Rafa wins the war of words

Everyone knows how obsessed Jose Mourinho is with thinking the whole world is against him and he has shown it to great affect this week and his seemingly gets more and more worried about tonight’s Champions League semi final by the hour.

Each press conference he has done he’s come out with more and more excuses. First up he used the injuries and suspensions (Robben, Essien and Ballack ruled out). Mind you, he’s not been the only top 3 manager to moan about injuries this week, Ferguson earlier claimed to have 6 injuries and only 10 first team players – well Fergie maybe that’s why you need a squad of more than 16 players.

Mourinho said:

“Fatigue is obvious. Everybody knows that in this moment of the season, maximum power is absolutely crucial. In this moment many things are decided by that and not with quality.”

Isn’t it funny how the manager who was slated earlier in the season for rotating his squad is now the only manager of the top 3 who isn’t beset with injuries as the season reaches it’s climax?

This morning Mourinho has set himself up for a great fall with a real gem of a worry:

“We’ve a lot of players with two yellow cards. It wouldn’t surprise me if they chased Drogba for 90 minutes to see if he can get a yellow card.”

First off he’s meant to be a professional manager – can you think of many others who would be so disrespectful to an opponent? As for a reply to the direct quote itself, ill leave that to Rafa:

“It hadn’t crossed my mind, but maybe it has Mourinho’s because that is what Chelsea did two seasons ago to Xabi Alonso. I have confidence in Markus Merk, he’s a very good referee.”

And of course, he couldn’t go all week without complaining about that goal in the 2005 semi final. Yes, despite the referee saying he would have sent off Cech and given a penalty if he hadn’t given the goal!

I’ll leave that one for Gerrard to put in it’s place:

Chelsea moaned about it at the time. Mourinho still does. I laugh. All this b*****ks about it not being a penalty, a sending off or a goal. Who cares? The ref gave it. End of story.”

Mourinho is a classless, ignorant, arrogant man. Never have I been so pleased he didn’t become Liverpool manager – I’d be embarrassed by quotes like these from my teams manager.

Stay classy, Rafa.