New stadium will be a unique design

Liverpool FC submitted new plans for their Stanley Park stadium to the city council on Monday. The designs and plans have not been released – or leaked – into public domain yet, but there are supporters who have seen images of the stadium in different design stages.

Each description of the new stadium has it down to be very unique and set to create much debate amongst fans when the plans are displayed publicly – which nobody is sure when that will be for sure!

Rather than the new stadiums which are being created around England with a similar design, very little uniqueness and even less character, the new Anfield is set to break the chain of bowl shaped stadiums similar to Arsenal‘s Emirates Stadium, the new Wembley and numerous smaller clubs.

All four sides are said to be unique and different from another, one description used states “Whether intentional or not it seems to reflect the way British grounds have been built in the past, i.e. where stadiums would grow and modernise by developing one side at a time, reflecting the era they were built and creating a rather adhoc arrangement of styles. If this was the source of inspiration I think it has been very bold and clever.”

Gillett and Hicks have already stated The Kop will be the focal point and hold 20,000 supporters. This is described as being a vast single tier stand which overlooks the rest of the stadium, particularly the opposite end which is said to be similar to the smaller end at Porto’s Drago Stadium.

Fans will be pleased to hear The Kop is somewhat similar to Dortmund’s Sudtribune, but rounding at the sides.

The actual capacity for the new stadium is still somewhat unclear, with reports suggesting it will begin as 61,000 with expansion to 68,000 likely – and possible even during the construction phase once planning permission allows.

The secrecy of the new stadium designs combined with the lack of transfer activity at Anfield is certainly proving frustrating for fans who are anxious to see the future of the club revealed over the summer.

Just like Xabi Alonso said when he signed his contract, exciting times lie ahead….