Get them out

The message from Liverpool fans is now loud and clear – we do not want George Gillett and, in particular, Tom Hicks in charge of our club. Since arriving at the club less than a year ago they have done nothing but lie, act unprofessionally, drag the name of the club through the gutter and go against everything Liverpool FC stands for.

Media loving Hicks’ latest admission that they had spoke to Jurgen Klinsmann – a man with NO experience in club management – to replace Rafa Benitez – a man who has won the Spanish League, Spanish Cup, Uefa Cup, Champions League and FA Cup – has proved the final nail the Americans’ coffin.

During last night’s FA Cup tie with Luton several anti-Hicks and Gillett songs and banners were heard and displayed, along with a general air of anger towards them in pubs around the ground before and after the match. “2 lying bastards”, “You don’t care about the fans, Liverpool FC are in the wrong hands” was heard in between widespread support for Rafa Benitez with his name being sung loud and proud throughout the match – particularly prior to kick off as the players came out of the tunnel before Carragher’s gaurd of honour.

yanks out

Hope of their departure from the club arrived in the morning newspapers wtih The Independent’s article in particular claiming ‘due diligence is under way’ for Dubai International Capital to purchase the club for 350m. [Read it and comment here]

There are also some reports which claim George Gillett is unhappy with Tom Hicks with The Guardian claiming “Gillett is understood to be livid with his business partner at the embarrassment the Klinsmann revelations have caused and the fury it has provoked against their reign among the Liverpool support.”

It is the hope that DIC will be ready to buy out the Americans soon though which will bring a smile to many fans faces – with reports again suggesting they have not put any of their own money into the club and despite promises to the contrary are wishing to purchase debt against the club’s assetts, rather than their own.

Many fans may have felt Liverpool would be losing it’s soul had they sold out to DIC last January but surely things cannnot be any worse with them than with the two clowns who have lied their way through the last 11 months and input no money into the club.