Liverpool’s attacking and defending corners stats revealed

on 22.02.2016

Liverpool’s ineptitude from corner kicks is much maligned among the fanbase, so we found out exactly how bad the Reds are at attacking and defending them this season – read on!

BORDEAUX, FRANCE - Thursday, September 17, 2015: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe takes a corner against FC Girondins de Bordeaux during the UEFA Europa League Group Stage Group B match at the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

We’ve looked at all corners taken in the Premier League from the beginning of the 2015/2016 season till now (26 rounds), a total of 2786 corners, and came up with the followings:

  • LFC have had 188 corners, highest in the league.


  • Scored 5 goals from corners – fourth in the league with Leicester City, Norwich City, Southampton FC and Tottenham Hotspur. League average is 4.


  • LFC is fifth place in reaching chances from corners with more than quarter of their corners ending in a chance. (25.5%)


  • LFC scores a goal from corner every 38 corners – 11th place in the league. Which is below league average.


  • Reliance on corner kicks 13.2% of LFC goals scored from corners. Slightly above league average.


  • 4th place in taking short corners rather than cross it directly towards the area, with 26.1% of short corners (league average is around 17% short corners)

Bottom line: Though Liverpool have the highest number of corners in the league, have a high percentage of chances from corners and scoring above league average goals from corners, their goal-per-corner ratio is below the league average.


LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, September 20, 2015: Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, Mamadou Sakho and Emre Can looking dejected after Norwich City scored a goal during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

  • 120 corners taken against Liverpool, 16th in the league (average is 139.3)


  • A total of 8 goals has been scored against LFC from corners which is the highest number in the league.


  • Sixth in the league in the highest % of chances reached from corners. Every fourth corner against Liverpool their opponent reaches a chance (25.8%)


  • LFC concede a goal from corner every 15 corners, worst in the league.


  • Liverpool opponents scoring 22.2% of their goals from corners which is second highest in the league (Swansea first with 23.5%). The average is 11.9%!


  • 85% of LFC opponent’s corners crossed directly towards the area.

Bottom line: Without question Liverpool has the poorest defence when it comes to corner kicks.

What we’ve learned:

Clearly, Liverpool’s defensive ineptitude at corners is being exploited by opposing teams. It’s a clear weakness and one that opponents are looking to exploit – 25% of corners against us leads to a chance!

Almost a quarter of all corners result in a goal against (22%), double the league average!

Attacking wise, it shows that corners shouldn’t be that anticipated for anyone. We get the most corners in the league, possibly due to how many shots we take. We score a few, but not as many as we should from the amount that we get.

We take a lot of short corners, probably because we know we’re pretty rubbish at attacking them and have a team lacking in the air.


Data supplied by SportsMatrix, find them on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. So we were right in thinking we were the worst at corner defending in the league!
    Is it also safe to guess that Mignolet & Sakho are at fault for most of these indiscretions?

  2. Sakho & Henderson need to wise up and get down to basic principles. Migs I’m always praying he doesn’t make mistakes today other than will he have a good game.

  3. The amount of corners we’ve received is ok. The reliance of them scoring a goal from a corner is a positive for me as well. I can take a goal from a set piece, you get those, it happens. It happens too much and we need to do much, much better as we’re gifting them goals from the corners (and other set pieces).

  4. I’ve noticed this season that Lovren and to a lesser extent Sakho have won a lot of headers at our corners, but they either head it straight at the keeper or it goes woefully wide.

    A special mention has to go out to Hendo, Milner and Couts whose corners have been really terrible, frequently failing to beat the first man. Stevie G, we miss your reliably accurate corners and freekicks.

    I expect the added height that Matip and the other recruits next season will give us an advantage in that area, but our dead ball play must improve if we have any hope of top 4.

    • Lovren connects to a lot of crosses indeed. So his positioning, timing and all that is good. Now to learn to head it with force into a corner would be nice indeed ;)

    • Its all in the delivery mate. Skrtel notched 7 goals from corners because of the brilliance of Stevie from those situations. No defender has scored a headed goal this season from a corner ( barring Kolo but that was against a Villa team 5-0 down). We need someone who can deliver an accurate set piece. Very underestimated part of the game which has been vital for us so many times before.

  5. Bay. Lev is the team to look up to in summer.

    Their young CB- Jonathan Tah is taller than matip and amazing on the ball. Physical strong.

    That Hakan guy is probably one of the best dead ball expert in the industry ATM.

    Both of this players should not be missed.

    • Hakan is quite average at everything else except dead balls… doubt he will dislodge lallana from the line up, forget coutinho & firmino…

      Tah is great.. but all said and done, he is still a prospect at this stage… We need some steel in the first XI

      • Agreed, and that’s one reason he won’t cost us a fortune. We could loan him and bring in back when he is developed. I won’t bring him to be a starter.

        Tah is young and we already have two really young CB. But he is far more experienced than them. Have CL experience too. I watched him against barca. He was there only defensive player who was able to cope with the speed at which barca was playing. He is insanely quick for some that tall and bulky.

        I won’t mind if we loan them back straight, but they should not be missed. But they and any other young player should be targeted only after we bring quality players who can improve us from day one.

    • It’s 26 rounds of each team playing another in the league. It’s not 26 games (also, surely that would be “matches”), it’s 26 times 10 games. Maybe 26 game weeks would have been clearer.

    • As I understand it there are thirty eight rounds to the English Premier League season. Rounds of all fixtures relating to thirty eight games played. Using the word rounds to describe that after a certain number of games played by every team involved in the league is not wrong.

  6. That pretty much confirms what we already knew, defensively we need leaders (big time) A goalkeeper who can take command and knows when to come for the ball or stay on the line. The GK has the best view of the situation at corners, he should be screaming at a defender who’s not picking up somebody, not flapping his arms at them after the error. I’m not even sure if we go zonal or man for man or if it’s a combo of both, either way it’s not working. An opposition player making a run and attacking the ball is odds on to win it every time against a static defender waiting for the ball to arrive, attack the damn thing, it’s allowed…
    I’m not sure where to start on our own corners, our set piece delivery is shocking, even when we take a short corner we have a ridiculous tendency to play it back up field, lose it or gift it to the opposition. it’s almost akin to defending our own corners, that should be our opponents role…
    Don’t get me started on corners that don’t clear the first defender…

    • It is a mix of zonal & man-marking, the 1st line across the 6-yd box are zonal, then the others are (supposedly) marking players… Since Klopp came anyway, I think it was Carra that pointed it out, on Monday night football.
      Klopp pointed out how we learnt to defend the 1st ball, but we’re struggling with clearing the 2nd. I think we’ve been doing better since the Norwich 4-5, when at least 2 of their goals came on the 2nd or 3rd ball.

      I’d be interested to see a graphic with free-kicks included. All down to the ‘keeper really, which is why I think (& hope) the Migs contract is a smokescreen.

      • Thanks for that, I knew somebody could clarify it for me, I’m inclined to agree about Migs contract, I can’t see him being number one next season though I do think he’ll still be at the club albeit as a decent back up…

      • Very well said, as fullbacks we depend on our keeper to be dominant in the box and control everything, we do not even have one who comes close to that, which I feel sets off a chain reaction of confusion and ineptitude. Get a dominant GK and I think that we will all see the difference for the better.

      • Yep it’s got to be priority number 1 (excuse the pun), get a decent keeper. Really hope it is a smokescreen, really do hope.

  7. In other words we’re hopeless at taking them, and just as bad defending them I didn’t need stats to know this but knock yourself out.

  8. Our main reason to be so poor on defending set piece, is the goal keeper Migs, he is the worst #1 keeper we had in years, if look back from 2013/14 season we conceded 52 goals in the league alone with Migs as our keeper, that was a record,, hence we lost the league after we scored the second most, City goal difference was superior to ours.

  9. Next season will be the same as long as Migs is our # 1 keeper, it doesn’t matter who Klopp bring in as defenders.

  10. I think we will see the CB’s improve dramatically once we have a decent and commanding keeper behind them. If I have to see him catch the ball, sprint out with real purpose only to stop, look around with this confused Bambi expression for another season I will do my nut in. Remember the days when Pepe started many attack with a quick incisive release. Getting the golden glove award 4 years out of 5 is also a distant memory.

      • I am not living in the past, I never said bring Pepe back. I just want a keeper that will win us more games than he loses and unfortunately that is not Migs.

  11. Our keeper is the root of the whole issue. Has no clue when to come off his line. It’s something you either have or not. He doesn’t have that natural instinct. Makes the whole defence a comedy act as a result.

    Sakho needs to play the obvious ball more often, instead of tying to be clever.

    Moreno needs to know when to push up and when to hold fort.

    Other than that, everyone is cool. Great to have Flanno back. Clyne is Mr. dependable imo. Lovren has improved and Skrtle can get a job done.Kolo deserves another yr the way he’s playing.

  12. This is all interesting and all but it doesn’t actually tell us much other than we suck at corners.

    As a statistician I need more data.

    We need a break down of the past 3-4 years worth of corners by who was in the lineup etc. That will tell us how much this is a mingolet problem, or if certain CBs or pairings are particularly bad.

  13. Nothing more infuriating than watching Henderson come up to take the corner and do the raise your hand motion. (especially frustrating when he doesn’t even look up when doing it!!) ..before smashing it against the first man….Drives me fking crazy!

    • What drivers me crazier is Milner insisting on taking short corners that come to naught. Why do it? Nothing ever comes of them yet he does it week in week out. I have mentioned this in previous posts. Surely it is obvious. We have tall defenders. Whip it into the box, then the goals might come.

      • Yeah that is really annoying, especially considering Milner is probably the one player we have who can actually cross the ball. Really wish he’d do it more. Henderson’s corners are garbage, and unfortunately so are Coutinhos.

        Also though, those tall defenders are pretty useless at attacking the ball, Matip should solve that though.

  14. when we take corners no lfc players bullies the opponents keepers, only lallana does, when he doesn’t play there is no one and there is a routine catch.
    Plus liverpool players delivery is becoming worst n worst since gerrard left. We should put massive work on freekicks n crossing also.

    When we concede corners, rarely there is someone in the near n far post and we have 2 to 3 opponents bullying mignolet. Opponents knows exactly where to put the ball.

  15. name one player who has a heart of steel in the team. most are injury prone, others are selfie experts. a photo of Butcher in the dugout should help.

  16. When defending corners LFC have an inept, weak goalkeeper who is not a commanding presence. And outfield players who lack courage to attack the ball properly and the concentration to stay goal side of their opponent.

    Our attacking corners are often so poorly directed that they would be laughed at in an amateur league. And we don’t have too many players brave enough to head the ball properly either.

  17. This is wrong. It says that “almost a quarter of all corners result in a goal against [Liverpool]”. If that were true then 120 corners against Liverpool would have resulted in almost 30 goals. But it says they’ve resulted in 8.

    It seems the writer got confused between 22% of goals scored against Liverpool coming from corners (which is probably true), and 22% of corners against Liverpool resulting in goals (which definitely isn’t).

    Still, doesn’t change the fact that we’re s***e at defending them! :D

  18. We do not require statistics to confirm how poor we are because of our useless keeper and our incapability of putting the ball on Benteke’s bonce so he can head it in the net like he can. What a waste of time and energy our big defenders have getting up field to watch Milner not even get the ball passed the oppositions first defender. Sort of makes sense we need someone capable in goal and someone capable of taking perfect corners.

  19. Clearly these numbers indicate a critical failure in our defence, one that has managed to transcend management regimes and coaching styles as well.

    Granted the problem could still be systemic but with 2 different coaches and the continued pattern of poor returns on defending corners it’s far more likely that the problem lies with the personnel.

    In Sakho and Lovren we have 2 of the top 4 most aerially commanding CBs in the league (squawka) so I’d struggle to lay the blame at their feet (Skrtel ain’t too shabby either).

    It is however well documented that we have one of the shortest teams on average in the league and if you look at the other truly defensively minded outfield players left we have 2 FBs at 5’9″ and 5’7″ and a DM in Lucas at 5’10” (even Can is only 6′ even though he looks taller) – these are problems and to be honest I can only see Clyne as a regular starter for us next year out of those 3.

    The other half of the problem is down to Migs – he was a very good keeper for Sunderland but it sometimes happens that Liverpool is just too big a club for a player and despite their natural talent they never quite make the grade, this is now becoming painfully true for Simon, the flashes of brilliance we see from him are never regular enough for him to be ever be considered a viable first choice. A very smart guy by all accounts but it seems that his noggin is getting in his way these days and bollock droppery ensues.

    He has a 52% save percentage this season – which means every second shot on target goes in. That’s nuts and compares with most clubs 2nd choice options in goals – not their first.
    Cech is best in the league with something around 75% for comparison.

    Kloppo is no mug – he has brought in some monsters in Caulker, Grujic and Matip all nearly as tall if not taller than our current tallest 193cm in Skrtel.

    The new contract for Migs was a bit weird but you have to imagine they’re just protecting their asset, a new keeper will happen in the Summer. Mig’s numbers can’t be ignored…

    I can’t wait to see this figures again this time next year.

    • The whole transcending regimes struck me though. It’s a fact. We’ve struggled with this irrespective of manager. Height might play a factor but arsenal haven’t the tallest team either (minus the German giant).
      The fact is we need a change in strategy. From what I know, Liverpool have stuck with a zonal marking system when many have moved off it. Maybe a change in style is needed, not just personnel.

      That said, Mignolet couldn’t catch an std in a brothel. Upgrade needed there like yesterday. I genuinely think Klopp made a mistake with his decision to hand him the contract. He stuck with a very average Roman W in Germany too. Hope he gets this one right. You’re right, this simply cannot be ignored.

  20. Had highest number of corners. .. the worst defence when it comes to defending during a corner…
    Highest numbers of corners due to chances we took… no we didn’t. .. ! Highest number coz most of the time they don’t know where the net is… or bad with one on one.
    Worse defence… coz we have a keepers who loves to drop the ball thinking that he just caught an egg and defenders who are scared to clear the dropped egg..

  21. I think that our defenders really should take lessons from Illori how to defend corners or crosses he always is going to look where the ball is going not were the player is going he was always attacking the balls

  22. What we’v learned? Absolutely nothing. Every tom d!ck and harry knew this already. Just hoof the ball into our 6 yard box and you will increase your probability of scoring manyfold.

    Oh and add free kicks into the stats and we will definitely beat Swansea for the top spot.

  23. Honestly … this is good news. If Liverpool can get themselves organised in defence at set pieces then a large number of opposition goals will be dealt with and that means less balls in the back of the net. This season we’ve actually been pretty decent from a defensive point of view, set pieces being the exception, so if we tidy up that part of the game then you could almost consider the defence sorted.

  24. So we scored a total of five goals from corners. I can remember Skrtel, Kolo and Ings. Who were the other two to score?

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