Is Pako the answer?

Back some months ago, I wrote an article giving where I thought our poor form started from. If you did not read it, they why the hell not! Nah seriously, I thought that it was due to the departure of Pako Ayesteran and his influence on the team during coaching sessions and also during games. As well as that I thought he acted as a ‘œbuffer’ between the players and Rafa. All of a sudden John Aldridge mentions it some 4 months later and people think ‘œhmmm maybe that’s why!?’ (Granted he did use the word ‘imploded’ which although not complex is a good description I failed to use in my article!)

Now I know that everyone must have noticed Kewell come on for Babel with about 25 minutes to go or so against Barnsley. Even Stevie Wonder could see that he appeared to be our best outlet. So why on earth did he take of Babel and replace him with that waster Kewell? What in God’s name was Rafa thinking?

Also in a more recent article I did point out that I do still think that Rafa is the man for the job. However, after that one decision yesterday I am thinking of revoking my support for him. Blind loyalty will only get you so far. The same goes for making excuses about Hicks and Gillett (Don’t get me wrong, I still want those two useless f***wits out of our club) but enough is enough.

I will continue to support Rafa on the following grounds;

1. He plays a settled team in EVERY game. Maybe the odd change but not some wholesale changes for every game.
2. He starts making use of our FULL squad when he does make changes, not the same old useless imbeciles that garner some £50-60k a week for doing sweet ‘FA’ (Sorry Harry you are, as Iggy Pop once said, ‘œA Passenger!).
3. He stops worrying about every other team, and concentrates on Liverpool.

There 3 simples rules for my support for Rafa!

PakoHowever, should Rafa go in the summer, which is looking more and more likely, I would like to see the owners (whoever they may be at the time) approach Pako. Well him first long before Jose Mourinho. I think he has the tactical nous and knows the players well enough and should get them going again. Then maybe put Alex Miller as the assistant and the new ‘œbuffer’ so Pako could get on with things. Alex should also be involved again with the scouting. (Let him show all those bloody women in the world how a bloke can multitask doing the assistant’s job and also running the scouting!)

I really do think Pako could be the answer to our problems. My only worry is that Rafa does not seem to be able to function without Pako. I hope it does not work the other way around. Maybe they are both like a plug without a fuse! Inoperable!

I am at the moment dreaming of 2005. Nowhere to run, but straight at Juventus. This time it is Inter but what’s the difference!? We are doing crap everywhere else and we just got through the group stages again! I actually believe that is we get past Inter (just as I did with Juve) that we will win the Champions League.

Just imagine the faces of the bluenoses (not least of all my sister in law) when they beat us to 4th place but we win the Champions League so they drop into the UEFA Cup! (Note to editor, delete this bit if it goes tits up so I don’t have egg on my face!)

I have tried to no avail to find any info on what Pako is up to these days and can find nothing! There were rumours that he was going to join Barca as fitness coach but nothing came of those rumours! So if anyone has any idea then let us know!

Anyway, if Rafa goes then go for Pako. For now Rafa has my support but I am leaning towards the fans that want him gone!

One last thing, no matter whether Rafa stays or not, we should get that bloody managers office fumigated. The reason? It seems there are still some HOULLIERITIS Bacteria in there. It will not be long before we start hearing ‘œwe have turned a corner!’ but with a Spanish accent.

Roll on Inter, C’mon Reeeeeeeeeeeedmen (and Rafa!)