed to complete more compared to MF compared to attack. He’s trying to set up chances…every position has it’s own set of responsibilities to it. Stop going only by stats and text commentary in that case…

          • There’s setting up chances and there’s blindly playing passes behind a defensive line with nobody in sight. There’s setting up chances and there’s blocking the path of someone on the ball. What was he doing blocking Benteke?

            I don’t want to single him out, I react on everybody screaming for him to be involved as a starter. While he’s really nothing special.

          • Dude that block was one instance…you can’t get hung up on that…you already know my stance on the kid though.

          • I get the impression that you have quite a lot against him but that apart he’s a quality young player that did nothing to deserve being singled out for some pretty harsh criticism with the obvious caveat that he shouldn’t be over hyped either, I’d apply that to all the lads that played last night..

          • The only thing I have against him is the hype to replace Lallana with this fella for instance. Perhaps some harsh critisism but if you aspire an LFC career, shouldn’t we do that? I’m all for giving lads time, like Stewart being 22 and showing he’s right in the mix (even though he’s miles off an Emre Can btw) and this lad didn’t.

          • I’d never suggest he’s ready to replace Lallana (or anybody else) in the starting eleven, that also applies to just about all of our lads, Tex isn’t the only one to get over-hyped but it’s not the players fault when that happens, sometimes we all need to keep things in perspective..

          • Absolutely agree. Many though didn’t as they started to bash Lallana (which is in fashion these days) and were lamenting this kid as if he’s the 2nd coming.

          • So don’t give into doing what the other fans are doing with the others players just to prove your point. Ultimately what this ends up becoming is a massive slagfest in that case..and I hate it when conversations start to go in that direction.

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