Transfer Deadline Day: What could happen for Liverpool FC


Deadline Day is upon us, following a month of speculation surrounding possible Liverpool signings, and we bring you a rundown of what could potentially occur today.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp before the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

As this reaches you, the in-the-knows will already be linking the Reds with potential new players, there will have been claimed sightings of world-class talents in Liverpool, whilst Sky Sports play out their pantomime interpretation.

Deadline Day has become an integral part of the footballing calendar these days, whether you like it or not, and the next 15 hours or so promise to be as intriguing and ridiculous as ever.

Despite constant speculation linking Liverpool with exciting new purchases, this transfer window has actually proved to be a quiet one to date for the Reds.

Marko Grujic was signed from Red Star Belgrade for £5.1 million, but we will not get to see the young midfielder in a Liverpool shirt until next season, having returned to his former club on loan until the end of 2015/16.

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Steven Caulker is the only other arrival so far this window, on loan from Queen’s Park Rangers, with Liverpool struck by several defensive ailments.

The transfer window shuts at 11pm tonight — could there be a final flurry of activity at Liverpool?


Alex Teixeira

Alex Teixeira 2

The ‘Alex Teixeira to Liverpool’ transfer rumour has dominated much of the headlines this month, with Ian Ayre even flying out to Miami to try and secure a deal for the highly rated Shakhtar Donetsk forward.

Talks have frustratingly stalled in the last week or so, however, with Skakhtar demanding a fee of somewhere between £38 million and £53 million for the Brazilian, and Klopp seemingly unwilling to spend that sum of money on him.

Although the move does appear to be dead in the water until the summer, according to the Liverpool Echo, among others, it would be wrong to completely rule out some Deadline Day drama.


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Denis Cheryshev


Denis Cheryshev is one of those players who seems to have been eternally linked with a move to Liverpool in recent years — a bit like Man United and Wesley Sneijder.

According to Paco Gonzalez of Spanish radio station Cope, and corroborated by AS, the Reds are looking to strike a deal for the winger before the end of the transfer window.

The Real Madrid man has failed to secure regular first-team football for the European giants this season, and has reportedly been deemed surplus to requirements by new manager Zinedine Zidane.

It is not a signing that would exactly feel like a season-changing moment for Liverpool, but considering Jordon Ibe is Klopp’s only current wide-man of note, sealing a deal for him may be a shrewd piece of business.

Like so many reports, however, don’t bank on it.


Jerome Sinclair

EXETER, ENGLAND - Friday, January 8, 2016: Liverpool's Jerome Sinclair in action against Exeter City during the FA Cup 3rd Round match at St. James Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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Much has been made of Jerome Sinclair’s Liverpool future in the last month or so, with the 19-year-old keen to leave Anfield in order to enjoy more first-team football.

Watford have long been the club most likely to acquire the teenager’s signature, and it is a move that could run late into the day.

Rumours of Sinclair moving to Vicarage Road cooled a little at the end of last week, according to the Daily Mail, with a bid from the Hornets falling short of Liverpool’s £3 million valuation of him.

Don’t rule out the striker getting his wish for a move, however, with his second-half cameo against West Ham United on Saturday potentially his last appearance for the Reds.


Lawrence Vigouroux

Lawrence Vigouroux

Currently halfway through a season-long loan at Swindon Town, Lawrence Vigouroux is wanted on a permanent basis by the League One club, according to FLIC Wiltshire.

The eccentric Liverpool goalkeeper, who was suspended by Swindon earlier in the season for paying a £50 fine in pennies, has impressed at the County Ground this season, playing 27 times in all competitions.

He clearly has no future on Merseyside, so it would appear to be in the best interest of Vigouroux, the Reds and the Cherries to complete a deal before tonight.

The fact that Danny Ward is now back at Anfield surely only heightens the odds.

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      • Replying to you because the post will be far too low to be viewed:

        CONFIRMED: PEP to City in the summer…..

        I am actually quite happy as means he wont give the other Manchester team a lift.

          • Pretty sure United could match it.
            But it’s a tainted chalice as the fans expect saf type success and instantly.

            City he will get his three years and any player he wants whose available – neymar I don’t think is possible as barca won’t sell.

    • After perhaps our most successful January window in recent memory ( Suarez one is tarnished a bit because we also bought Andy carroll) when we bought studge and couts, we haven’t signed a player in jan have we? Grujic is the only one? Don’t understand why after such a good record in recent yrs, we stopped buying in jan.

        • We got that one season from him. Transfer studge’s goals to Chelsea that season and they probably finish above us. I’m happy se bought him. Without his soton goals also we wouldnt be looking at a trip to Wembley.

          • And I’m hopeful of more. I very much a fan of him. I did not think he was anything special when we signed him but boy has be made a convert of me. During the soton game as well..perhaps its how relatively starved we are of seeing world class goals day in and day out, but just seeing him play i realised how he can be that bit of stardust we need. I also like him a lot because he brings out the best of couts imo. Or at least the couts I adore.

        • Ukranians just want what they think is fair in a time of great personal need.. Dicking our hopes by stating, after all the talks and closed-door meetings, that they’ll only sell if Teixeira’s buyout clause is met was pretty lame; Then again that’s the game I guess. I wonder how much Teixeira’s interviews and statements affected SD’s resolve..but they know what they have. Compare Douglas Costa’s stats to Teixeira’s and tell me they’re not thinking of getting full value. Dude’s strong pacy and a great finisher. Soon to enter the most significant period of his career too.

          • We rejected 40M pounds for raheem sterling and settled for 1M under our evaluation of 50M with City.
            And he is HALF the player Tex is…

          • British player..proven talent…blah blah bs. I think 38m is fair for Alex, and 25m for Sterling is as well. Maybe 30m. Max

      • I believe it’s just a case of circumstance really. LFC managed to identify 2 good targets for great prices at the time – 20mil is very little money in today’s time for 2 quality players. Carroll saga was just madness and Suarez was well planned as well.

      • the suarez one was the best one without a doubt no matter who else we bought we bought suarez
        i would take him over studge and coutinho and second of any day ever

    • I hope you and I are wrong, but I think it will be either Zilch, or another Caulker type best! Can’t see any TOP signings being made in this window, but will remain hopeful and glued to skysports

    • It’s a good thing. Gone are the days of impulse-buys and caving to pressure. This seasons was written off the minute we hired Klopp. We wrote it off with the purpose of not putting unrealistic expectations on a new ‘marquee’ manager. Enjoy the rest of the season for what it is. 2016/2017 will be our Rebirth.

        • Yes surely.

          Also, I speak under correction but is his contract not up come end of the season? Does anyone have any info on this?

          • So is Yarmalenko though Arsenal are still paying 21M for him… They have magical contracts in those parts ;) I would imagine if the player goes on a strike a certain Mr Igor arrives at their door…

        • Hope so. Not sure on the contract situations in Ukraine.

          Yarmalenko has apparently 6 months on his contract yet Arsenal are going to pay 21M in the summer?

          Really would be nice to have clarity…

      • The Caulker loan (it’s just a loan deal) made sense considering just about every other CB we had at the time was injured, I don’t think it had any impact at all on any other business we did (or didn’t do), he was never intended as a long term solution..

    • I hope you are wrong, reports in Italy saying we have tabled a bid for Mauro Icardi. He has fallen out of favour with Mancini. I hope this is true

  1. I know what’s going to happen after the Transfer market. Ayre gonna get is butt kicked if he comes back with empty hands. TC has to explain why a top club like LFC is opting EMI schemes for a 35 million Player. Lot of Buzz – No progress. We call it Fish market negotiations in India.

  2. I’d rather keep faith with what we’ve got till the summer. The Real Madrid chap isn’t worth it, I would prefer we blooded in Ojo and Kent. Texiera won’t happen, or I certainly hope not for the fee being bandied about.
    A summer of big changes awaits I would think though. Till then, keep faith in the youth, they showed the first team how to play against West Ham anyway.

      • 6 months left on his contract and not looking to resign unless we can offer him more playing time.

        Personally I would prefer him to Lallana – offers far more attacking wise – but Kloppo feels otherwise as seen from team selections…

        • I can’t understand the constant use of Lallana over Texiera! Though I think both will be lucky to still be here after next summer. Shame for Texiera.

          • They play in the same position LW/LCAM.

            Milner also offers more defensively and is currently the captain with Hendo injured so he can’t be sacrificed.

            Who else would you sacrifice for minutes for Tex?
            Our best player in Cou?
            The False 9 who is scoring in Firimino?
            Or the VC Milner?

          • Milner in a flash! Lots of hard work but that doesn’t make a good player. Vice captain or not. But, as I said, Lallana constantly gets picked and, again, offers no more than hard work.

          • I really think he does a decent job wherever he placed besides CM.

            Great squad option but not the greatest starting 11 player.

            I would keep him over Lallana anyday.

          • I really think he does a decent job wherever he placed besides CM.

            Great squad option but not the greatest starting 11 player.

    • quite right and, at last, bar Sturridge, Ings and Gomez, we could have a more or less full squad to pick from in the next 2 weeks.

  3. No more first class tickets, hotel suites and expensive dinners for Ian Ayre during his trips to meet potential players. FSG should ship him by DHL, let him stay in a pet house, and feed him cat food… until he delivers a top signing (without overpaying)!

    • Why does everyone blame Ayre!? It’s crystal clear that FSG are sending him into battle with one hand tied behind his back. The fact he manages to complete any deals is a miracle and he should be knighted!
      e,g,If FSG say you can go up to £25 million and £80k a week wages…how is it Ayres fault when a Chelsea come along and offer £35 million and £140k a week.

      • Did we encounter such a situation for Benteke? or Lovren? or Lallana? or Joe Allen? I doubt Chelsea were after them, yet Ian Ayre had to overpay. Not forgetting of course that Bodgers was adamant to get his guy, so the selling club had the upper hand in negotiation. In the current situation, I hope we do not overpay because Klopp has told the world he does not like to pay “Disneyland” prices. So people like Shakhtar Donetsk CEO Sergei Palkin can go stuff themselve up from behind.

        • Thats the market and nothing to do with Ayre.
          Benteke was Villa’s prize asset, noway they would let him go for under £30 million,
          Lallana and Lovren came off the back of a great season, and Southampton didn’t want to sell either. Plus Lallana carries a premium as being English. £15 million was a fair price for Allen….would have preferred closer to £12, but in no ways was that vastly overpaying.

          • That’s what negotiations are for, and Ian Ayre is poor at that. Professionals assessed the player’s Market Value based on demand and supply and other factors (eg. performance, injury records etc.). The Transfer Value is what we paid for the players. Let’s look at some facts from Transfermarkt (in Euros):

            1. Benteke – was worth 20 million Euros, LFC got him for 46.5 million Euros.
            2. Lovren – was worth 12 million Euros, LFC got him for 25.3 million Euros.
            3. Lallana – was worth 7.5 million Euros, LFC got him for 31 million Euros.
            4. Joe Allen – was worth 4 million Euros, LFC got him for 19 million Euros.

          • Your valuations are laughable! You can not be seriously citing transfermarkt *shakes head and signs*
            PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG £24.5 million…good luck picking him up for a penny under £60 million!
            Álvaro Morata £16.45…yer right!!
            Paul Pogba £38.5, yes please!!
            The valuations on TransferMarkt are pure fantasy and have zero relevance in the real world…They also don’t take into account the huge difference between, the value of a player that a club are looking to sell, and the value of a player they are keen to keep, and do not wish to sell and replace.

          • What are you on about? These are not my valuations. You can’t compare Benteke with Aubameyang, or Joe Allen with Pogba etc. These are top top players and clubs would not be willing to sell them at their Market Values. In fact, all clubs will try to sell as high as they can and that’s why Transfer Values are usually higher. Willing buyer willing seller dictates that negotiations are needed, but in no way can you justify Ian Ayre paying those amounts for Joe Allen, Lallana, Benteke etc. They can command a higher Transfer Value than Market Value, but not multiple times that only top top players can rightly justify.

          • Who was comparing players!?
            I was just giving you other valuations from TransferMarkt, which proves how wildly inaccurate they are!!

          • I agree that Benteke was a £20-£25 million player. IMO £25 million due to his age and 1 goal every 2 games ratio in the EPL..but Villa didn’t want to sell, so he was always going to cost more than his current true value.
            Rodgers was adamant that we get him, so he pushed the boat out. That’s Rodger’s fault in my eyes and not Ayre’s.
            If Klopp set his mind on one player to build the team around, who was valued at £35 million…Ayre would be damned if he paid £45, and damned if he refused to go over £40 million.

      • Not that I disagree with your larger point but doesn’t he have a fair bit of say in the finances of LFC? He is the CEO after all..I doubt Gordon makes all the decisions himself and he’s just a messenger. Surely he can exercise some level of discretion.

        • The way I understand it, Is the committee decide upon the wages and fee, as well as the target. Ayre is given some wriggle room. But at the end of the day he’s an employee, being given a budget by his employer. FSG are much more accountable than Ayre for failing signings IMO.

      • I think you are right with that analysis, reminds me of the film Local Hero, the agent sent on a fools errand.

        • I don’t know the film, but “fools errand” sums it up nicely.
          I once heard the analogy, that when Europe’s top clubs arm their negotiators to the the hilt. FSG give Ayre a pointy stick and send him on his merry way :)

        • Ayre is an employee, people tend to forget that. He’s the face of all transfers, so gets the blame when they fall though.
          If I sent you to the bar with a £1 coin and told you to buy a pint…would it be your fault the person behind you buys the pint and you come back to the table empty handed. You can be the worlds best negotiator…you ain’t getting that pint for a £1-00!!

          • totally agree people like to blame ayre as they think fsg are our saviours i did not realise that so many people would believe what ever you told them

          • Although, i take your point that Ayre is an employee and that FSG policy constraints are an enormous problem. But he is a very key employee in the formulation and execution of transfer strategy. For too long we seem to be unable even when we had ECL football to obtain top quality players but pay well above the odds in fees and wages for average or sub standard players.

            The resulting consequences are quite clear on the pitch. Off the pitch, we are in a financial mess. Not no where as bad as 2010. But as the FSG money ball strategy relied on the TC, Ayre and BR identifying and negotiating the targets. We have seen numerous failed attempts for quality players and an inflow of predominantly at best squad players. Selling players that are bought at a relative low cost for a profit is how a lot of clubs survive. The problem is that we are buying a lot of sub-standard players at a high price and most of the players bought over the last 3 years, their asset values have dropped below what we paid. To the point that the availability of transfer funds will be severely limited. The worrying thing is that most TIA LFC supporters could probably done a far better job of running the club commercially and in particular of identifying and executing the transfer of quality signings.even with FSG constraints. Perhaps that says something about the intelligence of LFC fans and something about that of Ayre, BR and the TC.

            There seems to be a fracture that may develop between Klopp on one side and that of Ayre/FSG/TC on the other. To correct the current problems will take a combination of time and a large net transfer kitty being geared up for concentration on Klopp identified quality signings he would like to make. I suspect that Klopp is adopting the almost frugal German Angela Merkel that he is not paying well above the odds even for quality targets as he has big holes across various areas of the team with limited funds. Therefore, may be adopting an approach of some free transfers like Matip and hopefully releasing funds for high profile quality signings like Aubeyang

            The great fear is that Klopp will be undermined by Ayre and the TC with FSG financial constraints on every possible deal. Repeating the same mistakes of going for scatter gun quantity rather than selective quality. will simply further condemn LFC to the same fate shown by NUFC or Villa. Although, Klopp has made some mistakes at LFC, he is overall a great manager. The reality is that FSG, the TC and Ayre need to be on the same page as Klopp not just the other way rouind

          • For too long we seem to be unable even when we had ECL football to obtain top quality players but pay well above the odds in fees and wages for average or sub standard players.
            Top quality players cost more (fee and wages) than FSG will allow Ayre to pay.
            Paying over the odds as targeting English players, EPL experience players and players clubs don’t want to sell.

  4. I expect Ian Ayres on tv tonight telling the supporters that it simply isn’t worth spending way over the odds when we can get the players we need in the summer much cheaper ! Not Klopp delivering the message it’s not him failing at his job .

  5. To be fair, I think Klopp iss taking a circumspect approach to signing players. Unless someone is truly valuable, and is not overpriced, he will not sign them because the team is still saddled with 30+ players that Bodgers signed with 300 million Pounds. We need to get rid of quite a number of deadwood, and this season and the next are the windows from which these players can start dancing to prove their worth. If they do not dance well, or refused to dance, they will be shipped out. Once the team is cut down to size, I expect Klopp to starting building up his own team with the remains of those who performed well this season and next. That’s why I think Bodgers’ mediocrity is still going to stink for a couple more seasons.

  6. The best thing about Klopp is that he knows what he wants. Transfer committee will still be there but I think there might be a strategy change. The over the top signings have invariably not worked in LFC and the transfer fee has been the biggest burden on those players. Klopp is conscious about it and taking a prudent approach.

    Breaking the bank is good only if you are doing it for the right player OR else the player , no matter how good he is, will buckle under the pressure of that albatross.

  7. Liverpool have denied Jerome Sinclair the opportunity to join Watford, according to reports from the Daily Mirror.

    Sinclair has made it clear that he is looking to leave Liverpool after refusing to sign an extension to his contract which expires at the end of the current campaign.

    Watford are interested in Sinclair and it was recently reported that the striker was on the verge of making a £3million move to Vicarage Road.

    However, recent reports suggest that the Reds have decided to block Sinclair’s prospective move to join the Hornets, even if it means that they could risk losing the striker for free at the end of the season.

    I think this is a GOOD MOVE. Pittance of a fee. Might as well lose him on a free than strengthen a team placed higher than us. Watford. Blimey.

    • 100% agree, It would cost us more than £3 million to bring a striker in on loan, including wages. Keep Sinclair and give him some games, If he plays well, we can then offer him more money to re-sign, if he doesn’t…£3 million on cover is better IMO than a panic signing.

    • If he goes to a team based in England won’t there be a tribunal like for Danny Ings? Mya get more than 3M from the tribunal?

      • Keep him instead of strengthening a rival. As AngryKlopp rightly points out below, there are plenty of opportunities for him to play in the Cups. If he does well, we still win.

    • Watford are actually currently below us. In any case, I doubt Sinclair would have a lot to help them this season…that forward from Malaga for 6mil probably might have more to do.

      I do agree with the 3mil valuation though. Worth it to stick to that.

  8. Read some reports saying tex, morata, matip will not anyhow take place this window. Maybe we might sign denis on loan for rest of the season. So no big money signing apprehension or depression for us.

    • Matip contract is up in June and we have a pre-contract arrangement.

      Morata is a possibility considering he is 4th choice at Juve. However Real have a buy back clause that kicks in this summer – they could buy him back and re-sell to us for a profit no problem. Morata biggest issue is the partnership Dyabla and Pogba have striked up. Also Manzukic is chipping in regularly. Dyabla looks a real star!

      Tex – unless we offer something close to their valuation – 38M we can forget it. Considering we rejected City 40M bid for our ‘wonderkid’ sterling – I feel there stance is fair.

      • No we don’t. Matip is in contract talks with his current club, who are trying to talk him into signing a new contract. No pre-contract agreement with Liverpool has been signed.

        • Okay just bit strange as Sky did report we have a verbal agreement not a pre-contract written one though. Shalke will try but hopefully we offer more incentive and get rid of one our current failing CBs.

          Personally I won’t mind seeing Kolo retire and Skrtel sold. Joe Gomez can slot into Kolo spot and Matip into Skrtels.

          • I would be happy if the only other business we did today, was to turn that verbal into written!

          • Despite a late push by Schalke to hold on to Joel Matip, reports today claim that the 24-year-old Cameroonian international has agreed a pre-contract with Liverpool and will join up in the summer. :)

          • Fantastic News!

            Amazing how we get the free guys signed up with very little issues –
            Matip, Milner, Ings, Kolo

            but struggle when there is an evaluation for a player outside of the EPL.

            Our scouts need replacing IMO. Our entire structure needs rethinking top down. We have a world class manager time we get a world class DOF and structure. Arsenal and Tot structure help them get those undercover gems no problem and buy quality when its quoted high – Son and Lloris.

        • They have contested it so has been suspended. If they can somehow keep the ban suspended until the summer I think they will spend big and quickly.

          Fact that Perez has not made 1 single panic buy shows me there are confident of the ban being suspended until August – like Barcas. Same for Athletico. Doesn’t make sense to appeal it now, not buy in Jan and not be allowed to buy for another 2-3 windows?!

          I really want to see De Gea at Real though. He saves United far too much. Though their other target are not nearly as impressive – Hazard especially.

        • The transfer ban is for the summer and next January’s windows, in any event it’s been suspended pending appeal…

  9. Twitter round up of Liverpool rumors:

    Shakter CEO has advice a deal can be done in 2 minutes IF we offer the right money – fat chance.

    Cheryshev – Agent is using Liverpool as BAIT, Balague claims we are NOT interested in him and he is on his way to Sevilla.

    Sinclair – this is where it gets bit silly really. Klopp not willing to sell 2 STRIKERS yes 2. So if Sinclair goes the next one won’t happen – now it gets ridiculous.

    Newcastle are interested in our main donkey – Benteke (had to refrain from using his nickname I made). And are offering 18-19M however we will let him go for 25M as Newcastle see better value in him than Behairno.

    Madness I tell you. Who writes this stuff?!

      • And it would be a good amount. That is the reality of this market. If this fire is too hot, don’t go for this type of player from this type of club. Simples.

        No one should be walking into these deals with their eyes closed.

        • Part of me think’s FSG’s low ball initial offer tactics, does us no favours. It only goes to get the back up of the player, his agents and the selling club…I wonder if that had anything to do with the rise from £38m to £53m?

          • I wouldn’t say our initial bid of 25mil was poor. But the fact that we didn’t do anything after it and it only ended up unsettling the player giving the interview, with all the speculation about this transfer might have angered them instead.

          • The confirmed offer was £24 million + £3 million in bonuses.
            You ain’t going to land a £38 million player for under £30 million. I was hoping for £32m but expecting £35.
            I agree though, that if followed by say….£27m + £3, then maybe a deal could have been done 3rd time around £29+£3?

          • Yeah, perhaps Ukrainians would still have said close, but no cigar..but atleast it would have shown that we’re more serious about this transfer. 35mil maybe could have done it.

          • I think we aggravated them especially playing it out in the media… Ayre is still a poor negotiator IMO.

            Levy gets deals done on the cheap.
            Woodward overpays but gets it done.
            Chelsea and City get it done within hours of declaring interest.

            Ayre sits messing about – only Firmino was done quickly and swiftly!

          • I disagree and think Ayre has the most difficult job.
            A strategically shaved chimp could do woodward’s job.

          • I do agree that negotiating when you have a TC behind transfers is difficult because you need a majority ruling… But Levy in Ayres place would do a far better job IMO…

            Ayre is even awful at selling the players we don;t want:
            Either can’t find a club or its a loan and we pay their wages or sell for under market value – IE Aaspas – sevilla resold him immediately and made a profit!

            Only 2 players Ayre has sold at a profit – 1 to City who don’t care to haggle and the other was World Class and the best striker in the world… we squandered that 75M on overrated British talent and TC gambles..

          • We (as in the club) didn’t play anything out in the media, that was almost entirely down to the player and ‘sources close to him’. The club have literally not made a single comment to the media, if anybody aggravated the owners it was probably the player himself and unfortunately we’re dealing with a club owner who can afford to play hardball and isn’t about to let any player dictate to him. having said that if we’d got a deal done on day one we would have avoided the circus that followed..

          • they offer bids they no will be laughed at then when the window closes we will have their lemmings on the forums telling us they tried

          • I wouldn’t rule out one or two more Caulker type deals, but too late for any major signings.
            But you never know. There is normally a knock on effect and players become available late in the day after their club has made a major signing.
            My advise turn off SkySports until after 9 p.m.

          • Not necessarily a reject. The massive transfers have a ripple effect, which nobody can predict until they happen,

          • Michy Batshuayi
            reports going about that we scouted him on Friday. He scores goals and fits into FSG’s…young and cheap philosophy

          • Newcastle and Stoke consider Michy Batshuayi as alternative to Saido Berahino. maybe we are interested as well. 12 goals in 23 games this season. Origi mk2?

          • they want 30 million and stoke are after him there record signing is 12 million i cannot see them over doubling that
            The french leagues not that great i would not touch him at 15 million never mind 30

          • Some say Klopp is a huge admirer and sees him as Studge replacement.
            Spurs, Newcastle, Stoke, Arsenal, Liverpool are all interested in him.
            Just signed a new contract on Jan 6TH, so will take a big offer as both the player and the club want to sell in the summer window…won’t be any lack of potential buyers from all over Europe.
            12 goals and 7 assists in 23….just do it FSG!!

          • in the french league take psg out of that league and its poor mate i would expect any decent striker to get 12 goals

          • I think we should be seriously looking at a striker. Even if just a loan.
            Origi could be back soon, but all we have is Benteke and Firmino (playing as a striker), if either, or both get injured we are screwed!
            Personally I wouldn’t let Sinclair leave, until the summer, so we have back up. Ojo isn’t ready IMO and needs to play for the rest of the season with the kids, with a few cup and possibly EPL appearances from the bench, to help blood him for next season.

          • Its okay if Benteke gets injured I have a really big piece of tree branch that fell in my yard yesterday – should do the same job if not better!

          • A shame really. I think he’s okay as a manager. But when has he absolutely built something on his own? Got Rijkaards Barca and Van Gaal’s Bayern.

          • Naa he made structural changes to Rijkaard’s Barca. Eto’o and Ronaldinho were stars of the show at that point of time…Pep got the youth in.

          • Most minutes played in Rijkaards last season was Valdes, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Abidal, Milito, Yaya Toure, Zambrotta, Messi and Henry. The pillars of Valdes-Xavi-Iniesta-Messi-Puyol was allready put in place by Pep.

            He did bring in Pique and Alves his first season and upgraded Busguets. But the stuff was in place bij Rijkaard.

          • Sure but can you really take credit away from Pep for that? I mean it’s not like he’s going to actively rehash the squad just to prove that he can do a rebuilding job. If the spine is as good as that, why would any manager rebuild? It would be sheer lunacy to do so.

            The things Pep could change he did though. The style of playing was completely different. The Pique, Alves, Busquets introduction, the replacement of David Villa and Pedro for Ronaldinho and Eto’o was pretty massive as well. Having individuals is all well and good, but employing that system to go to being considered as one of the best footballing sides of all time – one can’t take credit away from that. It literally changed the face of football across the globe and even Spain fed off of it’s success.

          • Oh he obviously did great. But just like van Gaal his heritage was very, very good. Ronaldinho was quite done with the hard work and all that. Having Messi/Xavi/Iniesta at the club makes it quite easy to step it up.

            Nor did he build anything at Bayern if you ask me. He took van Gaals team, added a bit and went on to take the club into the direction it was allready taking.

          • Agreed but he still does a good job of getting the best out of the team. In that aspect, imagine Man City on steroids..think that’s a pretty good fit for him for getting them to success.

          • I think they need to do a lot. Fullbacks, midfield, central defense.. all quite not there. But Neymar to City sounds like a real possibility now.

            I had hoped he would take a small team to great heights. Say what you want about Mou, he took Porto to the CL. What Klopp did at both Mainz and Dortmund. That’s the real stuff. Almost anyone can be champions with Barca, Bayern or Real Madrid.

          • Almost anyone can be champions with Barca but he did a lot more than just win a championship though didn’t he? Both Barca and Real had their best possible teams and he still defeated them 5-0 and definitely won the overall war over those years.

            Btw Pellegrini didn’t win La Liga with Real. :)

          • Real has been real sht for the last 10 years or so. No clue on how to build a lasting team so time and again you get this cray Napoleonesque chairmans with their Galactico ideas. Selling Makalele and Xabi Alonso because they weren’t big names.

            He has managed one of the best sides ever to have played. He got the best out of Xavi-Iniesta-Messi in their prime. Good job obviously. But.. yeah.. wasn’t poor what he took over. Same as Bayern, which he made a bit worse actually.

          • What’re you talking about? There was a time when Real and Barca literally boasted the 22 best players in the world. Both teams got their best artillery, but Jose lost, fair and square. And even when you claim they were sh***t they weren’t bad. Alonso was only sold later on…they got the very best out of him.

          • I thought that Real team was so incredible poor. Nothing but power, kicking about and relying on Ronaldo up front, chelseaesque. I genuinely hated that team.

          • Ok but you can’t call that poor! That’s a bit ridiculous yes? And btw, it was Mourinho who orchestrated it in that manner.

          • Yuck…

            I’m a major fan of the Madrid with Raul, Hierro, Seedorf, Macca and especially Redondo. Compare that fluidity, footballing joy and what not to the industrious kicking about by Mous team. Bah

          • Yeah many will agree there but my point is you can’t call that Real team poor though.And you were praising Mou earlier yes?

          • His Porto team was full of flair and football. After that he stopped shop and kicked about.

            And it was sht compared to Real Madrids standards. Not sht compared to RKC Waalwijk or Hartlepool of course.

          • Disagree. First off, Jose’s been doing the same thing pretty much every club though I don’t want to trivialize his achievements. But his approach to attack has always been very brute force like.

            And no it wasn’t sh***t compared to Madrid standards even. They did the best they could, they still defeated most of the teams in La Liga and registered close to 100 points every season. They still swatted teams 6-0 and 7-0 quite regularly so you definitely cannot call that team poor. It was incredibly effective..

          • Yes, no football, only power. Yuck.. not how Madrid should play.

            At Porto he actually did it very different. It was an attacking side with lots of football in it.

          • I saw that Champions League campaign…he got the most out of them as a team in an efficient manner…though attacking flair Porto wasn’t that year. They only really capitalized on other team’s mistakes and weaknesses.

          • -Like 100%
            Man City have confirmed that he joins in the summer on a 3 year deal,
            Pels to Chelsea?

          • man city will spend massive in the summer as will all the big clubs we will have peanuts

          • Not at all.
            You don’t employee Klopp and not give him funds to rebuild, not after giving the outgoing manager £300 million +.
            You seem to be forgetting the HUGE amount of extra money coming in with new TV deal.
            Massive squad overhaul coming….I suggest you go on transferMarket and see how much business Klopp did in every one of the 7 seasons at Dortmund. I think we will spend over £200 million. half of that coming from sales, the other half the new TV money

          • I can see 200mil being spent but all in one summer? I doubt that’s going to happen. Generally our net spend always comes to about 30-40mil. Considering FSG only spent about 20-25mil in net expenditure and taking into account some of the players that will be sold I can see something close to 100mil, best case scenario.

            150mil in a single window seems like it probably won’t happen though.

          • Ok, I doubt even net spend would be a 100mil mate. Exits best case scenario we get 50mil depending on how many people leave.

          • I still think about £150+. £80 + in sales. plus new signings. Klopp usually brings in a dozen new faces every summer…I’m expecting a summer cull

          • That first season he got 17 players in at BVB…how many of them were really academy players and how many of them first team?

          • 12
            google Dortmund signings 2008 and look on transferMarkt. Do the same for 2009, 2010, etc,.

          • wheres the 110 million plus coming from we will have to off load clubs will know that they will low ball us with offers the class players are gone

          • We can easily recoup £80 million in sales…and you are underestimating the new TV money.
            FSG don’t sign Klopp and then not give him any money.
            Stop being so negative. It will be a huge summer for us and lots of money spent on bringing in the players Klopp wants.
            Klopp has just confirmed what you said earlier…he’s not expecting any incomings today :(

          • hold on its not being negative its based on facts they have never invested big money without selling and they certainly have never spent no where near 70 million net in a window
            so why are they going to do it now

          • Because a) the massive amounts of new TV money the clubs will get from this summer
            b) You don’t employee a manager like Klopp and then not give him money. Klopp could have gone anywhere…he would not have taken the job without assurances of money being available for him to rebuild.

          • ok what happened to the cl money we did not spend big the summer after we got that into the club net its not going to happen

          • Stoke just broke that record….


            Stoke City have agreed €24m fee (£18.2m) with Porto for French midfielder Gianelli Imbula, reports The Times.

            The report suggests Porto will also receive 15 per cent of any future transfer fee.

            Madness that Palace, Stoke, Newcastle are able to sign these top players yet we can’t. Still think its incompetency from the top down and how Ayre still has a job and the committee still in place is an even bigger mystery…

          • Here’s the moment Oumar Niasse arrived at Everton’s training ground after Locomotive Moscow accepted a £13.5m bid for the striker.
            even everton are getting in on the act

          • Stokalona I can accept but Everton is such a hard bitter pill to swallow especially when they have an in form striker in Lukaku PLUS Kone plus Lennon…

          • Spurs and West Ham are some of the PL clubs chasing Michy Batshuayi. Marseille hope to get at least £30m for him in the summer

          • Only newcastle have actually submitted a bid! Mike Ashley living up to his word is a bigger shocker than Ayre failing at a “big” deal.

          • Like Lewa to Real.
            Benzema to PSG ;)

            Watch this summer. Hopefully someone somewhere will take our static donkey!

          • My advice to LFC then would be to not partake in this sort of nonsense. That’s exactly what the Carroll deal was like and we all know how that turned out. Buying a player on impulse alone is generally a bad idea.

    • The Newcastle story sounds plausible. I think they’ve already bid for Lacazette for 21mil and some reports were saying they’re ready to bid 24mil for Berahino as well. They really are spending big this winter! Anyway, given that bid, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for them to bid 25mil for Benteke.

      • Given our history of spending big when we sell big it could allow us to offer a BETTER amount for Tex – say 31M + 4M bonuses…

        I really hate the idea of more than 4 changes in the summer. Rather do 2-3 now and 3-4 in the summer. Easier for the team to settle than this summer of rebuilding every year!

        • Hmm I just had a crazy thought right now…what if we sell Benteke for 25mil in the dying hours of the transfer window and within that time-frame also get the Teixiera deal done for 10-12mil more!? That would be pretty crazy but I should probably get back to reality now.

    • Would sell Benteke to castle for25 and get Bera to replace him, he reminds me of Stdge, and I think we’ll worth the risk!
      We should have bought him last summer instead of the tree branch!

      • Should just offer straight swap. Pulis loves a target man both are rated similar value just his wages may be a problem for West Brom.

        PS still laughing at the last part of the comment tree branch!

  10. Daily Mail saying we might make one more bid for Teixiera…can’t see any big signings happen this window though sadly. I do feel we’re quite short in attacking quality at the moment. But there’s no point in trying to make a rash decision to get a player in under 24 hours at this point of time unless we’re absolutely convinced he’s the right player for us.

  11. Will liverpool sign a high profile player?absolutely not!!if we are going to sign someone,he will be shyte and average! The 36 persent that voted yes is the definition of deluded!! Cough onyx Cough

    • Onyx is a Bodgers’ supporter, not an LFC fan. He comes online together with the other Bodgers’ lemmings when Bodgers is in the media headlines or when we lose a match. He insisted that the players’ values went up because of Bodgers, even though I took the time and effort to send him facts that showed otherwise. He refused to acknowledged facts and started insulting. None of the Bodgers’ lemmings are willing to accept facts. They have plenty of opinions though.

    • Heh, I did vote yes. But it’s more out of sheer hope then anything else. I’m not counting on anything. But history shows we love to do late deals. Sakho, Carroll, Agger.. all last day deals.

  12. I don’t think Texeira’s deal is the one we should throw everything at. I mean the guy could be good but we’re making it easy for teams around Europe to charge us more when its LFC buying their players. 38mil for someone who is not THE hot property of Europe seems a little crazy for me.

    If nothing really happens this window is not the end of the world for me, simply because

    1. No real ‘available’ targets
    2. It will give Klopp more time to assess his youth players and first team players so he can fully manage his team comes summer.

    • Id disagree we have paid over the odds for downing lovren adams lallana. Id rather pay over for texeira than the above. Mind you as soon as i hear ayres is on a flight i know its a dead duck. And its not klopp who wont sanction its tc and fsg. Its just easier to put it in klopps court as the fans trust him.

    • 25 goals in 21 matches. Yeah I don;t think you can’t say his form isn’t red hot.

      Considering those stats put Douglas Costas to shame and look what an incredible impact he has had.

      Enough of the time excuse. Doesn’t take more than a month to see which players are not of LFC standard.

      • If Tex is putting in 25 goals in 21 matches, i would check for the supplier of the passes in the team and perhaps go for him as well. It would be nice to see if behind him you have a great creator or if not is it all up to him??

        How many of those goals are dead ball situations, tap in rebounds or his own creation in the box? This is not taking anything away from Tex….. just checking. If anything I am looking forward to seeing him in a red shirt this summer. What I really want is to check if there is the creator behind him who links up superbly with him and for Klopp not to leave that player behind. Yes dream…..I will.

        In the event that SD are still asking for Disneyland monies for him in summer it would be logical to go for the creator in the midfield.

      • I know all about Texeira’s stats and I get your point. Again I just don’t think we should throw 38mil for him anyways. Lots of players score for fun for their former teams just to struggle in the PL. Even the PL scorers like Benteke is now struggling in our team. Plus, we only have a handful of attacking midfielders. Thats why I don’t think he’s THE solution to our scoring issues.

        Not all transfers provide the impact the same way as Douglas Costa’s. To me we need a proper striker and DM. Texeira scores 25 goals in 21 matches yet there are no rumors linking him with United, City, PSG and Madrid, that shows you he’s good but not the most wanted marksman in Europe, something we desperately need.


    We understand that it’s very unlikely that Liverpool will go back with a third offer for Alex Teixeira today.

    Liverpool have made their intentions to sign Teixera pretty clear this window but the deal seemed to have hit the buffers regarding the transfer fee. Shakhtar Donetsk wanted £38 million but Liverpool offered £25 million – it is understood that Shakhtar proved difficult to negotiate with.

    Unless Shakhtar have a change of heart – and this would be incredibly surprising – then this looks like one for the summer window.


    If Shakter are willing to take 30M then maybe Sinclair sale could help?! Doubt Liverpool will offer higher though – TC saw Lallana as a 26M player and our ‘static donkey’ but not a pacey attacking forward who cna ACTUALLY score goals as being worth over 25?! Madness. Especially considering the likes of Newcastle and Stoke offering 21M for Beharino yet we are a “BIG CLUB” and won’t go to 30?!

    • The problem here though is that they’re asking closer to 40mil in this instance and not the 30mil. I am a little sad that this deal won’t happen this window but on the other hand, I understand the club’s stance here.

      • Lets add this up and see how cheap LFC really are:

        Caulker loan – fee not reported.
        Youngster – 500K
        Grugic: 5.1M
        Minus 3.6M Shelvey

        Net spend: 8.2M.
        We are offering 24M for Tex but in a payment plan:

        Our budget was probably 30-32M… Thinking in hindisght should have left Grugic deal until summer and just gone all out for Tex…

  14. We won’t beginning anyone. I’m glad we aren’t paying over the odds for Texiera. Yes I know he’s had a few good games in Champs League. But scoring consistently in the Prem is another thing.

    We paid well over the odds for lallana and Benteke and they’ve been poor. We’ve a few decent kids coming through I’d rather see the likes of Tex and Smith get a chance

    I know our squad is bang average but I’d rather wait till summer and get in properly scouted players for sensible money from decent leagues. Klopps signing of Matip send out that signal for me.

    Unfortunately until we are regularly playing intended Champs League it will be hard to get high quality non risk players through the gates.

    Keep the faith fellow Reds fans. We’ve got a quality manager with a winners mentality. We won’t be setting the world alight yet, but it will come

  15. Reading the comments about waiting until the summer texieria will still be available, could be more choice in the market no need for an impulse buy etc. which makes sense.


    What if texieria and shaktar have a serious run in the champions league and he’s then a £50 million player? Surely £35 of so millions for a goal scoring forward is worth it? In the summer consistent goal scoring forwards will all be £35 plus. Maybe texieria comes in and we win the FA cup or the Europa league? He gets 6 months playing klopps ‘working pre-season’ and next year we settle down and have a crack at the league! I’ve said for a long time the squad is fine it’s the first team that needs improving. Whether klopps going to play ward and a few other youngesters to see if there are some home grown talent about we’ll have to see. But at the same time goal scoring is our problem, that Belgium donkey needs putting out to pasture and goal scorer found. I can’t see why waiting until the summer is going to change that except for the fact that we will continue to struggle to score.

    The only way I can see waiting as a good thing is if in the summer Madrid, barca, bayern all have a clear out and Klopp pulls suraez, benezama and lewdonski out of the bang!

    • A lot of common financial and footballing sense from DB. It is almost as though a lot of people on TIA have written off this season and think that the Klopp player revolution should start only in the summer. I have serious doubts with Ayre, the TC and FSG’s strategic constraints on transfers. Which will probably mean more of the same transfer mistakes despite Klopp’s arrival and targets

      If we can get Tex in for 26m plus say 8m in add-ons. That only drops 4m below their valuation. If Lacazette is available for less than 25m then get him in now as well. We urgently need these goal-scoring players now even if it is to just bed them in ready to hit the ground running for next season.. For this season with these kind of players we still have a strong chance of winning the Europa, League and Fa cups with ECL qualification. Even possibly, if there are slip ups from say Spurs a top 4 finish.

      It is quite clear that Benteke, Balo and probably Sturridge are not part of Klopp’s plans. We could possibly raise 60m in the summer for those three to pay for Tex and Laca.. Buying players in the summer means that there will be multiple bidders bidding the price up for any prospective LFC transfer as all clubs look for potential quality buys as established quality players tend to be already at the top clubs. Some of the better first team LFC players should be kept for at least another season and may become eventually back up squad players. A lot of our young players need to be blooded further in games to evaluate and develop what they can do or correct what they can’t.

      Every transfer buy is a risk no matter how much or little the fee is or what the transfer target’s past or current form is. With transfer budget constraints, price is important. But more so is getting players that firstly should fit the LFC general criteria of being physically,mentally and technically strong enough. Secondly, to be specifically adept in terms of pace, work rate and movement in fitting to the manager’s pattern of play. Thirdly, have excellent football intelligence and quality end-product. At this time only Sturridge and Coutinho have quality end product in the final third. All our problems on the pitch are not going to be sorted out in one summer transfer window Doing next to nothing in the January window looks foolish especially with a lack of available attacking options and clubs like Newcastle looking to splash the cash on Lacazette or Benteke. Why are we waiting to the last day of the window to go on a mad scramble?….Yet again.

    • Aren’t Shaktar already knocked out of CL? I think they’re in Europa League now. But I do agree with your point overall and I think most others will too.

  16. Zidane said that Denis Cheryshev will leave Real Madrid on MON (today).
    Relatively cheap…but seem underwhelming – £7m could secure.


  17. We really should go for Lacazette today. He would cost 25mil tops and is a proven goal scorer. Even do an exchange with Benteke as part of the deal as he really does not suit our style of play.

    • Selling Benteke to a desperate NUFC for 25m and getting Lacazette in anywhere below 25m would be ideal and more realistic. It is the kind of Rafa wheeler dealing we need to move LFC forward

  18. Very disappointing.

    I’d have thought Klopp would have signed only with guaranteed transfer funds.

    His first window has come and nearly gone and a free transfer is about it.

    Doesn’t seem right given our poor form. 1 last gasp win, 2 defeats, 1 draw in the league for January would suggest what we have is just not up to it.

          • Klopp could have went to any of the big spenders so why would he risk shattering his reputation coming here trying to rebuild Rodgers mess on 1 single free transfer?

          • Maybe he wanted to build a team instead of taking over a team that was already built ,maybe fsg hoodwinked him like they seem to have most the posters on here
            I love klopp and his passion but we will not get back to the top without massive funds and thats not fsg
            unless your a girls rounders team

          • No he will not mate he as bought into the dream and aura about liverpool he will want to be the one that puts us back on top
            If he does not then how much blame will lay at his feet and how much at the fatcats fsg

          • I hope you are wrong, and I hope he does leave, if as you say, he was hoodwinked and now is too weak to do anything about it. Wouldn’t have thought he was that desperate for a job.

          • i did not say he was to weak i just think he thinks he can do it that way
            if he left we would end up with another lifeless puppet on the touchline
            and i would even include gerrard in that fsg will only hire a man they think will stick to there rules

          • Apart from scraping past Stoke into the final, have things really improved? We still can’t defend, we still get bullied in the mIdfield, we still can’t score, and we’re stuck with Mignolet for another 5 years.

          • Klopp already mentioned though that the Jan transfer window isn’t an easy/ideal one. Considering we haven’t spent any money this window, I do expect a lot more money to be spent in the coming summer transfer window.

          • That doesn’t really wash though considering Sturridge Suarez and Coutinho were January buys. They pursued Teixeira so Klopp recognises there is a need. But FSG have failed to deliver and that’s another 2 years out of what was an attainable CL.

          • Yeah but Studge, Couts and Suarez were all properly planned buys…fairly smooth as well. Suarez went for about 23mil which wasn’t that high. Sturridge and Couts came together for a combined 20.5mil..that again was money well spent.

            The problem is Tex is nearly double the 20mil amount. I don’t want us to do impulsive buys ala Carroll.

          • True but still shows the players are there. Re Carroll he was already earmarked by Comolli. Dalglish was new in and Torres put a transfer request in right at the end of the window which forced the Carroll move.

            Klopp has had 3 months. He’s identified the problem and found a solution that could have cost around the same as Benteke.

            It’s all very disappointing, especially with silverware and a CL place attainable.

          • I agree I am a little disappointed…especially after reading some of these comments I do see what you guys are saying. Might sound hollow but it comes down to faith and trust…I wasn’t expecting a lot of activity this window. But the good news is atleast Klopp will get to know for sure who to keep for the future and who to get rid of…not to mention some of the youth being given more chances now.

          • I’m all for the youth mate. There’s some good lads there and I’d love to see a few make it.

            Red Sox have just signed a $215m deal for 1 player. It’s not right what FSG are doing.

          • David Price has reached an agreement on a seven-year, $217 million deal

            The Red Sox’s move to sign David Price is the kind of big splash the Yankees usually make, but are shying away from this offseason.

            The Boston Globe first reported the agreement, citing a source.

            The $31 million average annual value of the contract is the most ever for a pitcher

            meanwhile we get Caulker

          • Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said. “Not just because of his talents on the field, but what everyone in baseball knows about David. He’s a leader, has an extraordinary work ethic. He’ll not only be a leader for the pitching staff, but for all of us.”
            Price’s contract was the largest ever awarded to a pitcher, just edging out the $215 million extension Clayton Kershaw signed with the Dodgers and the $210 million contract Max Scherzer signed with the Nationals.

            I wonder how much of that is funded by Liverpool FC?

          • The team as shown more effort the manager as shown miles more passion and knowhow
            the fact is the squad is poor
            What did fans think klopp was going to say when he took over did they think he would say that they and the charlatan had wasted 300 million
            klopp is not rodgers he will not blame rodgers like he blamed kenny every time

          • True.
            Alex Teixeira would have been a massive statement. Instead it just reinforces what we know about FSG and Ayre.

  19. The only way we will move forward is to get rid of Ian Ayre and the ridiculous transfer committee. Ayre is a penny pinching mingebag accountant who knows nothing about football. Pay the £30 plus million for Texteira. Pay £20 million for Butland. They will get us into the top 4 and we will get our money back.

  20. There’s only one absolutely nailed on certainty for this window now, the Sky guy camped outside the gates at Melwood is going to be mightily relieved when it’s all over and he can get back home and into his warm bed…

  21. Anyone else surprised with the amount of business Newcastle are doing all of a sudden? I believe it was close to 40-50mil in the summer? And if the striker bid would have been accepted that would have been close to another 50mil spent.

    Are NUFC going to take CFC’s position as the big spenders now? :)

    • Surprised about their spending but also surprised about the rentboys losing big earner after big earner. Ramires gone, Terry gone and they only bring in Pato.

      End of the Abramovich era?

      • Something really fishy going on at that club for the last 2 years or so…I’ve noticed they haven’t spent the big bucks for quite a while now. Or when they did it was at the expense of losing some of their big players. And they definitely did not do a good job of reinforcement this season.

        • Potentially Abramovich is done with it all? Current oil prizes aren’t helping. And he won the CL and EPL. So there’s not a lot more to get for him. Even sacked Mourinho now. It really seems he’s done with it.

          Would be fun if they go back to midtable stuff.

          • Well, I still think he has plenty of money to play around with if he wants to…but perhaps big money in football isn’t what it used to be? Also, I think the City owners have far more money than Abramovich. I do remember back in sometime 2006-2009 Chelsea stopped spending money for a while, then went on another shopping spree so no guarantees what’s going to happen here. But yeah, would love to see them relegated..they’re already mid-table hehe.

          • Well, the entirety of the team is up for debate. Some haven’t kicked on as much as they hoped and they’ve always had a very small squad to work with. The way they played their football was not that intense.

            Now the league is getting tougher and tougher so they need to do more to win games. They’ll have to spend heavily if they want to be a top 4 team again.

          • Roman still has to dip into his pocket to bankroll the Stamford Bridge development, he doesn’t appear ready to sell up just yet…

      • CFC were under FFP investigation around the same time as city got their fine and slap, I think initially they were trying to balance their books but not sure why they still need to do that, it’s a strange one…

        • Yeah..the only difference is Chelsea actually did tie up their purse strings while City continued to treat it as background noise.

          • We’ll probably have the answer by the start of next season, this summer and the business we do in that window is massive not just for the club but for the credibility of the owners as well, I’d hope for some announcement on the Annie Road expansion this year as well, let’s hope they get both right..

      • He figured it out, you cannot buy a title.. You can’t even buy a top4 with 100mil invested..
        Roman will invest when the new manager comes, that’s always the best plan.. Anyway, they have a team to compete for the title, same team won the title last season..

      • Still mate…Norwich have spent a total of 15mil in net transfers (INs – OUTs). Bournemouth have spent nearly 40mil and no money made in exits. Newcastle have already spent over 75mil and might go one further with a 20-25mil striker. That’s nearing 100mil in transfers from a club currently among the bottom.

          • Yeah they have had a lot of ins and outs but their overall transfer money spent is not that high at all – about 24mil in net spend including the winter transfer activity. A lot of those players were bought as free agents.

            Pozzo family are very good in their business acument…really smart owners and a well run club..not just financially but even managing to get Qique Sanchez Flores should be considered a coup for them. Quality manager who’s already managed Valencia and Atletico Madrid in the past.

        • They’ve got to do anything they can to stay up. People say the parachute payments will sort them out, but that is nothing compared to what they’ll lose financially if they go down.

          • Lack of money, lack of people wanting to join? Newcastle, somehow, are still a prestigious club, they’ll pay good wages and they’re putting a team together.
            Sunderland, Villa, etc, they looked doomed for years.

  22. I’ve got a feeling we will come in with another offer for Teixeira. I would gladly welcome Cheryshev too.

    • Balague, respected Spanish reporter. said LFC were just BAIT in that rumor and he is most likely on his way to Sevilla.

      Who ironically enough STILL have to play Barca ;) Real Madrid at it again.

  23. It’s quite funny how since the departure of a couple of (assistent)managers. Glen O’Driscoll and Chris Davies the Echo is suddenly in the absolute dark about what’s going on at the club.

    • And rodgers come on why do you think pearce made excuse after excuse for him
      he even went as far as to say that any fan that was not behind him was deluded take about scratching each others back

      • I mentioned him?

        Rodgers had a good account with the Echo. But why would Rodgers wanted his teamselection to be known a day in advance?

        • so what about before they where there was that marsh and pascoe
          and lets face it rodgers team sheet was the same every week unless some one was injured or he had made yet another player a scapegoat

          • I said (assistent)managers. That means 4 of the assistent and one manager. The “bad” leak wasn’t Rodgers, Marsh or Pascoe. As there was everything to lose for Rodgers to leak his starting line up and it continued after Marsh and Pascoe were gone.

            So either O’Driscoll or Davies have been the bad leak. Good riddance I’d say.

    • Breaking news lfc offer a take it or leave it deal to barca of 30 million for suarez barca say no but at least we tried they also knocked back our 32 million bid for messi at the same time

      • That was a really good offer. But they will probably want 38million for Messi and we have to agree its not a smart piece of business for us. Shane Long on the other hand could cost us only 25 million, no brainer that one.

        • And then we got 7 strikers by the end of the season. What good will that do? Origi is out for a month, Ings for 2-3, Sturridge who knows, not as far off as many think, and we got Firmino and Benteke. Even Sinclair showed he’s not half bad.

          Tex isn’t a striker so there’s no use in talking strikers. Klopp doesn’t want one. He’ll have an offensive player if he can get the right one. But not one just for kicks.

          • You can’t count on Studge, Sinclair is leaving, probably Benteke, too.. If we get a striker, Firmi can move behind..
            The only problem is, I’m not really Icardi’s biggest fan..

          • A few will leave this summer. But we got Coutinho coming back too for behind.

            So don’t do a deal you’ll regret in six months

  24. At least klopp nos what he’s up against he wanted Texeira they didn’t get him now hel be expected to manage with the bunch he has who have proved over and over again their not up to it

    • If that is the case and suspect it is then its time for fsg to tootle of back to the states
      opps i forgot they are always there they only come to england to see what they can pillage the club of next
      record tv deals record sponsership and shirt deals CL money all safely back in the usa

      • Except for the Anfield reno and the £405 spent on incoming transfers since they’ve been in charge.

        But why ruin a perfectly good narrative.

        • for the last time liverpool are paying for the ground as ian ayre as stated and they have sold plenty of players as well

  25. News in France,
    Lille & Nantes are tracking Billy Ketkeophomphone, wow the Kop would be scratching their heads with that name.
    I could also see the smile on Jurgen’s face.

      • That was 2 weeks ago vs Lyon, he didn’t do much, it was PSG last night and Ibra did the damage again with 2 goals

          • Not in my opinion, but others on here think he would be a good signing, to me he seems to be short on committment, but I am very biased of course.

          • Since you’re our Ligue/French football correspondent man out here, I’ll take your word for it over others. :)

          • I really like Verratti, he creates havoc, but sometimes he is a little bit too committed, I must be hard to please.

          • The PSG MF right? That man single-handedly stole the show against Chelsea a season ago when they were upto their usual tactics of crowding the ref and getting Zlatan sent off…probably one of the top performances of the season. Man I loved that! (Chelsea getting what they deserve)

          • That’s the man, but believe it or not one French sportspaper carried a story not too long ago that he may actually be female!
            French humour I guess, I never did check the date of the article.

          • They say he has never taken a shower in the dressing room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • That’s a nice comment but I am just a fan, my opinion is no more valid that of anyone else, thank you though.

  26. Not LFC related but Pelegrini confirmed he’s leaving City and Guardiola has signed a 3 year deal. That makes next season more interesting.

  27. Starting to think i may be wasting my time. Another year sat in my lucky lfc slippers waiting for the phone to ring. Come on gaffer, let me loose

  28. So the big transfer news thus far is Everton has gotten Niasse for 13.5mil from Lokomotiv Moskow and Stoke City have agreed €24m fee (£18.2m) with Porto for French midfielder Gianelli Imbula.

    Meanwhile Newcastle have already spent 29mil this TW and seem like they’re willing to spend 20-24mil more.

    Must say, it is making me wonder about LFC since there are so many positions that can be improved at this point in time..

    • Doumbia on loan for Newcastle doesn’t look half bad. Leicester possible bringing in Remy.

      We’re lucky that Stewart and Brannagan feel like new signings.

        • Coutinho, Origi and Sturridge coming back soon feels like new transfers mate!

          at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

          • On Sturridge there’s no guarantee that he will come back sorry. Couts is just another CAM, he’s been really average this season.

            Origi’s a minor positive but how much of that scoring burden can he really take?

          • Klopp: “Skrtel needs 2/3 days more before returning to training. Sturridge should return to training on Wed, Origi and Coutinho on Thurs.”

            Sturridge in 2 days back! I told you the “I don’t know after Leicester” was good news!

          • Returning to training doesn’t mean starting games mate. Also, we don’t know if he’ll be get another injury in the future.

  29. More chance of seeing Lord Lucan, Elvis and Michael Jackson in Old Swan. Ian Ayre will be sitting in his pj’s with his slippers on watching UK Gold.

  30. Klopp: “I don’t think something will happen in terms of incomings.”

    That’s it then. I’ll call it an early evening.

  31. Nice sentiment saying we should give what we have a chance..Until you realise we have a lump as our only fit striker…Benheskey, absolutely useless and badly needs to be replaced and gotten rid of

  32. I can’t believe we’re stuck with Mignolet also..I thought LFC would pull off a deal for Ter Stegen…Another one that could have been. Haven’t a hope of getting him in Summer…Watch him go to United as De Gea’s replacement

  33. i just feel Ayre is an easy target for those who don’t understand that FSG set the parameters and seek someone to blame.
    It’s a shame Michael Zorc signed a new contract with Dortmund, as Klopp trusts him…well he did until Ciro Immobile…but after signings like Robert Lewandowski for €4.5 million and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for £9.1 million, I guess you are aloud one dud

  34. Need to make a defender as a signing like Cahill or varne and get teixeira before it cost us more in the future

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