Mourinho making excuses already

Just as he had done all week prior to Wednesday’s first leg match, Jose Mourinho has already started the excuses in case his team loses next week. And in doing so once again showed how unprofessional and bitter he is.

You see, according to the self proclaimed ‘special one’, the rules of football have recently been re-written – except nobody knows about it except him. Maybe it’s because he’s so special?!

Moaning Mourinho may have a nice coat but he could do with buying a good pair of glasses as somehow he believes it’s a fact that Alvaro Arbeloa handled the ball inside the box and Chelsea should have had a penalty. Firstly, it was clearly 2 or 3 yards outside the box – and secondly it was very clearly ball to hand and not hand to ball. Or maybe Jose has these new rules?

“I go for the facts and it’s a fact. In the Champions League this season we have good referees and to be fair to Mr Merk he was comfortable. But the penalty is a big chance for us to be 2-0 and 2-0 is a completely different game and a different story. I feel it is not fair. They had their mistake but it was not a penalty. I hope after the second leg we are not crying and thinking again about a big decision. Two years ago we were. I hope we are not looking back on the penalty.’

And there he goes again, bringing up the goal from two years ago. He just can’t get over it can he?

As ever, Benitez’s response showed wit and irony:

‘œIf he says it was a penalty, I am sure it was a penalty.’

Of next week’s match Benitez said:

“You need to score just one and if we can score two we’ll be there.

“We will have the support of our people. They know they are really important for us and I hope we will feel the atmosphere behind us.”

Old Jose couldn’t just give one excuse though – and again needed to show us how delusional he is:

‘œIn two days’ time Liverpool play Portsmouth and it is not an important game for them.’

Yes, we thought Friday, not Saturday, was two days after Wednesday too – maybe the special one has rewritten the calendar aswell as the rule book?

What’s the definition of delusional?

From Wikipedia:

A delusion is commonly defined as a fixed false belief and is used in everyday language to describe a belief that is either false, fanciful or derived from deception. In psychiatry, the definition is necessarily more precise and implies that the belief of a pathological liar

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?