Say NO to game 39

The Football Supporters’ Federation has launched their campaign for fans to say NO to the proposed “39th game” being discussed by the Premier League, as announced last week.

The FSF write:

The Premier League have gone too far with their proposals to invent an extra fixture to be played abroad ‘“ and the time for football fans to stand up and be counted has arrived.

Under the banner of the NO TO GAM£ 39 campaign The Football Supporters’ Federation’s will co-ordinate strong, swift and decisive action, at both national and local levels, which will leave those seemingly intent on destroying our national game in no doubt that we’ve had enough.

The fight back starts here ‘“ it’s time for us to reclaim the game from those intent on pimping it out to boost their already burgeoning bank balances.


The Premier League‘s proposals to play games abroad has outraged supporters at every level, because the last thing the game in England & Wales needs is an even bigger wealth gap between the Premier League elite and the rest.

And, yet again, they’ve displayed a complete disregard for the interests of those without whom there would be no show ‘“ the fans themselves.

The FSF are planning local action at every Premiership club, inviting supporters of all teams to unite under the banner NO TO GAM£ 39. They’ve gone too far this time ‘“ and the time to do the right thing is right now.

Say NO.

Sign the petition here and join the campaign here