Lazar Markovic “welcome” at Liverpool after Fenerbahce loan – Klopp

on 05.03.2016

Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he is looking to add Lazar Markovic to his squad for 2016/17, after the winger’s loan spell with Fenerbahce.

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - Sunday, July 19, 2015: Liverpool's Lazar Markovic during a training session at Coopers Stadium ahead of a preseason friendly match against Adelaide United on day seven of the club's preseason tour. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Markovic was loaned to the Turkish Super Lig side last summer, with Brendan Rodgers seemingly not content with the development made in his first season on Merseyside.

The 22-year-old has since criticised Rodgers for the breakdown in their relationship, saying “nobody explained to me what was going on or what his plans were, so I decided to leave.”

But a change in hands at Liverpool has given Markovic a new opportunity, with Klopp having met with the Serbia international on his return to Melwood as part of his recovery from a groin injury.

After talks, Klopp admitted on Friday that he was welcome back at the club this summer.

“He’s injured so he is back for us. But he is not our player so he will have to go back [to Fenerbahce],” Klopp told reporters.

“We will talk about things, we will speak about next season while he is here.

“I will say at the start of pre-season, ‘Welcome, and then it’s up to you’.

“That is how it is in football, it is a long pre-season and if he wants to come back to Liverpool on July 2, then [he is] welcome.

“We are short on wingers. Everybody who is involved in pre-season can have a part to play.”

BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND - Wednesday, December 17, 2014: Liverpool's Lazar Markovic celebrates scoring the second goal against Bournemouth during the Football League Cup 5th Round match at Dean Court. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Klopp’s admission that he is lacking in wide options is an obvious one, with Jordon Ibe the only orthodox winger at his disposal in the Liverpool first team.

Markovic would provide the German with pace, energy and a direct brand of attacking football from the flanks, while also being able to interchange with the likes of Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho in a fluid forward line.

Able to shine on the left or the right, Markovic can also perform as a second striker, but what will particularly endear him to Klopp is his work off the ball.

During his time with Fenerbahce, Markovic has showcased his strong work rate in pressing the opposition—a key feature of Klopp’s attacking blueprint.

The return of Markovic would arguably alleviate the need to sign another starting option in attack.

Though with reports linking the Reds with Bayern Munich’s Mario Gotze, it is likely that Klopp would take a patient approach to Markovic’s development.

In 20 appearances for Fenerbahce this season however, the former Benfica man has clearly shown Klopp enough to secure a role at Liverpool in 2016/17.


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  1. Not convinced about Lazar. In a counterattacking situation his speed/running power can be effective but he lacks a trick and ability to beat players when a defence is set (I.e. at home)

    Also unsure of his crossing ability. May also be lacking in the goals & assists department but hope he can develop in preseason.

      • Will need more than that performance to convince he’s ready to be a fixture in the side. Let’s not forget his Benfica stats before signing for us…nothing earth shattering.

    • Every player gets a chance under Klopp. I’m sure he will make the best use of his chance. And surely Klopp will improve him (and his crossing?).

    • Yeah I agree on that one. I actually didn’t mind him too much at wing back, as he had some good performances there with space to run into. Its harder to play further up the pitch in the confined spaces, which is why it would fail if Moreno is pushed forward as some want.

  2. Markovic and Klopp could be a match made in heaven, this is exactly his kind of player. I never remotely understood why Rodgers allowed him to go out on loan

    • Markovic is a transfer committee signing. Bodgers didn’t like transfer committee signings. He didn’t like to play them, and when he did play them, they were often played out of position. Markovic as a wing back. Can on the right side of a back three.

    • He can be…but really, it depends on how he toughens up. Else, he will get eaten up alive in the Prem. Again.

      He is also injury prone. Still, a player whom i’m raring to see for an extended period.

        • Yup we will all be told by FSG and the FSG and Ian Ayre fans (shills) that bringing Marko back in will be like a new signing. All the peasants and shills will doff their caps and applaud FSG for how wonderful they are. TBH am starting to wonder if Kloppo plays into FSG’s hands as well with all his talk of not spending etc – either he’s naive and thinks he can do a dortmund in the EPL which you can’t (Leicester etc are one offs) or he is a bit of a yes man for FSG already – the short arm billionaires with deep pockets.

          • You know this is getting boring right?
            Can you argue the point rather than merely indulging in conspiracy theories over and over?

            Or are you able to talk at all about the type of players we need to address certain gaps?

          • Doesnt care about anything other than undermining Fsg clearly.

            Is it
            a) David Moores
            b) Gilette
            c) Hicks
            d) Rodgers
            e) Lindas predecessor

            You decide

          • Yup David Moores needs to get over it- just cause he got 200m and the club is now worth 700 and counting, Get over it Moores ya greedy b”£$%&

          • Leicester etc are one offs?
            How can a one off be plural? The reality is there are more ways to win the premier league or any league for that matter than buying the best players, it is just slower.

          • If Klopp gets half of what Rodgers got we’ll be challenging in 2-3 seasons. If he at least gets the same amount we’ll be challenging in 2-3 seasons.

            Either way under Klopp we’ll be challenging in 2-3 seasons and that’s good enough for me.

          • Then I’m sure we’ll be challenging in 2-3 seasons ;P

            Money is all well and good but Klopp needs time too, he just got here. Rodgers built the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th, unfortunately he couldn’t manage a single trophy in over 3 years.

          • Personally i think he should and will challenge for the pl next season with investment like that in the squad-unlike Rodgers he is not going to loose his best player and the squad when fit is more than half decent as it is just like they showed on wednesday, A goal keeper and left back would leave us in a fairly strong position squad wise if you ask me.

          • You forgot the 3rd option – That Klopp knows there’s anti-shills all over the media & doesn’t need to throw them tit-bits of his plans for them to be used against him in your FSG dirty protest. Klopp only plays into his own hands & has a model people with an agenda like you can’t even imagine.

          • Hey everybody, I’m a shill… An idiot from the States said it, so it must be true…..This is what I find so amusing about LFC fans these days.. Talk of support and love for the club, throw in the odd YNWA’s and then you write stuff insulting those at the club, and fellow fans… Be honest aboput who you are, stop with the pretence….You just think your better than everyone else, it’s ok, we expect it form you lot. Let me guess… Trump has your vote.

        • So we will have Marko, Ibe and Ojo as our out and out wingers. We can also include Milner in that group as he performs better there….and also Divock. On face value, it seems enough of a player stock, but I think one more WORLD-CLASS winger is required.

          Someone with a TRACK-RECORD of scoring from the wing…and someone with experience. We have too many young turks at the moment.

          • But i can see this being made out to be a new signing by th fsg hoardes ,I do not think we are going to get a massive budget this summer
            Klopp as never spent big i hope hes not going to be a fsg dream and demand money

    • Tekkers may not have done much lately but he has scored 7 goals this season already in PL alone…so let’s not completely discount or forget that. You think Lazar will have a bigger contribution? Well, nothing is set in stone that way really. In other words, it’s not going to be that easy for Lazar either.

      • Even injuried Ings is certainly ahead of Benteke. Which is makes him 5th choice. Meanwhile Markovic is the only proper wings we have. So at least Klopp got his options

  3. We will sign one or two new wingers, even if Markovic convinces Klopp. But I think this might be one of the players who could surprise us in a positive way next season.

    • !00%, It’s a shame he had to leave to refind his form and way….I was chuffed yto bits when we signed him in the first place, hopefully he comes back hungry to prove Rodgers was wrong to ignore him….

      • Well Rodgers played him at wing back so no surprise he played s*** for most of the season. Now with Kloppo in one can hope that Markovic will be played either in Number 10 or Winger.

        • Exactly, he did show glimpses of what he was about, but this whole playing him at full back thing is a bit of a non starter really, and good winger worth his fee should have experience of playing at fullback, Gareth Bale for instance, was a LB, it is something they need to do to understand what is needed and expected of a winger these days, with full backs becoming more attack minded, they over lap more often than not, to understand what a full back is going to do and where he wants to move can only help turn him into a better winger…

    • He is a bright prospect. Not a finished material by any means but he can do wonders for us under Klopp. I am very keen to see how he develops and he can surely surprise a lot of people if given a clear chance to prove himself (in his correct position)

  4. Markovic criticised Rodgers for the breakdown in their relationship, saying “nobody explained to me what was going on or what his plans were, so I decided to leave.”

    Daniel Agger – “I left Liverpool because of Brendan Rodgers.” (Agger said constant arguments with Bodgers forced him out of Anfield.)

    Pepe Reina – “Dear LFC fans, I love Liverpool FC. I don’t really like Brendan Rodgers. Adios! Pepe Reina X”

    Nuri Sahin – “Brendan Bodgers wanted me to play as a number 10. I talked to him and asked him why he was playing me there. The coach could not answer me!! Thank God I have left Brendan Bodgers.”

    Downing – “To come out in the papers and basically slag off your player by saying you don’t try – that was poor really.”

    Caroll – “With Brendan Bodgers, what he was saying to me and what was actually happening [were different things]. He was telling me one thing to my face, then I’d leave the training ground and he would ring me and tell me a completely different thing. So I would go back and see him and he would say the opposite again.It was the same thing round and round and round.He did it to a few other players, too, players who are not there now (Agger, Reina, Suarez, Stevie).”

      • Or, players we’re looking for someone to blame as to why they weren’t at the club anymore – and the obvious choice was the manager.
        Rodgers aside, Carroll, Downing and Sahin never fit in at Liverpool. Reina was past his best and making lots of mistakes at the point we sold him and Agger couldn’t cope physically with the league anymore on his own admission.
        Suarez has made very glowing comments about Rodgers, as has Gerrard, Sturridge and Coutinho…

          • Don’t really care to be honest. Just don’t see the point in the constant Rodgers bashing.
            He took us as close to the Premier League as any other manager has. He made mistakes while at the club but so does every manager. How about we wish him well for the future, thank him for his services, remember his attractive (if sometimes frustrating) football fondly and concentrate on the future with our current manager?

          • Exactly, thank you… You could also have put it simpler: We are not Scums!!!!

        • I can see that, yeah. People seem to think relationships are static in football, that its not like any other workplace where one week your boss seems like an okay person, the next you want to strangle him/her with your bare hands because you can’t stand their sh*t and bad management skills.

          So to me its like the club underwent something of a perfect storm in terms of bad player transfer calls, a young, inexperienced manager trying to learn on the job, and of course the political shenanigans and internal spats going on in the executive management level (including Rodgers).

          Getting Klopp in was basically hitting the nuclear button. Complete sundering to restart. I can only imagine 5’0″ Ian Ayre or someone else telling a towering 6’4″ Klopp he can’t sign someone he knows he can sign to help the club, and Klopp just staring them down into submission. The Transfer Committee may just have to become like a constitutional monarchy: Various figureheads may appear at the top of the food chain, but someone else calls the shots – that person needs to be Jurgen Klopp.

        • Also he never seems to get credit for developing coutinho and creating probably our best player for seasons to come. Also he took the gamble to play sturridge as a center forward and he too is our best forward when he is fit. My point is he also did a lot of good things when he was our manager and we should not overlook them.

    • I’d love to see BR take on a really difficult job, like Newcastle for instance. But I think he’s too chicken to put his reputation on the line?

      • You’re right. Bodgers had the audacity to seduce a married woman with kid, and when her husband showed up at the door, he was too chicken to even get out of the house till the police cleared the area. A man like that will not have the respect of his colleagues or players.

        Also, Newcastle have seen Bodgers put 300M of hard earned money into a blackhole… not sure if they trust Bodgers with a managerial job.

  5. Like many others I find it difficult to understand what Rodgers was trying to achieve not just with the Markovic fiasco but also in numerous other situations, thank goodness we have a straight talking professional in charge of the team now. The Rodgers years were a nightmare, thank goodness they are finally over but still some major issues to sort out because of him.

    • Exactly. Unless we acknowledge Bodgers’ screwups, we will not be able to learn from history. A few Bodgers’ diehard lemmings will login using different usernames to pin the blame on Klopp and the owners – eg. WDF/BrooklynRed/Spuddy, Onyx/Oh, Dereksmith/Puddytwat.

      • You say that, but it’s people like you that just can’t let go, your like cats in heat whenever the opportunity arises to have a pop at Rodgers or those who refuse to hate him…. Something tells me, it is you and your like who have the real Rodgers fixation.

        • If you are so afraid of people talking about Bodgers, then don’t read articles with his name on it. You’re bound to see people responding to the article. If you don’t like to read something, and yet still want to read them… then it’s clear you have a problem in your head. Go see a shrink.

          • If your so afraid of Rodgers, why not, not talk about him….Go see a shrink, brilliant!

          • Who is afraid of Bodgers. He’s a midget who has not won any trophy in his life.

          • Bit taller than a midget, and winning promotion to the PL comes with a trophy you fool.

          • What a loser you are… you might as well include all the trophies he won in nursery school.

          • “Lazar Markovic “welcome” at Liverpool after Fenerbahce loan – Klopp.”
            Don’t see the name “Rodgers” there, and if you’re talking about his name being mentioned in the 3rd paragraph, you really do have an agenda.

          • Trying to act smart doesn’t get you anywhere bozo. Read the full article before you comment, not just the headlines.

          • Such a wise head on your shoulder’s lad, oh wait! wrong comment box. I meant that for Rob.

          • I don’t act unless I’m on stage, numpty. I read the full article, which is why I mentioned the 3rd paragraph, (ok, it was 2nd, I’m visually impaired, you wanna make fun of that ?) and I’m responding to you, how do you think I got to the comments section without reading the article ? You’re either 12 or didn’t listen in school.

          • Trying to start an argument here with semantics? Get a life. If you don’t like to read my post, stop reading them. No one forced you to. If you’re responding because you are in love with mediocrity and Bodgers – then that’s your right under the constitution to be an idiot.

          • I’m responding because your comments are so far wrong you need correcting. My life is already here, I grasped it years ago, I suggest you get out more though. And mediocrity & our previous manager don’t have the personality for me to love. It’s your right to think we live under a constitution too, which I’m surprised you can even spell.

    • That doesn’t really matter, when he hits form and starts tearing the PL up, people are going to be saying 20m wow! what a bargain.

      • and anyways £20m is nothing in today’s world. With TV deal money flowing coming season, the transfer fee will break the ceiling.

  6. Doesn’t exactly sound like he has detailed plans for Marko.

    Maybe this is another one who FSG have told Kloppo they want to sell ASAP to maximise re-sale value.

    • What are you people on,,,, LFC bought high, they are not going to get more than that back for him now…. In a couple of seasons when he proves himself maybe… Your logic and grasp of reality are staggering.

  7. He seems a great player but he does seem to be injured a fair bit? For 20 million you do have to seriously wonder why he was loaned out, another strange day that was at the liverpool office.

  8. Lots of former players have mentioned how bad the manmanagement was under David Brent but let’s face it he was also a yes man following FSG and Ian Ayre’s orders for offloading players for money or to get them off the wage bill etc so a blind eye was turned.

    Who is surprised then that the lieks of Sterling and Sinclair etc don’t want to stay.

    LFC under FSG and Ayre have a reputation for messing players around then they blame the player.

    Then you have someone like Flanno good player local lad wnats to stay and they mess a loyal lpcal lad like him around as well.

  9. I think Markovic is an exciting player but I’m not sure he has what it takes to play in the prem. He is very lightweight and I can see him being bullied by the opposition. Also fairly injury prone it seems and I’m not confident about his attitude either. Hopefully he proves me wrong but if a decent offer came in for him I wouldn’t be too fussed if he leaves.

    • You make a good point but i think he is still young enough to do better, The serbian connection with the assistant manager and Grucjic would surely make it easier for him to reach his full potential. Plus players are just better at 22 than at 20 generally.

  10. “i have a feeling that someday Markovic will thrive under Klopp, that Markovic will score goals and plenty of them, that Markovic will create lots and lots of chances and that he will finally get the freedom to use his pace and skill”.

  11. I’m wondering, could this have happened to Firmino as well? I mean, if Rodgers had stayed at the helm. Was out of form, played out of position. Maybe he would have been shipped out on loan under Rodgers, to a team like Wolfsburg. Don’t know, I still think Klopp will have a good look at Markovic this summer.

  12. The question the summer for me will be this, are we confident enough in Marko and Ibe to not buy a new winger. Ibe has been struggling lately but it may be wiser to give him and marko a chance and spend the money elsewhere.

  13. He’s not going to command the fee we paid for him anyway so I’m all up for giving the lad another chance!! He’s better than ibe on a bad day so what’s the harm. . Give him a season in his preferred position and let’s see what he’s made of!!

  14. Also I don’t think we should expect to much from any new player coming into the prem for the first season it takes time to adjust. .these lad’s are expected to pull up trees within the first 5 game’s or there shipped out on loan deemed a failure!! There’s a lot more that goes on with these guys than just 90 minutes of football ..I remember Ronaldos first season in the prem whisky nose said in his book that he couldn’t believe that the club had wasted 12 million for this kid. .and we all know how that turned out. .

  15. Markovic did not get a fair run in the squad last time round. Hope he gets his opportunity under the experienced german. Klopp has a way of developing players and I believe Markovic has the right material to flourish in the ‘geggen-press’ system.

    As others have voiced here, it was a huge error when FSG appointed BR whose mistakes continue to manifest and the way Markovic was treated was clearly one.

  16. Am I missing something here??? Is LM a winger??? I’m talking about the classic winger, not the able-to-play-as type… For example, Jesus Navas, that’s a winger… And I don’t think LM is any Navas… He can play as a winger when needed, yes, but…

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