Video: Jurgen Klopp post-match press conference – Aston Villa 0-6 Liverpool

on 14.02.2016

Watch Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp reflect on his side’s 6-0 rout of bottom of the league Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Klopp was obviously happy with his side, and the returning Daniel Sturridge in particular, but showed lot of respect to Villa, saying: “It’s a good day for us, and a hard day for Aston Villa.”

On Sturridge – who scored after 15 minutes on his first league start under Klopp – the manager said: “We need the goals of Daniel, and he needs the goals – that’s clear.”

“It’s not a surprise he can score goals, but it’s a surprise how in-tune he is with the team. He’s a real striker.”

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“We can only speak about this when he’s available. Today was brilliant, you saw he was not too happy when we took him off.”

“It made sense to take him out. It was okay, it was perfect for him. Hopefully he’s available for the next game too.”

Liverpool’s next two games are in the Europa League – away to Ausburg on Thursday, then at Anfield a week later – before a trip to Wembley to face Man City in the League Cup Final.


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  1. Great game and a great result!
    But, what the fvuk is wrong these journalists and their networks; can’t hear a word they are speaking.
    With so much money in football and its coverage going to the clubs, you’d hope they’ll put proper audio equipment in these conference areas, but no, always have to guess their questions.

  2. Dam…how would the season be if we had this full squad (almost)…fit.. from the beginning of the season…
    Most of the draws and lost would have been different. .. how much we have struggled without proper strikers… dammm!!!!
    Ings still to come… imagine what a squad that would be… even our bench will look good.
    Spurs beat city… and how spurs has developed over the years… and erikkson.. what a miss for us.. how consistent has he been since he signed for spurs…
    2 players that we missed… erikkson and ali….
    Hope next season will be good and the players stay fit…
    Still have a very tiny hope on the 4th after looking at the way city played today…. u will never know what we can do with this solid team.

    • Spurs are down to their manager, he is top drawer and they will be lucky to keep hold of him. 4th is gone but I am sure Klopp will kill it next season. Exciting times ahead, I can feel it.

      • Hope so mate… next season gonna be massive.
        It’s gonna be a big headache for Klopp… who to sell..who to choose..
        Fair point about spurs… but they have developed slowly. . I see them like dortmund.. not many world class. . But hardworking and team work…
        Slowly they creeped to the top. ..

        • It’s close to the top because the league is so poor. The points total is low going by history so it’s bunched up.
          Let’s hope next season is similar.

      • Would he leave? He’s done great work there, the team is young, lets say they buy Michy this summer, they will be in a great place. Why would he leave that?

          • Utd look like a car crash they way they operate and look like they just keep sacking people now, they are the only big club with a supposed vacancy.

            So he’d have to go abroad which doesn’t look like their are a ton of opportunities. Perhaps if Chelsea take someone’s manager eg Atleti if Simeone goes there.
            Not sure Chelsea would take him without trophy winning credentials and he may feel like he won’t be given time there either.

            At Spurs they will give him a ton of time, his style doesn’t require super stars rather talented young high energy players, and London and top 4 gives him important sway with txfer targets.

            Hard to see him improving his position right now.

  3. Cant help thinking about the sunderland fiasco last week when useless mignolet gave them hope by doing his usual impression of how not to be a top keeper….. had we won that we might have had a remote chance of top four…. seems like city are all over the shop results wise.

      • Both eqaully annoying as getting beaten by the worst utd team in over 25 years by there only shot on target is painful enough then the sunderland fiasco 2-0 up at home with 10 mins to go and we have the misfortune of having a keeper like mignolet who gifts them a goal that gets them back into the game.

        • Its gone mate. Reasons to be happy – Klopp, Couts, Sturridge,Firms and returning players. Plus new signings in the summer.

          • i agree lad, its just a shame that two very winnable games have destroyed any chance of top 4 hopes

          • Think it’s a lot more points lost than that Iver, we arguably have the worst Goal keeper in the league, he certainly isn’t in the top ten that’s for sure.

          • still baffled by Klopp’s stance on him given how bad he is.

            could be he nails it in training and it’s a confidence thing that he thinks he can fix, or could be funding priorities for this summer’s txfers.
            Could be they’ve decided to develop their own keeper in house whether it ends up being Ward or Vigours or another young player they end up buying in rather than spending a lot on a new #1.

            Ward is 22, don’t think Klopp wants a young #1 keeper (else he’d buy a german one like Horn) so perhaps expecting to get him there within a couple of seasons.

    • Thought he would give his old team mate Adam Johnson a leaving present before he spends time at Her Majesty’s pleasure!

        • same as they were this time last year. Pep will sort out their midfield where they keep getting out fought.
          then they will dominate, but not with the current lot there.

          • he’s had so many bad decisions against him it’s a bit weird. Not given clear penalties when he’s taken out yet concedes a mad penalty yesterday.

            The way spurs have been gifted both games against Citeh stinks of something going on behind the scenes if you ask me.

  4. Respect to Klopp for not making a big deal about this 6-0 win…he acknowledged that Villa are in a pretty bad spot at the moment and out of respect for them doesn’t want to celebrate this heavy win too much.

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  5. A couple of good players in attack makes the whole team grow in confidence. Can was back to his best and so was Firmino. That’s why for me Teixeira Was worth £38m to Us.

      • I watched him a few times in the champions league, he would’ve been our Sanchez. Bet my life he would’ve been fantastic for us. Our owners didn’t have enough ambition. Be interesting who they buy in the summer and for what price. At least he won’t be playing for Chelsea next season.

        • I dont think he was worth that much money. And Lpool do not need another attacking mid anyway. We have firmino, coutinho, lallana, ibe, milner, markovic, joao all of them can play on wing/attacking mid.
          We need a good finisher who remains fit day in day out (aubameyang, Dybala, Lewandowski, jese rodrigues) and a good CB with good height and strength (matip as rumors say has signed) and a better GK

          • Where will you play the new AM ? We have lallana, firmino, coutinho, grujic, Ibe, Milner who all play as AM or LM/RM

        • That £2m / year removed from the new pricing structure pays an extra £10m for a player signed on a 5 year deal.

          Still, it saved Klopp’s season ticket holding appendix surgeon £170 price rise so there is that.

  6. Even Milner fits into this team. He is kind of like the Dad saying – go on kids have a good time, but make sure you are back in before 1am.

    • Love that guy, would never boo him if we play Barca at Anfield. He loves our club, we made him a superstar and he hasnt forgot that.

  7. Jurgen , you forgot to mention the goal by Kolo!! That’s who you were really smiling about isn’t it! My favourite moment in the game by far…. Enjoy Kolo!

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