Hang your heads in shame

Fans with genuine tickets were pepper sprayed and not allowed into the Olympic Stadium in Athens to watch the match despite having legitimate tickets and having paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and flights.

While blame must lie heavily with UEFA for once again showing their inept control of ticketing issues by not checking tickets and therefore allowing hundreds of fans with forged tickets into the stadium, blame and anger should also be directed at the moronic ‘fans’ who charged entrances and bunked into the ground, thus filling the gangways and leading to UEFA’s decision to declare the ground full and therefore not allow the real fans with tickets in.

Forum member ‘GBH‘ writes;

To those ‘fans’ (and I know 2 of them) that stormed the gates in Athens and/or mugged fellow reds (including children) for tickets

Hang your heads in shame.

You ensured that honest fans did not get in.
You ruined what should have been a special day for thousands.
You tarnished the name of our fans and our club.
You ensured that all of the hard work that was done to defend those that died at Hillsbrough was thrown back at them.
You ensured that Kelvin McKenzie and a thousand Mancs could claim “We were right, they are scum”

Well done and thank you.

But huge questions must be asked of why on earth UEFA did not:

a) hold such a massive event at a stadium suitable to host it
b) host the match at a stadium with basics like TURNSTILES
c) have tickets like at the World Cup which had a security chip in them, rather than basic tickets which were easy to forge
d) actually ensure ALL tickets were checked before allowing people into the stadium
e) distibute tickets more proportionately to fans of the two teams in the final rather than their ‘UEFA family’

The mindless fans who bunked in and UEFA should hang their heads in shame.