Anfield atmosphere and players perform on big occasion – 5 talking points from Liverpool 2-0 Man United


James Nalton was at Anfield on a memorable evening, as Liverpool and Manchester United faced off in Europe for the first time.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool and Manchester United players line-up before the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester United at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Jurgen Klopp‘s men came away with a much-deserved victory, which was only kept down to a scoreline of 2-0 thanks to the opposition goalkeeper, David De Gea.

The players shone, as did the crowd, and here are just five talking points from a game which will be discussed for years to come.

The Anfield atmosphere lived up to the occasion

Anfield hasn’t been this loud prior to kick-off for a long time. From the moment the players stepped out onto the pitch to warm up, until the first ball was kicked, the noise from the stadium grew to a deafening crescendo.

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The players, led by Jordan Henderson, were welcomed onto the Anfield turf for their pre-match training drills with loud cheers, even though there were only a handful of fans in each stand at this time.

Anfield pre-match tonight. #LFC #ynwa

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The songs had started already, and a vast array of flags and banners were on display around the ground. These increased as kick-off approached.

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The rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone was spine tingling and sustained. It was also made louder by the fact that the Manchester United fans were trying to drown it out, and as a result it also went on for what must have been around twenty repetitions of the chorus.

The intensity in the ground only increased after Daniel Sturridge opened the scoring from the penalty spot, and Old Trafford will have to reach serious decibel levels if they’re to better this in the second leg.

Judging by the noise from Liverpool the fans as they departed the stadium, they’ll still be singing tomorrow morning.

Adam Lallana has found form (and a yard of pace!)

It would be easy to talk about the brilliant Roberto Firmino, again, but a player who has had an up-and-down start to his Liverpool career – Adam Lallana – matched the Brazilian tonight.

The flicks and tricks were performed with purpose – not just for show – and the English midfielder also appears to have found an extra yard of pace which had been much lacking in his game.

There was no better example of this than his assist for Firmino which gave Liverpool their second goal.

He beat the Manchester United defenders to the ball with a sharpness of mind, and quickness of foot.

If he can keep this up as the season draws to a close, then look to improve further under Klopp going into the next campaign, then he could be a very important player in the Liverpool squad.

Emre Can and Mamadou Sakho provide missing mettle

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's Emre Can celebrates after the 2-0 victory over Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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In recent times Liverpool have lacked true leaders and players with bite down the spine of the team. Or to put it another way they’ve lacked battlers.

Jordan Henderson has grown into his role as captain, even though he was perhaps given the armband too soon, but is a tireless worker as opposed to a fighter.

Not since Javier Mascherano have Liverpool had a terrier in the backbone of the team, and though they have Jordan Rossiter in the youth set-up who could eventually play this role, the side need one right away.

Step forward Emre Can. Step forward Mamadou Sakho.

The win against Crystal Palace wasn’t very Liverpool-esque, as they ground out three points in a match they probably shouldn’t have won, and one in which they were down to ten men for a good portion of the game.

Can started in midfield, dropped to centre-back, then returned to the middle of the park for the final few minutes. It was a commanding and classy performance, and the type which you’d expect to see from a captain.

Tonight saw more of the same from Can, but behind him he had support from Mamadou Sakho. The Frenchman doesn’t always look like the tidiest defender, but there’s no doubting his commitment and, what really matters, his effectiveness.

Chants of “Sakho, Sakho” ring out from The Kop as the defender makes another vital intervention, and the mini-revival of Dejan Lovren alongside him is much welcome too.

Dynamic full-backs vital – especially at Anfield

If both Nathaniel Clyne and Alberto Moreno can reach the top of their games on a more regular basis, then Liverpool can’t ask for much more in the full-back positions.

At Anfield, where many teams sit back and defend in numbers, the width provided by the pair is vital, but they also have the dynamism to recover if the opposing team manage to spring a counter-attack.

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Henderson and Can will cover for them to a certain extent, as the manager looks to have found a good balance of roles in his starting eleven.

Away from home the occasional cameo from Jon Flanagan could prove useful and effective, but there’s no doubting who the best full-backs at the club are – as long as they can find consistency.

They need to regularly reach 7-8/10 as opposed to the fives and sixes they occasionally turn out.

This level needs to be maintained at Old Trafford next week

Tonight, Liverpool beat a Louis van Gaal Manchester United team for the first time. In previous games the Dutchman was ahead by nine goals to two, and had won all four of the meetings in the Premier League.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's Roberto Firmino scores the second goal against Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

This is something worth bearing in mind heading into the second leg at Old Trafford next week.

Though tonight’s performance was convincing, the players need to maintain this level when they travel to Manchester.

Another positive is that Liverpool have a full week on the training ground to prepare, whereas United face West Ham in the FA Cup on Sunday. Liverpool are holding all the cards, but still need to turn in a professional performance and try to defeat Van Gaal for a second time.

PLAYER RATINGS: Clyne, Lallana and Firmino impress


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  1. In the second half LVG brought Carrick and put him in the middle of the back three and Utd started controlling the game. Utd were dominating possession and finding spaces. Klopp takes off Sturridge and brings on Allen changing the system from 442 to 433 put Can at the base of midfield. This allowed our midfielders to push further up and the lone striker Firmino was able to press Carrick directly. This is absolutely brilliant in game management by Klopp. Quality at the highest level.

          • That formation was very effective in fairness- if Klopp got a run of form such as that to the end of the season liverpool would finish top 4 comfortably

          • We faced 0 top 6 teams in that run…. Blackburn figured it out, United exploited it then Arsenal hammered us and don’t forget the FA Cup Semi final too to Villa!

            The weakness was simple – cross field ball over the top to one of the flanks.

            Bodgers biggest problem is he over complicated things. Football is a simple game and this guy thought hey let me reinvent it because I am such a genius with outstanding character.

            We weren’t even playing well. It was a tactic used to try and save his job because of the pathetic early season performance.

            Read Gerrards book and he says that Brendan explicitly told him he wanted to take the chance on Balo… thinking he could change him?!

            I have no soft soft for that man.

            At least with Klopp he sticks to his guns. 4231 didn’t work but he stuck to it. And he knows WHEN to change and when not to. With Brendan we fielded 5 formations alone in the semi finals – the players were so confused!

            One is World Class.
            One is an imposter who was over hyped by British media.

          • I have no interest in getting into a dispute with you. I read Gerrards book, he said nothing of the sort trying you trying to spin it thay way is ungenuine. We went over 1/3 of the league season unbeaten using the formation. Playing Arsenal City and Spurs as well as chelsea home and away in the cup. For the life of me i do not understand this revionism, You can be glad we have Klopp without having to make up untruths about the previous manager you know. Lfc have a long history of appreciating former players and managers . Its quite sad to see that being destroyed

          • That was the unbeaten run you are referring to:
            Started after United and ended with United.

            We beat Spurs and City.


            Sun 22nd March

            PREM Liverpool

            1 2 Manchester United FT

            Mon 16th March

            PREM Swansea City

            0 1 Liverpool FT

            Sun 8th March

            FAC Liverpool

            0 0 Blackburn Rovers FT

            Wed 4th March

            PREM Liverpool

            2 0 Burnley FT

            Sun 1st March

            PREM Liverpool

            2 1 Manchester City FT


            Thu 26th February

            EL Besiktas

            1 0 Liverpool AET

            Besiktas win 5-4 on penalties

            Sun 22nd February

            PREM Southampton

            0 2 Liverpool FT

            Thu 19th February

            EL Liverpool

            1 0 Besiktas FT

            Sat 14th February

            FAC Crystal Palace

            1 2 Liverpool FT

            Tue 10th February

            PREM Liverpool

            3 2 Tottenham Hotspur FT

            Sat 7th February

            PREM Everton

            0 0 Liverpool FT

            Wed 4th February

            FAC Bolton Wanderers

            1 2 Liverpool FT


            Sat 31st January

            PREM Liverpool

            2 0 West Ham United FT

            Tue 27th January

            CC Chelsea

            1 0 Liverpool AET

            Chelsea win 2-1 on aggregate

            Sat 24th January

            FAC Liverpool

            0 0 Bolton Wanderers FT

            Tue 20th January

            CC Liverpool

            1 1 Chelsea FT

            Sat 17th January

            PREM Aston Villa

            0 2 Liverpool FT

            Sat 10th January

            PREM Sunderland

            0 1 Liverpool FT

            Mon 5th January

            FAC AFC Wimbledon

            1 2 Liverpool FT

            Thu 1st January

            PREM Liverpool

            2 2 Leicester City FT


            Mon 29th December

            PREM Liverpool

            4 1 Swansea City FT

            Fri 26th December

            PREM Burnley

            0 1 Liverpool FT

            Sun 21st December

            PREM Liverpool

            2 2 Arsenal FT

            Wed 17th December

            CC Bournemouth

            1 3 Liverpool FT

            Sun 14th December

            PREM Manchester United

            3 0 Liverpool”

          • We are 8 points behind Arsenal with 1 game in hand – so hopefully 5 if we win that game.

            We are 6 points behind city with 0 in hand.

            Tough but I really hope we push and SQUEEZE the pressure on Mr Wenger.

            A 5th placed finish for Arsenal and No UCL or Cup will seriously put Arsenal under extreme pressure this summer…

            Maybe enough to meet Alexis buyout clause ;) would fit Klopp perfectly! Alexis, Firmino, Coutinho and Studge! If Studge was Suarez we would be unstoppable!

            PS I can actually see Suarez coming back next year or the year after he only signed 4 years with Barca… and 2 are nearly up. Would be so happy if he did!

          • Its a funny old league nothing would surprise at this stage. Arsenal and City do look fragile and really seem to be struggling with the pressure. Klopp is getting a rhythm to the side whether its enough to put together that type of run remains to be seen but its possible. Confidence from beating united can be massive.
            I hope suarez doesnt come back. He will be past his best and in decline. Was hard to watch Gerrard decline. Dont worry Klopp will be able to build an attacking unit to get the job done. Maybe not quite as lethal as 13/14 but something close will do fine

          • Yeah I think as long as we have a good run of fixtures and Europa is kind to us – especially the away games we can do it. Doubters to Believers!

            WHAT?! NO! Gerrard game was built on his athleticism and his driving runs. Suarez has far more intelligence in his football. And I doubt 1 year later he will be in decline. Suarez is the BEST player I have EVER seen in a LFC shirt… And he is Cou older brother type.

            Winning experience and mentality help a player. And that player can help the team. Like Yaya has brought to City.

          • No doubt he is probably the best i have seen too but mother nature is un forgiving. Suarez will decline like every other striker that hits 32. He should go to the mls and chill on the beach in Miami with the family if you ask me. Klopp will take care of the mentality dont have any worries about that.

          • Arsenal failing to finish in top 4 would be amazing, on top of it manu, Chelski all missing it. But I don’t see it happening.

            Top 4 will be Leicester, spuds, city and arsenal.

          • I’ll be honest: I haven’t been impressed with Alexis’ attitude lately. I think he is frustrated, but he seems to respond negatively as a result. Instead of being a leader and surging forward, it’s like he has withdrawn and become a bit petulant. That’s probably not enough to pass him over if he became available, but it does give me pause.

          • Remember our last genius striker would bite people when he got frustrated. It’s a trait of those type of south American players they want to win. It must ge frustrating to play for a team who go out to contain or draw than win.

            I would take alexis over goetza personally. Klopp needs that bit of aggregation in the front line. Him and ings would cause havoc

          • Lest you forget the team went 3-4-2 at Crystal Palace and won. It was out of forced necessity sure, but nonetheless it was effective for the context. The team played better after losing a man oddly.

          • Klopp had to make that change due to the red card…

            But back 3 in the EPL has never won a league title unless I’m wrong?

        • I don’t think you can call it as a Plan B. It was just a genius reaction to the changes LVG made. Plan is something you think about beforehand. This was just an on the spot solution to a problem that was developing.

          • That’s exactly what a plan B is. An answer and solution to the changed situation. Something Rodgers lacked as he only had one way of playing. Couldn’t find a solution when knocked out of the cup v Villa, even though he changed the formation 3 times within the game.

          • Our definition of Plan is different. Anyway, I agree to your point that it’s nice to have a manager who understands the tactical point of view and can make subtle changes which in the end makes a huge difference. Klopp has been tactically spot on in most of his games. It’s brilliant that he can set up to stop a team but also at the same time make sure that attack doesn’t lose it’s edge.

          • “plan” definition is a “scheme of action”. It doesn’t have to be pre-planned (pardon the pun), it can also be an instant or reactive. Klopp saw the changes made and devised and implemented a “plan” to counteract them. As this was not his initial game plan, it was “plan b”

          • Rodger always have plan B but his plan B always fail bcos he only uses is plan B not really care of what happening on d pitch. What Kloop did for me is not planning B he only reacted to Van Gaal changes perfectly if it were for plan B he would have made his changes to his plan B when manure started domminating us.

        • Firstly, huge credit for the energy, honesty of effort and ability that he always brings to the field. I’ve never denied this but have always been critical of his direct output and decision making, which undermines his quality. I read the following last night, which sums him
          up for me….

          “The game’s best player was undoubtedly Lallana, who continues to frustrate by looking sodding brilliant once every five matches. It might be enough to make Roy Hodgson’s Euro 2016 squad.

          Lallana is perhaps the most obvious confidence player in the Premier League. If he’s had a good game, you will see him spend the last 15 minutes tapping the ball around with fancy tricks and skills, taking on an opponent and beating him. He’s what I would call an ‘Ole’ player, as if hearing the crowd chant that word gives him the energy to perform. Too often he can go quiet when his side are struggling, but against United he was superb.

          It was not just that the midfielder created more chances than any other player on the pitch, or that he assisted Firmino’s goal by nudging the ball through the defender’s legs. Instead, it was Lallana’s willingness to demand the ball and to hassle and harry his opponent that will have most impressed the watching Klopp. Just do it more often, Adam.”

          I don’t think it is unfair to suggest that there is still more of a player than we are seeing. His next challenge is can he match firm’s level of output…. Can he, at least on occasion, go on a run that sees him score 6 or 7 or 8 and assist 4 or 5 in space of 12 -15 games for example.

          So in summary, I think he should worry less about meeting fans expectations and be more focused on fulfilling his undoubted potential to be a brilliant player every game. I know consistency is what every player finds most difficult to sustain but he now has perfect manager to unlock the best from him.

          • only thing i would say is that lallana over his last 5 appearances as been lfcs best players ,so its hardly 1 in 5

          • Facts back that up. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say there is even more quality to come from the player… he just has to produce it.
            Some of his touches had UTD players in a spin last night… out of this world stuff… lets just continue to see it every week now.

          • I think he gets a hard time on here because hes english same as few other players
            Some of the oversea players bad games are brushd under the carpet
            If i was being totally honest we have not got one out and out runaway player of the season this year for us
            But lallana could win it if he keeps this up to the end of the season
            I am also not getting carried away with last nights results brilliant to beat the mancs but lets be honest they are going to be a hell of a lot tougher hurdles to clear to win this competition
            I have been saying it for the last few years LFC are a very average team
            because lets face facts the prem is very average european competition does not lie ,were miles behind in europe now not just liverpool all english teams

          • Great post – yeah, no idea who I would give our player of season too.
            Injuries have meant that most of team missed a lot of games, change of manager has meant that consistency across the squad has been absent. If Firms goals and assists stats continue to May, he would have to be considered but I agree Lallana is not far off either – if he keeps it up.
            Personally, I would give it to Lovern. Despite missing a lot of games, he is the most transformed player in my opinion. I know we still concede a lot of goals (way too many for title ambitions) but he has gone from a ‘get rid of him’ player to a ‘good to see him back’. That deserves credit.

          • like i said for me its still wide open clyne as probably been the most consistent but is that good enough for a lfc player of the season

        • He is finally living up to his billing and displaying markedly better form.

          Previous criticism was well warranted.
          Plaudits now are also well deserved.

          Now he has lots of lost ground to make up. But this has him in good stead to do so.

          Same with Origi.
          Same with Milly.

          A Liverpool 1st team player will (and should) always be expected to deliver much regardless of price tag. That standard of excellence can never be compromised on.

          • I know, and agree, but since the turn of the year he’s been one of our better players, turning into the go to Guy. Which is great to see.

            Redder and me been having quite some talks about him, hence I wanted to know it after recent weeks.

          • over is last 5 games hes been our star performer ,i said a few weeks back out of the 3 number 10s we have at the club he was number 1 at the moment for me

          • Think it’s fair to say Onyx has been patiently waiting for Lallana to simply show what we all knew and know… he is a sodding brilliant player.
            I will be first to hold my hands up and say that I had completely lost my patience with him. I’ve criticised him on here but only through frustration, as I have with Lovern. That frustration mounts because you know they are more than capable and only ever want to see them do well.
            It’s absolutely fantastic to see both Lovern and Lallana feature as key players in big games, which lets face it is every game when you wear the famous red.

          • It is, I’ve said it allready a couple of times. He’s a bit of an odd one really, being pretty old but not very experienced in top flight football. Given his football experience he’s only now coming of age.

          • Late bloomer?
            Or maybe, late bloomer who rebloomed on account of his Southampton form. :)

          • I don’t think he was really challenged in League One and the Championship so there was little need to change. Coming into the EPL he was the surprise. But it’s by then he started to learn. Similar to Emre Can if you will.

          • I wanted to say also that perhaps he needs a paternal figure to believe in him…then he finds something extra inside and it begins to show.

            Klopp is that figure…and you can see it from the way he relates to not just Lallana but also others.

        • I always complained about him lacking pace, but he has found it. I am satisfied, but expect this level much more often from him as a starter.

          I think shaving his beard made him more aerodynamic and grow younger.

      • No much difference between 442 and 4231 defensively. Both involve two wide players and two sitting midfielders with two in the center up top. Similarly 433 and 4141 are also identical. One holding midfielder with two CMs in front of him, two wide players and a lone striker.

    • Agreed. That was an inspired substitution – bringing on a dude who is playing some great football further up the pitch and taking off a guy who, in truth, hasn’t done a hell of a lot since the Villa game. In fact, I think Sturridge’s style of play slows us down. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Firmino start as a false number nine next Thursday with Benteke coming on later in the game (a la the away performance at Stanford Bridge).

      • Mate,sturridge hasn’t been he’s best since he came back,he is still very rusty,but I bet you we won’t create as much chances if he isn’t here!remember he is an ora about,players now they need to watch him!that leaves spaces open for couthino,firmino and lallana thrive!!sturridge still created a chance coutinho should have buried,and scored the pen!you guys should relax!if there is one player that should be given time to settle under klopp,it’s sturridge! He is still without a doubt our most threatening player!

        • Looks to me like he’s sulking, he does seem to be one of those type of players. Miserable whilst he played even when he scored the pen and didn’t play particularly well either. He needs to get over himself because if he doesn’t he’ll find himself shipped out come the end of the season.

        • i thought we were better when he went off last night apart from the pen he did very little
          Klopp took him off because in his opinion he was the the one player he thought he could improve on
          The rustyness excuses have to stop before last night it was down to being tired

          • He took him off to get an extra man into midfield-as he explained in his interview. Of course you have to make up pure $h!te to have a cheap shot at Sturrridge as usual, He scored, made De gea pull of a top class save and put one on a plate for Coutinho. His constant movement pulled united apart all night long. You talk some cack

      • Sturridge did look quiet yesterday but his movement creates space for others and everything looks fluent. You just have to look at how many passes are miss placed or the lack of options upfront when Benteke is there.

        Firminho is playing the false striker role very well, he took some time to getting adjusted to it but has got there now. Origi is also good with his movement.

    • A great demonstration of why Allen is so useful to bring on. He can play any position and does it with energy and purpose. Now that he has a manager who can direct him more clearly I think he, like everyone else in the team, is far more effective and noticeable.

      But yeah, Klopp is keeping his tactics relatively simple but with small adjustments that make a big difference. Rodgers tried to do the same but eventually the team lost confidence and he took the tinkering too far. Klopp is far more focused and it seems his finer understanding of the game is what makes the difference. Rodgers tried to do the same kinds of things but just couldn’t make those subtle changes to get it right.

      • i laugh when allen goes to the side and become a winger.

        actually that was a good move to pressure utd side markers.

        after allen comes in our team is fully in control. double sub from lvg just dont help at all.

      • That takes first hand experience at the highest level – to move from big yawning shifts to exercising subtlety.

    • completely agreed, game changing substitution to regain control of the midfield by Klopp. wonderful to have a manager that can inspire and make astute tactical decisions.

    • Give credit to Allen as well for providing the legs and being so energetic in that position…I think he had an absolutely brilliant game as well.

  2. It would be absolutely fair if we had 15 talking points today.

    One each for
    13 players who played the match
    Jurgen Klopp

    Plus one bonus for T I A army pitching in here. :)

    • Absolutely brilliant and committed in spite of everything… Got to love Allen… Wish he stays but whatever happens he has earned my respect and that of many

      • Absolutely brilliant and committed in spite of everything..
        in spite of what???//
        hes very well paid to play should he not have commitment

    • it will not
      hes not in the first team now and surely klopp is going to bring in better players so he will be even further down the pecking order ,or is it going to be another summer of buying more players that are no better than we already have

  3. 5 Talking points and not a word about the bile that the mancs were singing in the stands. Even though the press have unofficially acknowledged that they heard it there won’t be a word about it in the papers tomorrow.

    But if attention can’t be drawn to it here then I give up.

    If this behaviour isn’t called out it will continue.

    • spot on, totally out of order. and very weak, different generations on the stands today that are not allowed to insult all involved in the background of that “chant”. Not the papers but FA / UEFA should react to that, fan ban should instill some respect. hope Klopp won´t be accused of anything 3rd reich at Trafford.

      • They should force them to close down a stand for the next game. DISGUSTING behaviour. But did expect it from one of the most disgusting clubs in the world

        • If i could correct you – not one of the most , but THE most disgusting club in the world . No talking points for me , just glad we battered them all night long , I just can’t help the desire to see Fellaini legs get broken… YNWA

          • Spot on!

            I actually think Fellaini NOT getting that red or retrospective could be GREAT for us.
            LVG thinks he is better than Schniderlin and Herrera – two players who have a good history of playing well against us. If Fellani isn’t suspended he will play and it will help our cause again. Win Win.

    • Maybe it doesn’t deserve any attention. We know who they are, what they’re like. The best response is the one made on the pitch and then otherwise silence as we turn our back on them and march on to the next round. They can sing to themselves.

      • absolutely spot on – this type of inhumanity looks even worse when dealt with grace from our fans and an absolute battering from the players.

    • I concentrate on Liverpool for this piece. The chants and the Fellaini elbow will be prominent in my match report for Saturday’s Morning Star, if it’s not edited out.

      • I mentioned it in the live match thread.
        It’s something so bad that I cannot bring to repeat it again.

    • I agree it was pathetic on their part and attention ought to be given to it, but not in the 5 talking points…they don’t deserve that level of attention in this article. Maybe a separate one altogether.

  4. If the team could play with this purpose, passion and skill every single match (perhaps even 2 out of 3 matches) and with the addition of 2-3 quality recruits we’d be genuine contenders next season.

    • Actually at our current form, we could well chase down that goal and win by another one or 2. Scums line-up was awful and they were there for the spanking. Ahhh…. what would have happened had Madrid uses email rather than a fax machine.

  5. I recall Fergie being concerned we’d hired Klopp….we’ve had glimpses of why, we all kinda expected performances like tonight to come, but wow….tonight was so dominant, i’m wondering was my lunch spiked…..apart from their young lad missing a pretty golden opportunity early on, there’s nothing in that game apart from complete and utter spot-on tactics, changes, game management and performance…..this lad Klopp, i’m not one for hyperbole but he’s probably the greatest living person in the universe..imagine what he’ll do with a squad of players he actually wants?!…….btw, a special, special shout-out to Hendo, booked after couple of minutes and played so cleverly throughout, that’s real maturity….well done lads, espcially coming after a 10 man slog at Palace and still so soon after the sadness at Anfield South….onwards and upwards

  6. What kind of player Firmino really is I wonder. I don’t think we ever had one like him. He is more similar to a Dalglish than a Suarez.

  7. Question… if say Dortmund won the europa…. and they qaulified already through there league position does that mean the other finalist gets a champion’s league place assuming they did not qaulify through thereown league position of course? if not what is the rule

    • As I understand it, it wouldn’t make any difference. Bottom line is that you have to win the comp to make it in. If you make it in via some other route then that’s it, no sloppy seconds.

    • I think that no, if Dortmund wins and they are already qualified through league, then there is no qualified from Europa League in CL next season. This is my guess, i’m not 100% sure.

  8. On Moreno … we chastise him for his defensive lapses but one thing that can’t be questioned is his commitment. He dives into tackles and gets physical as if he was born and bred in Toxeth and his attitude tonight was commendable. His faults and mistakes are just that: mistakes, not due to a lack of effort or willingness. He displayed everything you could ask of a Liverpool player in a big European cup tie against an old enemy. Consider that he was a player who spent his entire early career in Sevilla and was visibly upset at leaving. But here he is, fighting for his current club like their mean the world to him. That’s all we ever ask of Liverpool players and he deserves to be recognised for that. Mistakes can be forgiven if it’s clear that you’re always giving 100%.

    • aye you cant fault his passion – and its probably the reason why klopp gives him a rollocking every now and then. Can is another who looks a totally different player.

    • You totally wrong, we don’t just ask for commitment from a player. If all we ask for was commitment , we would have a team full of Robbie Savages. If I was given the opportunity to play for the Reds I would also give 100%. It doesn’t mean I deserve a place in the side. Moreno is a liability he dives in like a Sunday leauge player who’s been out on a bender ,his positioning is a joke he never learns from his mistakes. The sooner the kid is replaced the better.

      • Moreno is already a Liverpool player and he is included in the team from time to time. His standing in the team, for now, is set and done, there is no getting around that, and the manager picked him, so his selection is also a non-issue. What I’m talking about isn’t really to do with signing or replacing him, or even picking him in the side, because those things are not really relevant to the 90 minutes he spends on the pitch. He’s there, he played, he was picked, he pulled on the jersey and he has a job to do. At that point his faults and his shortcomings simply are what they are. If he doesn’t have the football intelligence to get those things right then there isn’t really much anyone can do about that. The manager will coach him as best he can but at the end of the day expecting him to do something he’s not capable of doing just doesn’t make sense. In that sense it is quite correct that all you can do is ask the player to be 100% committed. Once he is on the pitch that is quite literally all he can do. Asking for more than that, expecting more than that is just pie in the sky. You can have those expectations out of principal if you like but on game day it makes not a bit of actual practical difference.

    • Moreno will get better… Of that am sure… His efforts in that direction are appreciated… Go on and prove your doubters wrong… We know you can

    • He just needs competition for that Left Back spot especially an opposite type defender – a conservative one for when we have a lead to hold. Also for rotation basis.

      • We need a exact opposite of him…on the other side we have Clyne and flanno!two great options to have…we need a another left back that is a little bit better defensively,and can actually deliver a cross like the old school fullbacks!Ricardo Rodriguez would be amazing,but he’d be expensive and would likely want to join a CL club…however,Hector,isn’t far off,and would be a more realistic option

        • I like Hector and for 10M hes affordable – Rodriguez will be excess of 30M and will be direct competition for Moreno.
          We get in a GK and LB as “rotation” for Migs and Moreno and let them have a go at that position when either lose form.

          • Think Rodriguez might come a little cheaper,considering he only has 18 months available on his contract,but yeah I agree,apart from a rotation goalkeeper for mignolet!we need a replacement for him!I’d throw 20 mil at getting a proper keeper to replace him…

          • I would swap our best player tomorrow for De Gea… 2nd best keeper in the world for me.. Only reason United aren’t a mid table team

          • Have we forgotten about our rising star, young Joe Gomez…do we really need to spend in areas which have potential in the making

  9. The greatest sporting event of my life was the 2005 semi final tie against Chelsea. Even then I was surprised and taken back at how intense the atmosphere was. It was immense from the first minute to the last. Anfield takes it up another notch for big European nights and it sounds like there isn’t anything much bigger than the first time we go up against United. There is a new wave of enthusiasm building in the fans that Klopp has fired up, the players are responding to and results like this prove that it’s looking good for the future.

  10. 1. Firmino is playing brilliant at the moment I love his desire to win the ball back. People talk about players not understanding how big our games against United are anymore, well every single player in red understood tonight.
    2.Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana and Sturridge being let loose up front is our perfect combination at the moment.
    3. Lallana, Allen and Lovren are different players under Klopp. The beard is clearly making Allen play better and Lallana with his clean shave is working too! And Lovren with his goatee isn’t putting a foot wrong.
    4.Emre Can will be a world class player in the next 2-3 years get an extension on his contract.
    5. F*** United, we owned them in every department tonight. Our fans were incredible

    • Point #2: I think Sturridge wasn’t really up to mark yesterday barring that open chance where he strike it well towards DDG.

      • He was really good though, his runs stretched them and he fought well and hard for everything near him.

        Put in a world class cross at some point as well, was well defended but he did well.

        • I know… but I feel Origi brought much more when he came on. Maybe because of scums shape that makes it easier for Origi. He just had Carrick to manage.

          • Had it been the other way you’d have similar situation. Origi stretching them etc. etc. then Sturridge coming on.

  11. A really good win its always great to put one over on them. As regards Fellani. and the use of the elbow its not the first time this has happened and he got away with it previously let’s hope this time he gets what he deserves. Truly dislike this snipe nosed frizzy haired excuse of a man, never mind it takes all sorts.


  12. I thought jesus aka allen was awesome for the last half hour! Outjumping fellaini was as good as the Toure tackle against City!

    Bad points were we didnt score enough – Coutinho’s was a sitter.

    Everything else was awesome. The appointment of Klopp shows how having the right people in the right positions making the right decisions is much better than throwing money at bad people in the wrong positions. City, United and Liverpool over the last few years have thrown the best part of a billion pounds on players that havent really made much difference to the team – positively at least. With Klopp at the helm at least we have shown that we can turn the corner and arrest the decline.

    Anyhow this performance would count for nothing if we dont show the same effort next week and blow united off the park. LVG really messed up with his tactics – and for uniteds sake wont make the same mistake again next week. If he does we should ensure that Origi or Benteke really give Carrick a run for his money!

  13. Great to see some underperforming players perform. They’ve just got to do it week in and week out. Then, finally, Liverpool can be a real force again. YNWA

  14. the most important point that was missed in this article is that this is the first time in a long time we show consistency in performance and results in three consecutive games. winning against chelsea away, we lost to crystal palace at home, beating southampton 6-1 was followed by loosing to newcaslte 2-0, etc. it seems we have found a good rhythm the last three games with almost everybody healthy and less games to play.

    • Think he always tried to have purpose but many efforts were wasted… but now that combination between Lallana and Firmino is started to look pretty good

  15. Is it just me but not having Milner in the starting line-up makes a big difference? We have industrious players in Can and Henderson and then creative players in Coutinho, Lallana and Firmino with the latter 2 being excellent tonight.
    Milner had a great game against City but week-in-week-out he has been the problem.

    • Really? Is he the problem? I thought we win whenever he scores? He should score more so that we win more. AND, he is the best penalty taker we have at the club right now

      • Yes I think so.
        Look back over the season so far. So many missed passes and poor decisions.
        Not much using winning every game he scores in if it is 1 goal per 6 games.

        • I agree with you that there are times when he plays poorly and I don’t want to see him on the pitch. BUT, I don’t think he is the problem. We also have to understand that its long since he was started almost all matches for his team. Not making excuses for him though

  16. And Klopp has been our best buy since Suarez (and previous Torres).
    For all our transfer shenanigans over the last few years FSG have made its best move in appointing Klopp.
    How many other players/managers have we bought over the last 20 years who all the top teams in Europe would take at the drop of a hat.
    This could be the start of the return. Klopp was the best piece of business we have done in a long time and I for one love watching all his pre-game and post-game interviews.
    Lovren and Sakho looked immense today, Lallana was MOM, Can is starting to come into his own and show his immense promise, Moreno and Clyne were bombing up and down and even Joe Allen looked the part when he came on.
    A great performance, a great atmosphere and a great manager.

  17. A result to be proud of.
    That will hurt the scum so we have to provide more of the same next week, Klopp is fired up for this competition the players can’t let him (or the fans down), celebrating going thru’ to the next round at OT would be the best thing for years.

  18. “Mini revival” of Lovren? Dude has been our most consistent and best center back this season (bar 5 minutes against West Ham). The partnership with Sakho means little to no goals conceding and how many games without a goal from set pieces?

    Dejan was in contention for player of the month in november and won our award in december. “Mini revival”

  19. Moreno is very limited in what he can do and wouldn’t be my first choice. I’m not sure Clyne has got what it takes to wear the Liverpool shirt either, one footed player often found out too easily, has been pretty average all season. Rather have Flanno playing RB but obviously can’t do that in the Uefa cup this season. Not sure about Hendo at the minute, he’s not been right since he came back from his injury, he does work hard but he’s not his usual talented self. Can & Sakho superb, the latter flaps sometimes when he can’t pass precisely but will throw himself into things. General good team performance, just never know which team will turn up, the one that played so well against both Manchester clubs or the one that turned up at Palace.

    • Not sure what else you want from Clyne. Drew a penalty and supported the attack very well while being defensively solid. Easily one of our most consistent players throughout the season and has more than justified his price tag. As much as I love Flanno, he does not have the pace Clyne does and therefore cannot be as involved in the attack. It’s also funny that you call out Clyne for being one footed then mention Flanno who is equally one footed. Yes he played on the left in the 13-14 season, but he only ever cut in to cross with his right. Not to mention Klopp preferred to play Clyne on the left when he played him and Flanno together. For games away from Anfield against tough opposition, I would choose Flanno to Moreno. Flanno needs to put in some special performances if he is to usurp Clyne, however.

  20. I won’t deny there is general bias when it comes to nationality.. as you point out.
    But every player generally gets a season to settle mate… if Firms has these off days next season, don’t worry… plenty will be on his case. I know you have been critical of him, but I genuinely think the poor start was as much down to having to play with Big Ben and wrong combinations of players in front 3/4, just as much as it has been down to him being individually poor losing possession etc.
    Coutinho generally gets off lightly too and can have 7/8 bad games before any notices cos…..
    1. He scores huge (and incredible) goals when we badly need them
    2. Yes he has awful days aplenty but the class is never too far away
    3.On so many days under Brendan (post Suarez), he looked like only one fit to wear the jersey (and not cos he was amazing but cos everyone else was so sh1te.)
    We still moan when he has his bad run of games.
    Having had plenty of time, it has taken until last few weeks for Lallana to show his true quality.

  21. 6: when Firmino gets a real chance he converts it. Yes it was a great assist from Lallana (and Carrick). Yes Firmino makes some mistakes every game, and loses the ball a lot (though just as likely to chase it down and win it back). But give him a sniff and he takes it ?

  22. Moan away. More boring than having to sit through comments claiming some sort of agenda against Liverpool players when the clear reality is that fans who write here have their own opinions. You’re allowed an opinion. Your moaning is the most boring part of this.

  23. For me, its the same Moreno that shows up week after week. His rating appears to be based, not on any change in his approach to defending, but on whether or not he’s actually called on to defend. He was ever so fortunate that Radford didn’t score seconds after kick off as the ball soared over Moreno’s head into the path of the onrushing forward. If Radford had scored, the game might have gone very differently, and we’d rightly be blaming Moreno for another disappointing defensive showing.

    Instead, between the pressure applied up the pitch and the amount of possession Liverpool enjoyed, Moreno didn’t really need to do a lot defensively. Essentially, he gets to be a winger, where he seems to do the job well enough. But next week, if he’s called on to actually defend, and, inevitably, does so poorly, no doubt some writers will be scratching their heads wondering what happened to his “form.”

    • I didn’t see the early chance, but in the 1st 10 mins of the 2nd half, Albie had Martial in his pocket, so I’d say it’s warranted.

  24. what ive notice with can n lallana is that they release the ball more quickly n minimising extra touch.
    Henderson is keeping the ball and carrying the ball forward a bit more instead of sideways or backpass.
    Allen is playing without fear n is much more forward minded which fan loves.
    lfc players must work more on crossing and final ball to givevvariety to their play and fool opposing defenders.

  25. Yeah that would be great. Though every time it hear PEP will be city’s new manager my respect for him lowers.

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