Klopp praises “extraordinary” Mario Gotze, but refuses to comment on interest

on 30.03.2016

Widely reported Liverpool target Mario Gotze was on target for Germany on Tuesday night, earning the praise of Reds manager Jurgen Klopp.

Germany’s Mario Goetze celebrates after scoring his side's second goal during a friendly soccer match between Germany and Italy at the Allianz Arena in Munich, southern Germany, Tuesday, March 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

Gotze scored as Germany waltzed to a 4-1 win at home to Italy at the Allianz Arena, fuelling anticipation among Liverpool supporters.

The 23-year-old is rumoured to welcome a £20 million move to Anfield this summer, reuniting with his former Borussia Dortmund manager, Klopp, who oversaw his development into a top European talent.

Speaking after Germany’s win in Munich, Klopp described Gotze as “extraordinary,” but avoided comment on a possible summer move for the midfielder.

“I was pleased to hear that Mario put in a great performance for Germany on Tuesday,” he said.

“He is a player with extraordinary quality. He is trying to get fully fit again after a four-month spell on the sidelines due to injury.

“But that’s all I can say about Gotze.

“I am happy to talk about [confirmed summer signing Joel] Matip or about other things, but not about whether Gotze is a target for Liverpool.”

03.12.2011, BorussiaPark, Mönchengladbach, GER, 1.FBL, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Borussia Dortmund, im BildJürgen Klopp (Trainer Dortmund) und Mario Götze (Dortmund #11) // during the 1.FBL, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Borussia Dortmund on 2011/12/03, BorussiaPark, Mönchengladbach, Germany. EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ nph/ Mueller..***** ATTENTION - OUT OF GER, CRO *****

Klopp’s non-committal approach will do little to diffuse speculation surrounding Gotze’s future, as the Germany international enters the final 12 months of his Bayern Munich contract this summer.

While Liverpool are believed to be looking to secure a deal worth between £15 million and £20 million for Gotze, Bayern want closer to £30 million, suggesting a compromise is required.

As Klopp attests, Gotze is an extraordinary talent, and a genuine marquee target for Liverpool this summer.

Able to operate in a number of positions in the forward line, Gotze could be earmarked for a regular role on the Reds’ right flank, alongside Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino.

Gotze has scored four goals and registered two assists in 12 appearances so far in an injury-hit 2015/16.

Working his way back to full fitness, the ex-Dortmund star is beginning to show signs of the world-class potential that earned him a £30 million move to Bayern in 2013.

Klopp would no doubt welcome him to Merseyside with open arms—but the 48-year-old is unlikely to concede that just yet.


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  1. So its Confirmed: Gotze is a Liverpool Player… But wait Klopp said the same thing in the Teixeira case…Cr**p

    • It appears that LFC would like Gotze to be a Liverpool Player, but that they’ve decided what they think he is worth to the team and won’t pay more than that. Just like the Teixeira case.

          • In a sense, I was. I imagine Klopp and LFC have set a value on what they think Gotze is worth to the team and will be hesitant to pay any more than that. Just like with Teixeira. There’s no telling what that value is, though, and I expect it to be quite some ways north of the £15-20mil reported in the media.

      • I ment more in the way that Klopp praise Teixeira and refused to talk further about the case when everything seemed on board, and next thing you now BOOM he went to China.

        • Klopp actually said we won’t pay Disneyland prices for Teixeira a couple of weeks before the transfer window ended, and on the final day of the window, stated negotiations was already halted at his order.

  2. Goetze has said it matters what Ancelotti says too. He will of course wait to see about that and if Ancelotti has any sense he will tell him he’s key. However with Costa and Coman (on a loan to purchase from Juve), he’ll be sharing appearances with them as they still have ribery and robben to accommodate.

    If he’s decided he wants to be more of a 1st choice player then he will certainly move and the German press are saying a Dortmund move is all but done.

    However, it would be no surprise if he wanted a new challenge which would be in EPL or Spain you would think.

    Finally, you would have to think it would be tough to turn down a regular CL club like Arsenal despite the attraction of Klopp. I think he also said if he played with Klopp any longer [at Dortmund] he would be dead in another 3 years!!
    Tuchel is playing a much more controlled game at BVB so they are picking their moments and methods to attack and it’s incredibly effective in the BuLi.

    I still only regard this txfer as 25% chance of happening for us and hope we have alternatives lined up. It seems the AM area (pace and width) is the real place where Klopp’s going to spend. Piotr and Grey-itch are understudies, a left back won’t be a “great” one; saving the cash for the forward positions.

    • Was just about to say that myself, Ancelotti coming in may highly rate Gotze and why wouldn’t he? Plus Robben and Ribery are getting older so more chances may occur. Again, like you say at the prices quoted surely other teams with CL will be in for him and may offer better wages therefore a more lucrative offer.

      • Yes Leicester may come in too! They would be Champions or at the least be in the CL next year. They got to have a chance by your logic then. Don’t know about the lucrative offer from Leicester though.

        • Bit of a smart ar$e comment like, I meant the more reputable richer champions league clubs sorry for not clarifying all parameters of my comment. Although, it wouldn’t be impossible for Leicester but unlikely.

    • If goetze leaves despite ancelotti making it clear he rates him and wants him to stay, and goetze ends up coming to lfc, I would actually look at goetze suspiciously (I rate ancelotti very highly and anyone who turns him down, I have to start doubting). For me it all depends on ancelotti and his take on things.

      • But what can Ancelotti say to him? Given the strength of their squad there are that many players, he can’t guarantee him anything especially as others have had pretty damn good seasons.

        Coman is a direct replacment for either Ribery or Robben and Costa is the primary AM. It’s hard to see what the new manager can say to him.

      • My hope is that, by the time Ancelotti has a chance to sit down and talk to Gotze, his heart will already be out the door. Once you start imagining yourself in a different shirt, at a different stadium–once you start looking at properties in the area and researching the night life–once you start looking at your potential new teammates and imagining how you’d mesh with them, the excitement starts to build and you start to lose your heart to the proposition. There’s a certain amount of momentum that can build up toward making the move and exploring the new possibilities. If things have reached that point by the time Ancelotti has a talk with Gotze, he may be fighting an uphill battle.

    • Agree with everything except 25% chance… I think it is lesser.

      Ribery/Robben aren’t getting any younger… Ancelotti will want Gotze to hang around… If not, there will be plenty of CL clubs in the fray…

    • I think the main key is Carlo. He will definitely not sanction any transfer till the time he has seen them play/train.

      And the only pulling power we have is Jurgen Klopp. Not sure that would be sufficient enough for him to say yes.

    • Dearie me, you do make some good points! Carlo, La Liga, rival PL clubs and Dortmund as potential competition, so there’s clearly a lot to get by there.

      I don’t think La Liga’s going to happen though – only big 2 clubs can take him away, and I don’t think they’re really interested. Can’t say the same for the rest though but going by all the reports I wanna say I’m more bullish than you about our chances of landing him. Perhaps I’m wrong – I hope I’m not.

    • Not true. He sayed we wil look at the end of the season what we do. Anceloti was in February in munich and told bayern ” dont sell müller and Lewandowski” but told nothing about Götze

  3. It’s staggering that a club that values Benteke at £32m, Lallana at £27m and Markovic at £20m can value a genuine world class talent like Gotze at £15m. Once that clown Ayre gets to work on negotiations we can be sure Gotze will end up at Chelsea or Arsenal.

      • Ayre get’s too much hate. Remember he’s limited to the constraints the owners give him, and he did manage to get in Firmino which was quite a coup.

        • Are showed his true colours and breathtaking arrogance during the ticket price rise fiasco. It’s no surprise he’s leaving.

        • agreed too much hate on Ian. He has his imitations.

          But, John Henry doesn’t involve in discussion about whether 2500 or 10,000 pounds of wages should be paid to a talented player like alli or not Whether a player like Benteke is right for us. Whether we should let saurez go without getting sanchez or putting a clause in the deal which give us first choice on their recognized academy players something barca and foreign clubs do a lot. FSG have hired him ro do stuffs not screw things.He was vital in backing brogers.

          AND firmino deal didn’t come as a bargain. We paid 6 millions in agent fee alone in getting him. We didn’t signed a player that was wanted really bad by a CL in firmino. If manu or chelsea really wanted him they would have got him. Praising Ian for signing firmino is like prasing brogers for 2nd finish in which he had not the most important role to play.

      • You are aware that that doesn’t really apply to world class players who will be wanted by many of the big spending clubs right?

        • Real Madrid got Tony Kroos for £20 million under similar circumstances, unless you’re saying Kroos isn’t world class ?

          • £18.75 million in total. You made the point that it didn’t count with WC players entering the final year of their contracts, well it does as with any player, their price decreases if they are in final year. I don’t know what relevance your trying to make with Milner, we got him on a free hence why his wages are bigger. Mentioning him is pointless.

          • £18.75m? Rubbish. Any evidence of this figure. Do you know more than Bild who quote €30m and who presumably have better contracts at Bayern than you?

            My point is is that no way will Gotze be sold for £15m, 1 year left on contract or not. Too many clubs will be interested which will always maintain his true value.

          • Wiki says it’s between 25m and 30mil euros, based obviously on some of the sources. Not arguing, just laying it out there.

          • German newspaper Bild says €30m. They also specify the salary. Given Chelsea and City’s interest Real stand to make a nice profit on him too. Can’t see that happening with Milner any time soon+

          • You are aware that top players don’t work the system and be happy to sit doing nothing for 12 months just to engineer a free transfer, right?

          • Why are you repeating my point? You do understand that Bayern can’t just raise Goetze’s price even if 50 clubs want him, right? Are you still going to argue this very basic point?

          • Rubbish, what on earth are you talking about? Bayern can set his sale price at whatever they see fit. The market will decide what price he is worth. A player like Gotze will attract the likes of PSG Chelsea Arsenal Man city wHo will all pus his price up. And I guarantee it will be a lot more than £15m. Why are you even trying to argue this point? You was way off saying Kroos sold for £20m and you’re way off on this.

          • First, manners. Second, why the heck are you talking about Kroos? Third, read you previous sentence and give it some thought. If Goetze can leave for free in a year’s time, how can Bayern set whatever price they want? You can’t just pluck a figure out of the sky and ignore market fundamentals. Players in the last year of their contracts are typically sold their amortized book value. This is not rocket science.

            Edit: Just saw your conversation about Kroos with SOMEONE else. Neither Bayern nor Madrid released the transfer figure, genius, and yet, you go around proclaiming imaginary figures as fact.

    • Its astonishing no matter what good news story comes up you will find away to complain. One would nearly think you didnt want success for the club. Maybe even that you are not a supporter!

  4. I like Gotze a lot but this “guaranteed game changer” talk is silly. There is no guarantee he will be great for us regardless of what he’s done so far. Falcao was supposed to be a “guaranteed game changer” after scoring 63 goals in 88 games for Atletico and Monaco over two seasons. Heard of Angel Di Maria? In 28 starts in Ligue 1 and UCL this season, he’s scored 12 goals and set up 13, why aren’t we looking at him, surely he’d be a “guaranteed game changer”, right? It just doesn’t work like that. Football is more complicated, it’s not a game of numbers.

    • But he is a genuine WC player so he would be a gamechanger. Those are both poor examples. Falcao after his ACL injury was robbed off any pace he had remaining and never regained his prior form (Torres too). DiMaria has always been a brilliant player and yes he’s a game changer. Not his fault Louis van Galaticos thought playing him at striker and Rooney as a midfielder would render good results.

      Gotze is a brilliant player and if we do get him then we become a better side. You replace good players with better players. Not average players with average players (aka. The Rodgers method).

      • Yes, I took two fairly extreme examples of very expensive recent world class flops to illustrate my point, obviously. But I could name a myriad other “proven quality” signings that did nothing to improve their new team, a few of them very much our own. You probably can, too.

        The English PL and the English game in general is very much different from the German one. Different opponents, different team-mates, different language and so on and so forth. I’m not saying Gotze would be a flop. Quite the contrary, I’m sure he’d be an excellent addition and I would absolutely love seeing him at Anfield. But “guaranteed” is a word that should never be used when it comes to football transfers, history has shown us nothing if not that.

    • Guarantee? nope…
      but if you watch Germany-Italy you’ll see the potential..
      And Klopp knows him so it will be easier…

      • Being a silly bugger, I missed the game taking a nap–I got the bleeping time difference wrong! But I’ve seen a lot of Gotze and know his potential, he’s a fantastic talent. But as we seem to agree on: there are no guarantees in this world, least of all in this football world.

        • This is all about action… will we wait for guarantee to act?
          We see the chance then we must grab it with both hands… or we hesitate and miss the train just like case of Alli.

          • Indeed! Also, just like the case of Gylfi.

            …no, I am not letting that go!

            But yeah, every time I see Alli play I get a little sting in my heart :(

  5. was klopp just talking about gotze ??? or was he asked about him
    that makes a massive difference in the context of his words
    If he was not asked about gotze then fair enough we may have a story if he was whats he supposed to say about an ex player that he turned into a star

    • Forget “ex player”, what is one to say when one is asked about a world class talent in general? “Yes, Messi is great, an extraordinary player” doesn’t translate to “Liverpool to sign Messi!!1!!” We all know how these articles are “sourced”.

      Apart from an update on a Kardashian rump, transfer rumours are just about the most useless text published these days.

    • “When asked about Liverpool’s interest in signing Gotze, Klopp elected to try and move discussion towards Schalke defender Joel Matip, who will move to Anfield on a free transfer this summer.”
      From *spits* TeamTalk.

  6. Gotze is non-committal, so is Klopp… like dating game involving 3 people… is she… will he…
    I guess this is fun but I care more about how we will finnish the season…
    Everything will be much easier with CL qualification.

  7. If we are able to land a player like gotze it would be seriously amazing.

    I’m very optimistic about getting him. If klopp wants him we will get him.

  8. There it is. The valuation difference. We value a player at half of what the selling club is asking. So “compromise” needed. We have been in this situation before, haven’t we?
    It doesn’t matter if he’s in last 12 months of his contract. If he’s good enough, pay the money. AND he is good enough. Better than 32.5mil Benteke or 25 mil Lallana.
    So please pay and get him, if you want him. Don’t haggle around.

    • Ah, Liverpool fans… aren’t we just the strangest bunch?

      “We have to stop paying over the odds for players, European teams have found us out and know now that they can get much more from us than the player is really worth!”

      “We have to stop haggling for players and just pay whatever the other team values its player at!”

      • The thing is, I think he’s referring to two types of players for two different situations here…and I’m fairly certain a large majority of the fans feel like this.

        Players like Willian, Teixiera, Gotze – pay what it takes. Pay the extra amount/over the odds if you have to. Because they’re seen as players that LFC always aspire to get, but end up failing in the final hurdle due to the haggling aspect. And many fans are convinced that this is the reason we do so badly.

        Players like Lallana, Benteke, Lovren, Markovic, Allen, Carroll, Downing – all fairly strong cases for players we have paid well over the odds for. It’s these type of players that they don’t want LFC to pay over the odds for.

    • Hang on a second. If we’d done that with Teixeira, then we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation about Gotze now.

      I’m fine letting Klopp decide what the player is worth and not paying a penny more. When you start overpaying for one player, you’ve got to then underpay for the next, which means you probably won’t get them at all.

      Also, this creates a weak negotiating environment where sellers start to *expect* you to overpay, and will continue to hold out until you do. Setting a reasonable value on each player and then sticking with it is the best course of action for the long term.

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