Jurgen Klopp: “I love the challenge… I think I am a perfect solution”

on 02.03.2016

Jurgen Klopp has provided many great quotes and soundbites in his five months in charge at Liverpool so far, and has provided more to make you smile after defeat in the League Cup final.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Friday, February 26, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during a training session at Melwood Training Ground ahead of the Football League Cup Final against Manchester City. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Speaking to the written press after Tuesday’s pre-match press conference ahead of tonight’s game against Man City at Anfield, Klopp said: “I am 100% excited about the challenge.”

“It gets better and better by the way. Why? Because I know more. I am not the cleverest but I love the challenge.

“When I was younger I thought I had no chance to be part of professional football so I wanted to study medicine. I wanted to help people.

“I like to change things and help if it’s possible. It’s a hard way to go.

“I don’t know what other names FSG would have taken but I think I am a really perfect solution. I like this. I am patient enough to work for the moment and then we can change things.”

That Klopp understands the size of the challenge is refreshing to hear, with plenty of talk this week about him planning for the summer. You get the feeling he knows exactly where the team needs strengthening.

“To become successful in the future we need to learn a lot of things. The first thing is that you really need to work to get there.

“We can’t be successful just because of the history of the club or the name of the manager or the names of the players.

“The way we play football is influenced by a few things – how we train and which players we have.

“We have to change a lot of things to be successful.”

Klopp’s right, lots needs to change – not just the playing staff, but the mentality of the club.

The Reds boss also talked about his belief that no team(s) will now dominate the Premier League, due to the riches for all from the new TV deals.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 30, 2016: Liverpool's angry manager Jürgen Klopp during dismal goal-less draw against West Ham United during the FA Cup 4th Round match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“Nobody can win the league five or six years in a row because the financial potential of all the teams is too big. But always to be a part of this and to be a challenger is possible.

“That’s what we have to be in the future. To do that we have to make decisions.”

Again, Klopp is hinting at difficult decisions being made in order for the club to challenge for honours. He isn’t scared of making the changes needed.

“I am only interested in Liverpool FC,” he adds. “I feel absolutely perfect here.”

The future is bright with Klopp at the helm.


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  1. Someone tell me…. If City win the league or finish in the top 4, will liverpool take there place in the Europa Cup next season as runners up in the league cup final???

    • While watching highlights of Mignolet’s season I also smile, as a byproduct of laughing, with tears rolling down my cheeks. I really really hate him.

  2. the more i read the more i am sure we will be blown away in the summer when its comes to big name transfers ,yes we may sign a potential gem ,Or supposed future superstar (like firmino and benteke) but proven top class players that the big sides want not a chance

  3. I love Kloppo. What an awesome manager to have in charge of our club. But make no mistake. We are on track to finish outside the top 10 this season. This campaign, the majority of which has been under Klopp has been a trainwreck. The rebuilding job will be incredibly hard. We have a team full of average players and no genuine talent, not even Coutinho (inconsistent). Klopp has inherited the firdt LFC team in living memory with no real word class talent. He would need to perform a miracle to get the players he wants with Guardiola and Mourinho coming to the league. Even Tottenham has vastly improved and may yet win the league. Clubs like Tottenham and West Ham (with their swanky new stadium) will no doubt be in for the players we want, and London will play to their advantage. If they start piping us for the top players, then we will really be in a pickle as we won’t be able to compete with utd, chelsea, city et all. So where would that leave us? This season we have realised how strong the mid table teams have become, as we have fallen further down the pecking order. it used to be top 6 or 7 at worst, but we are not even top 10 now. Next summer will make or break Liverpool Football Club for the near future my fellow reds. at least under FSG. Klopp is the only shining light, let’s hope the job isn’t too big for him. If it is it will be a long dark future for us i am afraid.

    • So according to many Klopp will have a massive summer transfer budget
      I predict now at least 4 clubs will out spend us net if not 6 0r 7 ,we will not be much better off next season

      • Nothing personal Carra, but most of this seasons stars (ie Kante, Drinkwater, Mahrez etc) were missed because they weren’t hyped up like Depay. I would hate us to look like idiots like the manc teams

      • I don’t mind how many clubs out spend us as long as we spend our money on the right players, I know we need more than a few to win the league but 3 or 4 of the right quality will be enough to get us challenging and into top 4.

        • Yes lets aim for 4 th and finish 7th i would rather reach for the stars and he see my dreams shattered .than aim for mediocrity and end up disappointed

          • I always believe every season we start aiming to win the league and next season will be no different, I just want us to buy the right players and I don’t think they necessarily have to cost the earth, Delli Ali at Spurs Cresswell at West Ham are examples of a couple of of players who I think would be right for us yet not have cost £30m+ each.

          • Anyone can give an example of good players that have come cheap but they were potenial signings that paid off

          • doesn’t alter the fact that decent scouts can get the players you need at a fair price, Spurs seem to be doing that well at the moment, Shakhtar seem to have decent scouts too as did Southampton ~ I don’t think it’s particularly difficult to set up really ~ you obviously need people who can spot talent, in Delli Ali’s case he was almost rammed down our throats and, as I understand it, it was FSG and not Rodgers who decided against signing him.

    • We’re also expanding our stadium, which will help our financial future and will be a bigger capacity than WH’s 54k capacity.
      I totally understand the frustration and you’re right, rebuilding will be difficult as we’ll be up against strong competition, Guadiiola being the toughest and most attractive probably because of the financial clout of City. But that’s why we have Klopp, a shrewd manager that wins without the need for bucket loads of cash. Let’s be honest the squad is not awful, it just needs a little work, we could also end up 5th if we win tonight as we’ll be 3 points behind United.
      36 points to play for, if we get 27/30 of them we’ll be 5th/4th. But we could quite easily crumble after winning a few games, that seems to be a trait we can’t shift. Who knows yet, keep the faith.

      • So its come to this where dreaming of 5th with no silver wear
        Give it another 5 years under fsg and we will be rejoicing just staying up

          • I’m looking forward, with Klopp not a ‘few years back’.
            its the only way for me to remain positive !!

          • Exactly, give Klopp 3 years and then judge the work done here. The squad he inherited just isn’t up to winning anything, some fans are talking about a valiant performance because we reached penalties but make no mistake, that is the worst display of football I have ever seen from Liverpool in a cup final.

          • Yes we had shot on target in 90 minutes and in the Europa league wouldn’t even have scored but for a debatable penalty. Cant understand why some fans think we are 1-3 players away from being a good side. Its rare we score more than one goal and the defence is laughable.

        • They will have sold up by then.

          Saddling new owners with a £1bn purchase price.

          We’re in a vicious circle.

          • The sane ones can see what they are doing then there are the rose tinted glasses brigade who think its going to be different under them 5 years down the line
            Finally they are the shills the ones paid to come on and defend fsg and pretent to be lfc fans

          • As 1 wag says, 5 years from now well be thanking Ian Ayre & FSG for saving us from relegation

    • This season, that saw us reach a final for the first time in 4 years, barely losing out to one of the most expensive teams in the world.
      This season, that saw us progress beyond the first knock-out round in Europe for the first time in 5 years.
      This season, if we finish it decently, is well poised to fight for 5th, which is better than our place but for one of the six previous seasons.

      Train wreck, right?

      Don’t run with the negativity. Contrary to what some think we’re doing better.

      Besides, Klopp is not after the same players as Pep and Mou will be, so no worries there.

      • ‘barely losing out to one of the most expensive teams in the world.’

        It wasn’t ‘barely’ at all, City could have won 4-1 and nobody could have complained.

        City are 4th because they are not that good.

        So is 11th about right where we are right now. The table never lies they say.

        You should change your name to B.S.

        • Right. You are always spot on in your opinions, is that it? You know, just like you ridiculously said City wouldn’t play their strongest team in the CL game away at Kiev? Or no company would like to have a profit?

          It does not matter what City could have won, what matters is the actual result.

          And btw, the table lies right now, because there are 2 games difference in played games. Let’s just wait for the table that never lies, in May.

          You should change your name too – you are not a true red at all. BigLie would suit you better.

          • City opted to throw away the FA Cup game instead.

            I said City would play a full strength team in the final. So you got that 1 wrong. I also said Moreno & Mignolet would lose us the game.

            1 game difference, ManCity tonight. Are you expecting 3 points?

          • Another fsg spokeman mate
            mancitys last 4 games against english opposition before they played us showed where they are
            won one lost 3
            scored 4 goals 1 per game conceded 11 nearly 3 per game
            only win was against sunderland
            lost at home to two title rivals spurs and leicester
            and humilated in the fa cup by chelsea

          • Spot on. They’ve dropped to 4th and have sacked their manager. And some want to say nearly beating them is an achievement……..

          • a week today our season could well be over would you back any of these losers to graft and show pride in the shirt till the end of the season
            Lucas skrtel and the kids will give it there all most of the rest we mite as well give the rest of the season off

          • Some will graft but there’s no pride. Most of them were heroes at their previous clubs. Winning the odd big game was enough to keep fans happy. None of this lot, except Coutinho, are up to the job to making us winners again.

            I hear Sturridge is suddenly injured again. Is it the rain or there’s no cup finals coming up?

          • see hes launching his own cooking sauce good to see hes fully focused on liverpool
            infact its a wonder hes got time to get of the hospital table to grace us with the odd gamee
            what with is social media cooking sauces and clothing range
            No doubt the all singingall dancing tv add will be out soon with him and the boys dressed up in his clubber
            i can see the slogan at the end now
            studge cooking sauce so good it made us talk about winning

          • You are out of your mind.

            I never said they wouldn’t play full strength for the final. Quite contrary, I said they would take it seriously. I also said they would likely sacrifice the FA cup of these four games and play the kids against Chelsea. Which they did. And I expect them coming strong again tonight.

            My real argument was that City wouldn’t have significantly more rest after a late game in Kiev than us playing early at home the day after. You, of course, oblivious to reality, could not imagine they played their top dogs in Kiev. Which we of course now know they did.

            I was spot on, you were mostly wrong. Becoming a habit that one.

            And I always expect a win. Couldn’t be a true red if I didn’t.

          • That’s not how I recall it. I said Pellegrini would put a higher priority on the final and winning silverware. You made all the fuss about travelling I said it was no bother and they would have an extra day to recover. As it happened Pellegrini played full strength in both games and the extra days rest did show as our players were too tired to take pens.
            So I was right.
            Same as I was right that Moreno & Mignolet would cost us the game.

            I can’t see what point you’re trying to make………

          • Well, your recollection might be better if you didn’t delete your comments as you go. You were adamant City would rest all key players in Kiev. You were wrong. Completely wrong. A per usual.

            You have never been right, you lie, you’re a coward and you hate on our own players.

            You are simply a disgrace if you really are an LFC fan at all.

          • Stop telling lies. I don’t delete comments.

            FSG shills like you are the disgrace, encouraging fans to just accept decline.

          • Yeah. Saw the decline in full force today. Horrible stuff.

            I also saw Pellegrino bemoaning the travel to Ukraine and the toll they took in the final.

            And someone did delete your comments at least.

  4. Klopp must now be thinking that Brendan Rodgers is a shocking excuse for a football manager, having inherited his mess.

    • A £32.5 million player sitting on the bench next to a £25 million player says it all about Klopp’s opinion of Brendan’s eye for a player.

      • To think Mahrez cost 400.000 just makes me sick to my stomach that guy is a very consistent and confident player and he is 10 times better than Benteke…Imma loss for words still on that one.

      • The manager maintained throughout his time that he had final say on all transfers here. He had just won manager of the year in 2013, lost Luis Suarez and while I’m sure he took his scouts opinions on board it was the manager who made the decision to panic sign Mario Balotelli.
        If Rodgers never wanted him he could have given the club an ultimatum, his stock was never higher and he could have walked into almost any job.
        Now that he was booted out of Anfield for amassing a pile of isht he’s doing what any small time manager with little character would do, blame the club for his failings.

        Stop buying into his rubbish.

        • Yer he had the final say…I’m more concerned about who had the first word? Who came up with the options to chose between?
          Stop buying into his rubbish!?!? It seems like you are the only gullible one who chose to believe it is all Rodgers fault and FSG are 100% guilt free. The committee is as much to blame for the current squad as Rodgers is.

          • As manager Rodgers is responsible for the team he assembled so yes, what we’re left with is Rodgers’ fault.
            In 13/14 we almost won the league, in 15/16 five first team players from that team are now gone, you don’t progress by selling your best players and that’s where we were under Rodgers, our best players wanted to leave and top players didn’t want to play for us.

            The committee seems like an obstacle for any manager for sure, but Rodgers said he had final say on transfers and should be judged on that.
            Rather than let the club collect a bunch of expensive and unnecessary players like Lallana, Lovren and Markovic he should have gave his all to sign a top striker that Summer, he didn’t. He took the cheap option, bought a player he previously declared he would never buy and the player and club suffered hugely for it, that’s all on Rodgers.

          • You simplistic black and white views just expose your complete ignorance.
            So the manager is completely to blame for all players brought and sold and the committee and owners have no say or should be blamed in anyway….seriously, do you read what you write before posting it!?
            FSG sold Suarez, not Rodgers!
            The committee seems like an obstacle for any manager for sure, but Rodgers said he had final say on transfers and should be judged on that. ..yes the FINAL say. What good is that is your choices are not good enough!?

          • And you are ignorant to the amount of influence a manager has. Like any club LFC work with a budget, the club sold Luis Suarez and Rodgers sanctioned £65 million to be spent on Lallana, Lovren and Markovic BEFORE replacing our best player.
            He should have planned properly, suspended those deals with his final say and made replacing our best player his priority. Instead he threw his toys out of the pram when Sanchez chose Arsenal.

            Rodgers didn’t have a plan B, what kind of manager at a top football club doesn’t have a plan B?

          • “And you are ignorant to the amount of influence a manager has”…are you for real!? If it is your aim to impersonate an 1d1ot, I have to tip my hat and say you’ve absolutely nailed it!!
            FSG employed a committee that chose the targets in line with their policy. Rodgers job was one of choosing from what he was offered.
            He was a yes man and FSG’s puppet.
            Why should he have suspended those deals? They had no bearing on his budget for a striker.
            Wow and you have the front to call me ignorant…we didn’t buy Balotelli because Rodgers had spent the Suarez money on Lovren, Sanchez and Markovic and he was all he could afford.
            The fact that we offered more for Sanchez than Arsenal did, should have already told you that money wasn’t the issue and that those players were not brought instead of a striker.
            You are preaching to the converted regarding Rodgers. We all know he was a terrible manager, inexperienced and should never have been given the job in the first place…but to ignore all the facts and (choose) to lay all the blame on Rodgers and none on the owners and their committee is simply ridiculous and only goes to make you look f00lish and ignorant.

          • You do realize that players dictate who they play for, yer?
            Suarez and Sterling made it crystal clear that they wanted to leave, and no manager or club in their right mind would keep a player who didn’t want to play for their club.
            You make it out as if Rodgers decided to sell them as he felt they were not good enough…If you cant see that the committee/owners are as much to blame as Rodgers for the poor squad we have then that can only be because you don’t want to!
            Rodgers was a terrible manager, and woeful in the transfer market..that doesn’t change the fact that to date the committee has been a complete failure and along with the owners who sold our best players and who set up and sat on the committee…are just as much to blame for the current crop of players, and reason for the summer cull and massive overhaul Klopp now has on his hands

        • “it was the manager who made the decision to panic sign Mario Balotelli”…yes, out of his options of Eto and Balotelli, as FSG refused to meet Bony’s wage demands.
          Thanks for just proving the point I was making…It’s not the final choice that matters as much as the first choice!!
          Don’t get me wrong Rodgers was woeful in the transfer market, and no doubt signings like Borini, Allen and others were all down to him and FSG backed his poor judgement. But if you genuinely believe that ALL the blame lays with Rodger’s and the committee is blame free, then you are both proving a lack of intelligence and your desire to believe whatever fits your agenda!?!?

  5. Spend big on one world class striker, a competent goalkeeper and a talented winger and I think we’re much better off.

    Leicester City do not have a better midfield than Liverpool but they have two players in the squad that make the difference, players that bring out the best in their midfield.

    We need 3 quality players in those positions, not 7 new players, that carry on exactly what got us into this mess.

    • Leicester is fueled by belief, confidence and the benefit of no pressure and less games – and extreme luck with injuries. They have been able to play more or less the same team for a long time, and they play horribly at times, just kicking the ball away with no purpose, but follow up with unprecedented intensity.

      They play gung-ho style attacking football, which is ripe for exploitation. They’re floating right now, but will sink eventually, because there’s not enough quality – not in the squad, not in the club. I really fear they’ll get 4th place and England only get 3 teams into the CL proper.

      For us, I agree. We don’t need another massive influx of players. We’ve already signed two. We have a huge squad – a lot of players will go – and I suppose 1-3 additional players will come in. Not at all sure they’ll be really expensive or big names. I do have this indecent dreams of Zlatan captaining the ship next season though …

      • I dream of Zlatan myself, what a player, what a statement it would be too. Could be the best free transfer in the history of the game.

        Zlatan, Ings, Origi, Firmino sounds like fine striking options to me. Benteke and Sturridge out.

  6. Lots of positive views below… 12 games to go and 36 points to play for. I cannot see us ending up in the bottom half of the table and 5th or 6th is still realistic, which equates to European football. Plus we are still, in the Europa cup and a chance, yes small admittedly, but somebody has to win it, to get a CL spot . A glass half full fan is far better the the doom merchants below.

    • Being a realist is not being a doom merchant.

      The 8th or 9th richest club in the world in 11th place behind Stoke Everton Southampton & West Ham. Just above Watford.

      Even behind Chelsea after their awful start got Mourinho sacked?????

      Hey we ‘nearly’ won the the League Cup tho? Is that a glass half full?

      • 2 games in hand can change a lot of things, What has any of the richest clubs won this year? The year is not over there is still a lot to play for.

  7. In the email sent to his fellow directors Broughton, Ian Ayre and Philip Nash on 15 September 2010, Purslow wrote: “To get it straight, I think we should avoid the natural temptation to jump straight in to the deal with NESV. Whilst they are charming, intelligent and credible their bid is by any standards at the extreme bottom end of the ‘right deal’ threshold we set for ourselves: it only reduces debt by less than half and is I feel unlikely to yield incremental equity to fund a stadium.

    “They may say they have money if necessary but I do not take this very seriously. Their eyes only lit up at the idea of other opportunity improvements. An American deal guy simply can’t avoid using other people’s money if they can.

    “There is no extra money on the table to enable short-term investment in what remains a squad palpably needing more quality if we are to be definitively top four. New American sport team owners with the senior guy being a hedge fund manager could not be worst [sic] from an image standpoint, which is an issue for us independents. I have not even talked about valuation. I leave that to other members of the board. So what is positive? Answer, they exist. Which is not a lot, but it is not to be underestimated in importance.”

    There is no extra money on the table to enable short-term investment in what remains a squad palpably needing more quality if we are to be definitively top four.

    There was no new stadium either.

    11th place in the League……….

    • Purslow was the main reason why Rafa was forced out, he had his own agenda and wanted to be seen as the main man, he was an utter Tw…t

  8. With Kloppo in charge, I believe that we won’t have to spend a fortune to succeed. He clearly won’t spend over the odds but he has the nous to know which players to pick and has the status to attract them to Liverpool.

  9. I like this man, its just so unfortunate he has inherited the likes of Milner which undermines his input into the club. I am looking at a fully fit arsenal,man u, chelsea, city and maybe spurs team and I can tell you several starters in Liverpool will not make the bench. Likes of Milner and Lallana surely won’t, I can excuse Henderson due to the fact that he is not fully fit. Hence we are here hoping for top 4, there is noway that’s gonna happen. You could argue based on Leicester’s performance this season, the truth is their average players have really stepped up. Meanwhile, Vardy and Mahrez are their Suarez and Sturridge right now.

  10. No TIA report on Ian Ayre joining several other top EPL club bigwigs to meet with US billionaire Stephen Ross in London to discuss forming a breakaway European super league so they can rake in even more billions from “soccer”?

    The Guardian and other media outlets have covered the story after it broke.

    Apparently billionaire finance oligarch owners such as the Glazers (and presumably FSG) are especialy in favour of US-style corporatised “no relegation” closed leagues with mega TV and sponsorship money billions.

    So much for FSG et al being in favour of level financial playing fields such as FFP (let’s face it, in the MLB they are actually against wage caps etc).

    • The breakaway league has been talked about in various forms for decades.

      It probably came up again because United, Chelsea and LFC are a shambles these days and worried about missing out on regular UCL revenue.

  11. It’s about making the changes, the Fans, Media and Past Players are all in agreement with. We all know what they are, but will Klopp make the decisions and change them???

  12. He has to be ruthless with his playing staff. No sentiments here. Just because a player is from Liverpool area or came through the youth setup does not translate automatically that he deserves a spot. History and sentimentality has been killing this team for the past 26 years.

  13. ” I think I am a perfect solution “. Yes you are Jurgen , everyone loves you, we trust in you, we couldn’t ask for a better manager. If you can take us to the top , we will re – name the stadium after you , not just a stand !

  14. common boss use the axe next summer. overhaul, dont be too sentimental. look for other players who can play as yr phillosophy, rest can say good bye.

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