View from the Rd End: Reds 1-0 Utd

Our resident ‘friendly Manc’ Tel, Widnes Red (aka kendoddsdogsdead in the TIA forums) shares his thoughts on the match and answers some of the pressing issues us Reds want to know about!

Your overall thoughts on the match and the result?
“Liverpool were better all over the park from minute 1. No complaints on that score. However, we are absolutely dumbfounded as to why Fergie thought no marks like Fletcher and Richardson could do us a job in the middle today, when Jimmy Spark and Smith had to sit it out?”

And what about Neville’s hospitality, we even gave him a burger for his birthday – I was surprised Fat Wayne didn’t snatch it off him though…
“Nevs reception was much as expected, and it certainly affected him.
For the first 25 minutes all he did was lump it 70 yards straight to Reina.
As for the burger, it was a typical scouse one. There was some missing from it. Which is a suprise really, seeing as most scousers flip burgers for a living.”

On a serious note though, it wasn’t a nice sight seeing Smith injured like that, reminded me of Cisse’s double break last season…
It was so frustrating to see Smith left out yet again when clearly our midfield lacked any strength or bottle,and so for him to break his leg and ankle is plain bad luck. The reception he got when being stretchered off was not lost on us United fans, and goes to show that even in the most heated of battles, there still remains that amount of respect by supporters. We applaud them for that.”

Anfield hasn’t been too good for you with injuries, with Keane limping out last time. What did you think of his departure, and who will be his succesor?
After Keane was sacked, the only consolation was that the January window was only 7 weeks away and a replacement if only till the end of the season would be sort. But not suprisingly, fergal in his wisdom? obviously thought we could get by with what we had. Every single supporter knew differently, and as such, has cost us champions league football and a crack at the f.a. cup. We simply was’nt in good enough shape to afford to be sacking our leader and our inspiration. “BUMP”. “

So you boys are off down to Anfield South next weekend for the old mickey mouse cup final (you told us that back in 2001 anyway!)… I’ve got a tenner on Mellor first scorer.
“Cardiffs not been a happy hunting ground for me anyway (been twice, lost twice, can’t remember who to?) so ‘ill be expecting a win next week against the pie eaters. Its a bit of a strange one really. I’m an old stager and always want the under dogs to do well, but they’ve had a very good season so fook’em. Neil Mellor…who’s he?”

We’ve got more pressing concerns with a jolly out to Portugal, it’s in Europe you know…
“I know from old that the weather in Lisbon can be pretty dreadful this time of year, so i hope you all catch dreadful colds, miss your planes, and the entire city has ran empty of super bock.”

My mate down the boozer’s got a van full of 2-pin lug adaptors, you want any? Only a quid. You might need one if you go on holidays this summer?
“Two pin plug “my arse”. I suppose i could’nt pick a worse day to tell the joke about Peter Crouch going into McCDonalds and saying to the lad behind the counter……..”Could you give me two whoppers please!” and the lad replies…….”Of course Peter, your a world class striker, and well worth £7 million quid”.

No, you couldn’t ;-)

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