Liverpool FC Fanzines

There are three main fanzines relating to the fortunes of Liverpool FC.

They are Red All Over The Land (RAOTL), The Liverpool Way and Boss Mag. Through The Wind And Rain (TTWAR) ceased to exist in 2008.

There are also print publications such as The Kop (a publication from The Liverpool Echo newspaper).

And online are various fanzine-style websites, including, of course, This Is Anfield.

The three fanzines listed below can all be purchased around Anfield on a matchday, or by subscribing online via their websites. Please do so and support fan written publications.

TLW LatestThe Liverpool Way
Editor: Dave Usher ([email protected])
Quick Overview: Well run fanzine and website, in depth academy reports and good banter. Fanzine features some articles from This Is Anfield.
Price: £2
Subscription Details: 10 issues £22 (UK) 10 issues £30 (Europe) Click here.

Raotl FanzineRed All Over The Land
Editor: John Pearman, aka JJP
Quick Overview: Very well established fanzine with plenty of Bluenose mockery.
Subscription Details: £24 for 10 issues (UK)

Boss MagBoss Mag
Overview: A new fanzine “covering the match, music, the city and loads more interesting stuff.”
Price: £1
Subscription Details: See their website or find ‘em on Facebook!

Through The Wind And Rain
Editor: Steve Kelly
Quick Overview: TTWAR sadly ceased to exist as a publication 2008.
Subscription Details: NA