Rafa calls for cash to compete with Chelsea

Ahead of this Saturday’s FA Cup Semi-Final clash with arch-rivals Chelsea at Old Trafford, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has spoken out about how the Reds will need more money to spend on players this summer if they are to compete with Chelsea‘s recent success, but insists they are beatable.

The Reds proved this when they last beat the Blues in last season’s Champions League semi-final at Anfield, going on to win the European Cup in Istanbul.

Benitez says, “Yes, Abramovich has money and we know that there will be more and more money but Chelsea can only buy so many players,” insists Benitez.

“Even though they spent more than anyone else last summer, other teams are now getting closer to them.

“Here at Liverpool we need more money to be contenders. We want the freedom to do the job better and so we’d like more money. But it is not just about spending. Players coming to this club know that they have other advantages that Chelsea do not give.

“We have a fantastic atmosphere, not just inside our stadium, but around the club itself. They also find that the club treats them well, from the board and the directors to the other players.

“When they come they realise that there is something very special here that they can’t find anywhere else.

“So I don’t envy Mourinho’s wealth. I am really satisfied here and happy that last season we won the Champions League. I believe that game against AC Milan is going to be remembered as the best European Cup Final ever. That is something we have, that is progress.”

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