Hicks shows where his priorities lie

Liverpool co-chairman Tom Hicks, the man who refuses to sell his 50% holding in the club despite pressure from fans and his co-owner and a good offer being on the table from DIC, the man who continually tells us how he is going to be at Anfield for the future and isn’t interested in selling his stake (despite it being shown he has spoke about doing so), well anyway, he won’t be on Merseyside tonight for the crucial Champions League quarter final with Arsenal.

Instead he’ll be back home in Texas watching the team he’s already ruined, according to his own fans, in their season opener of the baseball season. That is the American baseball season which lasts over 160 games a season resulting in games pretty meaningless no matter when they are played – where the fans don’t show up for all the game and/or every home match in a season.

Hicks said “Opening day in baseball is like a national holiday. I would never miss our home opener, but I will have the Liverpool game on my TV. I saw two great games over there last week.”

So there you have it, a season opener in a 162 game baseball season is more important to Hicks than a quarter final second leg in Europe’s most prestigous competition, at Anfield, against Arsenal. Does he seriously think that’s good enough as the co-owner of Liverpool Football Club?

Hicks was at both our matches at the Emirates last week but never made it up to Liverpool – not that it would be wise for him to do so with the feelings surrouding him and his ownership of the club. Reportedly he was in London with a different agenda though and was seeking investment, the Daily Mail reports:

Hicks held discussions with banks and financiers in London last week, and has now returned to the US seeking financial backing from banks there.

Dubai Investment Capital, the company who are trying to buy the club, have claimed to have already agreed a deal with Gillett, who has made it clear he will not sell his half of the club to Hicks.

Hicks’ son Tom Jr. will be at Anfield and Hicks’ co-owner George Gillett will be present with his son, Foster.