Focus on the Football

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not telling everyone to shut up and put up in regards to takeover talks, lets just make this clear. This post isn’t about me and how confused I am about the whole situation and dark cloud that has settled and starting pissing it down all over our club. I’m trying to be objective, I’m trying to step back and see the situation we are in, now I know all the facts. And while this is my point of view, I have spoke to many reds in the past week who are feeling the same, and while some things I say in this post are in my opinion, comments that could rattle up some anger towards me, they are an objective view. Inside I’m screaming “GET OUT OF OUR CLUB!”

I, for one, am disgusted with the crisis we seemed to have been in over the past months, Hicks in, Hicks out – Hicks shakes it all about. Theres nothing that would make me happier than this sod out of our club I dont even think Everton, Mancs and Chelski getting relegated all in one season and Derby doing the double over all three of ’em would make me happier.

But the time has to come eventually, when this has to stop. I’m sick of this grey cloud, we’re putting ourselves into a position where the results, the passion for the club, and the pride in ourselves as a fanbase has not got any less – but just turned into hate for the owners, hate for the situation we’re in, and worst of all embarrasment and jealousy of teams, like Chelsea, in a strong financial position.

Football as a game is getting lost in a world of politics and money, and instead of it being the thing we wait for on a weekend with tenterhooks, its now the thing we dread having to hear bad news regards to the owners when turning on Sky Sports News, or looking on the back page of your daily rag while taking your morning dump.

I know, a lot of fans share my sentiments, and a lot of fans also dont, and feel protesting after the game, at half time, and reeling out 90 forum pages worth of the same post and ping-pong developments is justified. Fair play, as I said at the start – I’m not here to destroy this or play this down in any way, well done for your efforts, many of which I have been involved in until now, but I think the time has come where I, for one, and I think a few other people feel not only is it not working, but it will never work.

What more can we do than hand out flyers, sing at games, fight with stewards to get into the Kop post-match, and boycott merch from the store, and off the website. If this isn’t working – I dont know how we will prevail.

The factor that I think is demanding a lot of attention towards the subject on this website is the sheer number of out of town supporters. Now once again , don’t misinterpret me, I am also not from the city of Liverpool and I don’t intend to ever live there, but for people maybe not as fortunate as me to get to go to games often, or who are not in the country and therefore not just unfortunate but generally unable, there is an extended passion because they cant go to games, can’t taste the atmosphere of the ground and the banter that surrounds Anfield on a matchday, and therefore airs all their greivences on here, making the situation seem like a whirldwind of turbulence while on a trans-atlantic flight, a description I feel very fitting seeing as it seems a long-haul flight is what DIC have just booked themselves home, to my displeasure.

The ultimate goal we are trying to acheive here is to make sure there is a future, for many generations of fans to see, be passionate about, and bask in the glory that hopefully we will be able to return Merseyside.

Fans on the KopWhoever the XI on the pitch may be, Whoever is on the sidelines, Whoever is standing in the Kop singing YNWA at 3pm on a Saturday, we must all remember that we are here for one thing. The beautifull game. We have escalated this to such a degree that its not about the football anymore, its just about hatred towards somone who to be quite frank and realistic about it – hasn’t let us to destruction (allbeit as of yet… I’m no mystic meg. It could turn out great, like how Arsenal managed to turn themselves from being the financial crisis of the year, to being in the black almost overnight).

Hicks has a large mouth, he just dosen’t get this club it seems, but if he wants to keep releasing statments, let him get on with it. Nobody pays attention to him – and as soon as we stop reacting to everything that comes out of his mouth, the sooner he’ll shut up and realise what he’s here for, and what we appreciate his position, or whoever may hold the position of “Owner” for – to sign the cheques, and pay the tea lady.

We say the boardroom antics should stay behind closed doors – but we are doing nothing more than prizing them open wit.. we’re even prizing them open, we’re bulldozing the bastards down for more information on whats happening. Its a chicken or the egg scenario, did they open them first or did we come knocking. I truly think if we stay silent, if we turn our eyes and ears away, and look at that rectangular patch of grass inbetween 44,000 seats, then maybe they’ll turn their attention to their respective duties.

There is no easy way to bring this post to a conclusion, but I dont think there is an easy way the ownership negotiations will come to a conclusion, so I’ll explain my stance on it – and why I’m done with the ownership debacle.

We need to get back to what this club, this website, and this deep passion inside all of us is really centered on – the football.