Video: Daniel Sturridge discusses commitment to Liverpool and Augsburg motivation

on 24.02.2016

Joining Jurgen Klopp to preview Liverpool’s Europa League round-of-32 clash with Augsburg, Daniel Sturridge was pressed on his commitment to the club.

Sturridge is set to start as the Reds look to secure passage to the next knockout stage in Europe’s second-tier competition, marking the first time he has started in three consecutive games in 11 months.

The 26-year-old has suffered a number of injury problems over the past two seasons, and has struggled to find full fitness under Klopp so far.

But having returned to the German’s first-team squad at the beginning of February, Sturridge is now looking to hit top form.

While he was out, however, various reports suggested that the England international was considering leaving the club in the near future, following concerns with the way his injuries were portrayed.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, however, Sturridge stressed his commitment to Liverpool, saying “I’m very ambitious, very determined to help Liverpool have some success.”

“[I’m] totally focussed, and of course I want to be on the pitch playing every game,” he explained.

“It hurts to not be able to play, but you have to be strong in these situations.

“I’m not someone who’s at the house chilling, laughing and joking, living my life to the fullest when I’m not playing; I’m at home devastated, sitting in the stands devastated.”

AUGSBURG, GERMANY - Wednesday, February 17, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge stretches during a training session ahead of the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 1st Leg match against FC Augsburg at the Augsburg Arena. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Sturridge went on to explain that playing football and enjoying success at Liverpool is “the most important thing to me.”

This can continue on Thursday night, where a win at home to Augsburg could push the Reds closer to the Europa League final.

In what is arguably Liverpool’s best chance of securing Champions League qualification this season, Sturridge emphasised the need for “collective” strength against the Bundesliga side.

“I think it’s important for everyone to be ready – it’s not just myself, it’s a collective,” he continued.

“We’re prepared for it, we’re ready for them. It’s important to go out with the right mentality and get the job done.”

Likely to line up alongside Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino at Anfield, Sturridge will be hoping to continue the fine form he has shown since his recovery – and Liverpool will no doubt need his goals.


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  1. Glad DS has said that and that he has committed himself to the cause. Hopefully his injury problems are behind him and we can expect some better results now our no’1 striker is back and ready to play more games. Heres to ya danny lad.

  2. the right thing is not to comment on speculation and press nonsense. Don’t feed the beast.
    Wait till you can do your job on the pitch and then dismiss it all with a simple sentence, well done Danny.

    If they aren’t getting fed anything [to misinterpret] then they start to make things up extrapolating and using conjecture from the most absurd source material. It’s their job because they gave up real reporting many moons ago.

    in this case ex l’pool players have been eve worse than the press amazingly but they’re none to bright except for Barnesey who is just an amazing man.

    Get the job done Danny so we can take you off again in prep for Sunday. Need you and Bobby to link up which you’re not doing well yet, that’s what’s hurting us.

    Need something else from midfield too, not sure what is missing but something’s not right. It’s like when something isn’t working, neither Hendo or Can can make decisions for themselves to change things. They seem to have to wait until half time for an instruction to do something different. That’s why they’re not good enough right now. They don’t impose their personalities on the game, they’re too limited. Can is young but Hendo just isn’t a courageous player.

    Could be a turgid game playing through them as last week so lets not spend 45 mins doing just that. Try other things, go wide, over the top, push them back and watch out for the breakaway goal.

    • They have to go to these, and they can’t not answer these questions. No commenting these questions creates more speculation. His answers should stop some of it.

      • oh, yes he was right to address it here, i was talking about running commentaries when the press was coming up with all that nonsense while he was on his mini-pre season, trying to blow issues out of proportion presumably because they were annoyed they weren’t getting inside info from the club.

        He’s now fit and playing and he can put it to rest. That’s the right way to play it.

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        • I thought the translator in Augsburg was great, he asked and answer each of the questions. He had a cool smooth voice.

          • maybe, but you want to extract some information, not having a pint with him ;)
            he dropped some bits and was not always on the mark, Klopp even complained a bit (“dreamland”) as he likes to get his messages across too..

            oh my goodness, Robben with hair, picture at the Eindhoven stadium just on TV…come on PSV!

          • If he’s buying then Im drinking :)
            Couldnt hear properly.
            Has Robben got a wig, Mullet, 80’s perm or does it look like Shrek’s shredded wheat style hairdo.

          • handsome is the english word, looked quite cool actually, shortish, definitely not Völler-style :P.

  3. This goes for any player.
    If you want to stay then stay, if you want to leave then leave. I wont beg.
    Just remember that it is your honour and privilege to play for this club and to wear the shirt, and ours is to watch you.

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