Where are you watching the final?

While thousands of Reds are getting ready to travel to Athens for the Champions League Final on Wednesday, hundreds of thousands around the world will be gathering to watch the match together.

The TIA forums have been busy with members from around the world organising parties and get-togethers with other supporters.

If you’re looking for somewhere to watch the match with fellow Reds, and have a good atmosphere, check the forum here. We currently have people from Northern Ireland, Southern California, Ohio, Spain, Sydney, New Zealand and Toronto looking for Reds to meet up with.

Meanwhile, some TIA members are already in Athens and providing updates for us:

I have yet to see anyone with a Liverpool jersey anywhere here. Its dead quiet and its like there isnt a final on at all…nothing at all like what i expected. Bar the huge UEFA CL set up at Syngmata square (tomb of the unknown soldier and the metro station), I have not seen ANY one with even an ac milan shirt on…..where is everyone???

Another writes:

I am showin red in a cafe called Epidavros, about 90 mins from Athens. The whole place hates Milan, which also came across when i was in Athens. Even at the local supermarket next to the Acropolis car park (where I spent 2 days), there was a girl who swore that the whole of greece is for Liverpool.

Are you in Athens? Email us updates, photos or videos and will place them on the site. You can do so either via the forums, the contact us page or emailing us personally.