Jamie Redknapp gets it wrong

There’s been a lot of disappointment with ex-Liverpool players making ridiclous criticism and statements surrounding the club both on and off the pitch lately.

In the pre-match for the Inter match tonight Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports started off by questioning Rafa Benitez’s choice of Jamie Carragher at right back claiming Benitez was wrong to ‘break up the Carragher – Hyypia partnership’. Maybe Redknapp had failed to notice that Carragher and Hyypia haven’t been paired together in any of the four matches since the first leg against Inter?

Skrtel’s inclusion in the side was clearly to include his pace at the back and also have the addition of all three of Carragher, Skrtel and Hyypia’s defensive strength and height at set-pieces.

As often has been the case in the past with Benitez too, the side which lined up tonight was exactly the team, bar Alonso for Lucas, that started at Bolton and against Middlesbrough. In the past Benitez has often played the same starting eleven prior to a crucial Champions League match again it proved it’s worth.

The most disappointing thing is that former Liverpool players continually criticise the football club and/or the manager’s decisions, but so often the criticism is completely unmerited.

Benitez was again proved right, not that the press or pundits will give him any credit for it though.

There’s a reason some players become ‘pundits’ rather than managers!